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My book "The Key to Life Is Balance"

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Thekeyisbalance Cover Rev102208 11x17 Clear Price Large

  1. 1. The Key to Life Is... Balance provides everything you need to lead a The Key To Life is … The Key To Life Is… Balance happy, healthy life. The powerful information Melissa shares will give you the inspiration to discover the keys to help you take control of your health, both inside and out. The Key to Life Is...Balance will provide you with the elements of wellness that can and will change your life! --Joanie Greggains; Health and Fitness Expert; KGO TV and Radio Melissa gives practical advice about issues that so many people can relate to and she does so in a loving but direct way. This book can be used as a daily guide for inspiration as well as to get through some of life's greatest challenges. She is a voice that you can trust because she's been there and come out on the other side to tell us we are so much more powerful than we ever suspected. --Debra Lynne Katz; Author: You are Psychic Melissa has a beautiful, warm spirit and she isn't afraid to open her heart to everyone. Instead of being victim to her circumstances, she BALA N C E has become a positive, inspiring communicator sharing her insight BALA E with others through her writing, radio shows and teaching. Thank you Melissa for walking the talk and helping us all find inner peace and happiness in each and every moment. --Kristin McGee; MTV Fitness Guru Melissa Stone's new book is filled with self help ideas; affirmations and wisdom that will help you navigate life's challenges transforming them into growth opportunities. --Charles Muir; Director: Source School of Tantra Yoga and author of Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving Melissa A. Stone US   $24.95  M E L I S S A A S T O N E CMT/FITNESS PROFESSIONAL written by