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[Pubcon Austin 2010] eCommerce Site Optimization


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Published in: Technology, Design
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[Pubcon Austin 2010] eCommerce Site Optimization

  1. 1. eCommerce Site OptimizationEthan Giffin | CEO, Groove Commerce
  2. 2. Keywords & Content• Make sure you are targeting the right words• The manufacturer isnt always right…• Need more content than product links• Goal should be 1 page a day for most eTailers – Internal Blogs – How To’s – Buyers Guides• Mine your site search• WRITE UNIQUE PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS!!!
  3. 3. Site Design and Structure• Good design is key…• Important for both SEO and conversion• Create a dynamic method for page titles/meta tags – Reverse Breadcrumbs…• Follow Web standards – Headline text in <h> tags aka your product and category names – Paragraphs in <p> tags – Bold and Italics <strong> and <em> – Lists in <ol> and <ul> tags• Every page is not one size fits all• Float that layout - Put your content before the nav• Be wary of Viewstate and other tech blunders
  4. 4. H4H1
  5. 5. Internal Linking Issues• Don’t bury your directories –• Have great URL conventions –• Descriptive internal links• Beware of Spider Traps• Filtered navigation• Follow or NoFollow… That is the question• No session ID’s – 34234234
  6. 6. …And After
  7. 7. Inbound Links & Spiders• Create & register dynamic XML sitemaps• Link building strategies – Directory submissions – External blogs – Mini sites – Social media (Facebook/Twitter/and more) – Online PR• Discontinued products – 404/301/etc?• Be sure to use (and not use) your robots.txt – Cart Pages – Search Results Pages
  8. 8. Want More Tips? Bring me your card! Questions after the show? Email me: Download the presentation:
  9. 9. asdsadsa• Text Color Option 1• Text Color Option 2