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Agency Life:Parents evening


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These slides are from our information event for organisations interesting in hosting an Agency Life team. You can find more information at

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Agency Life:Parents evening

  1. 1. MMU Agency Life“Parents Evening”
  2. 2. MMU Agency Life “Parents Evening”• Introductions & hello• What is Agency Life?• What’s the plan and how does it work?• Potential configurations• What are the min/max requirements?• Individual organizational ideas• Lots of questions: help us build our FAQ
  3. 3. Introductions• Rod• David and Ben• Helen
  4. 4. What is Agency Life?• Brand new unit as part of University “EQAL” project• Introduces “Experience of work” into the formal curriculum• Students are assessed on evidence of professional development, professionalism, work quality and employment engagement
  5. 5. What’s the Plan/How does it Work?• We have nearly 300 students starting on Agency Life• Divided into 50 teams of 6 – Hence the need for 50 host employers• Students begin programme at the end of September• End programme end of April• 3 weeks off term at Christmas and Easter
  6. 6. What’s the Plan/How does it Work?• Host employers need to be within easy/cheap/free travelling distance – Greater Manchester, city-based where possible – There are exceptions to this (later)• Students spend a morning/afternoon with you followed by a morning/afternoon with us back here each week
  7. 7. Potential Configurations a) Students• 6 students all with you in one session• Split the group and half 3 with you on one day, 3 on another• Have 1 or 2 with you on each day of the week
  8. 8. Potential Configurations b) Locations• They can work ½ day at your chosen site and their other ½ day at MMU with the MMU mentoring teams• They can work both ½ days at your chosen site• They can work both ½ days at MMU and we will visit them at MMU
  9. 9. Potential Configurations c) Employment• Students can work on: – A single project over the year – Several projects over the year, one after another – Several projects at any one time over the year – No specific projects but ad-hoc jobs within the business throughout the year – Individuals work on specific roles within the business
  10. 10. Min and Max Requirements• For at least one AM or PM they need – Managing – Supervising – Developing• You (the organization) should “see” them (literally) once a week• They need to have work to do, they are not shadowing
  11. 11. Min and Max Requirements• Specialist tasks – You may need to train them up• Example – You’d like the team to run a PPC account • They’ll need training up • They’ll need an eye kept on them• Specialist tasks are good – It’s that experience you’re looking for when they graduate
  12. 12. Super Outcomes• Within 24 months you’ll be able to recruit students with the Agency Life badge with confidence• We’ll have talent that realizes there’s an industry up here (and doesn’t need to go to London for the streets paved with gold)• Graduates with qualified experience
  13. 13. Individual Organization Ideas• Please let us know if you have an idea which you think is worth doing• There’s almost nothing that we can think of that’s not appropriate• Think about what experience you’d like from future recruits
  14. 14. Q&A and FAQ• You’ll have lots of questions, suggestions and ideas• Ask us now – On Twitter @MMUAgencyLife – On Facebook – On our web site• Please make sure you have our business cards