Which	  Problems	  Does	  a	  	  Mul$-­‐Language	  Virtual	  Machine	         Need	  to	  Solve	  in	  the	  	      Mul$co...
VMs	  today	                  Performance	                         Memory	  Management	                                   ...
What	  do	  we	  need	  in	  the	                 MulJcore/Manycore	  Era?	  25/10/11	                                    ...
Two	  Dimensions	                 Processor	  Design	        Concurrency	  Models	                                        ...
Processors	  and	  Concurrency	  Models	                                       VM?	                                       ...
WHAT	  ARE	  THE	  RELEVANT	  CHANGES	  AT	      THE	  HARDWARE-­‐LEVEL?	  25/10/11	                                      ...
Brawny	  vs.	  Wimpy	  •  High	  sequenJal	             •  Weak	  sequenJal	     performance	                      perform...
And	  everything	  in-­‐between!	  Brawny	                                       Hybrid	                        Wimpy	  IB...
Cores	  vs.	  Threads	  vs.	  Shared	  PUs	                                                              Source:	  AMD	  2...
Memory	  and	  CommunicaJon	      Nehalem	  Cache	  Hierarchy	        Four	  Processor	  Setup	                 CommunicaJ...
Memory	  and	  CommunicaJon	                                                     TILEPro64	                               ...
What	  do	  VMs	  need	  to	  account	  for?	  •  Appropriate	  uJlizaJon	         –  Varying	  performance	  of	  cores/u...
Actors	                   STM	                   DataFlow	                   Fork/Join	      WHAT	  ARE	  TYPICAL	  IMPLEM...
EncapsulaJon	                                                                     IMPORTANT:	  Messages	  can	  actor	  Br...
Scheduling	  Guarantees	            Fork/Join	              Actors	              PrioriJzed	  Tasks	           work-­‐stea...
Immutability	                              Source:	  Star	  Wars	  Episode	  V:	  The	  Empire	  Strikes	  Back.	  25/10/1...
Crossing	  Borders	  and	  Language-­‐Levels	                                                        jThread.sortedSet	  =...
What	  do	  VMs	  need	  to	  account	  for?	  •  Enforcing	  language	  semanJcs?	  •  Flexible	  concurrent	  encapsulaJ...
What	  do	  VMs	  need	  to	  account	  for?	                 Processor	  Design	      Concurrency	  Models	              ...
What	  do	  VMs	  need	  to	  account	  for?	  Processor	  Design	                    Concurrency	  Models	  •  Appropriat...
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Which Problems Does a Multi-Language Virtual Machine Need to Solve in the Multicore/Manycore Era?


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While parallel programming for very regular problems has been used in the scientific community by non-computer-scientists successfully for a few decades now, concurrent programming and solving irregular problems remains hard. Furthermore, we shift from few expert system programmers mastering concurrency for a constrained set of problems to mainstream application developers being required to master concurrency for a wide variety of problems.

Consequently, high-level language virtual machine (VM) research faces interesting questions. What are processor design changes that have an impact on the abstractions provided by VMs to provide platform independence? How can application programmers’ diverse needs be facilitated to solve concurrent programming problems?

We argue that VMs will need to be ready for a wide range of different concurrency models that allow solving concurrency problems with appropriate abstractions. Furthermore, they need to abstract from heterogeneous processor architectures, varying performance characteristics, need to account for memory access cost and inter-core communication mechanisms but should only expose the minimal useful set of notions like locality, explicit communication, and adaptable scheduling to maintain their abstracting nature.

Eventually, language designers need to be enabled to guarantee properties like encapsulation, scheduling guarantees, and immutability also when an interaction between different problem-specific concurrency abstractions is required.

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Which Problems Does a Multi-Language Virtual Machine Need to Solve in the Multicore/Manycore Era?

  1. 1. Which  Problems  Does  a    Mul$-­‐Language  Virtual  Machine   Need  to  Solve  in  the     Mul$core/Manycore  Era?   Stefan  Marr   Ma8as  De  Wael,  Michael  Haupt,  Theo  D’Hondt   VMIL  Workshop  2011   2011-­‐10-­‐24  
  2. 2. VMs  today   Performance   Memory  Management   F#   MulJ-­‐Language  Eco  System   PlaLorm  Independent  25/10/11   2  
  3. 3. What  do  we  need  in  the   MulJcore/Manycore  Era?  25/10/11   3  
  4. 4. Two  Dimensions   Processor  Design   Concurrency  Models   Actors   STM   DataFlow   Fork/Join  25/10/11   4  
  5. 5. Processors  and  Concurrency  Models   VM?   !&()* !&()* !"#$%!&()* 6$4&)78()&%9&4,(): !&()* !&()* !"#$%!&()*25/10/11   +&,%-()&. !"$*%-()&. 5   ./")&0%&()* 1")#(2.%0#33&)&$4%0&.#5$.
  6. 6. WHAT  ARE  THE  RELEVANT  CHANGES  AT   THE  HARDWARE-­‐LEVEL?  25/10/11   6  
  7. 7. Brawny  vs.  Wimpy  •  High  sequenJal   •  Weak  sequenJal   performance   performance  •  Few  in  numbers   •  High  in  numbers  25/10/11   7  
  8. 8. And  everything  in-­‐between!  Brawny   Hybrid   Wimpy  IBM  Power7   Intel  MIC   Intel  i7   AMD  Fusion   Cell  B.E.   Nvidia  Fermi   25/10/11   8  
  9. 9. Cores  vs.  Threads  vs.  Shared  PUs   Source:  AMD  25/10/11   9  
  10. 10. Memory  and  CommunicaJon   Nehalem  Cache  Hierarchy   Four  Processor  Setup   CommunicaJon  implicit  via  memory   Source:  Intel  25/10/11   10  
  11. 11. Memory  and  CommunicaJon   TILEPro64   Source:  Tilera  25/10/11   11  
  12. 12. What  do  VMs  need  to  account  for?  •  Appropriate  uJlizaJon   –  Varying  performance  of  cores/units?   –  Caches  and  simultaneous  mul,threading?  •  Non-­‐uniform  memory  and  communicaJon   –  Cache  hierarchies?   –  Explicit  inter-­‐core  communicaJon?  25/10/11   12  
  13. 13. Actors   STM   DataFlow   Fork/Join   WHAT  ARE  TYPICAL  IMPLEMENTATION   PROBLEMS  OF  CONCURRENCY   MODELS?  25/10/11   13  
  14. 14. EncapsulaJon   IMPORTANT:  Messages  can  actor  BreakEncapsulation:   be  any  kind  of  object  but   have  to  be  immutable.  Scala      def  main_loop(self):   can’t  enforce  immutability          receive:   (yet)  so  this  has  to  be  by   convenJon.              (Message)  =>                      Message.msg  =  "broken"   JCSP:  obj-­‐by-­‐ref,  no  warning    #  main   Kilim:  zero-­‐copy  type  system  msg  =  Message("Hello  World!")                            not  “reflecJon-­‐proof”    broken  !  (msg)   Clojure:  STM  +  pure  Java                                    Agents  +  pure  Java  #  wait    print  msg.msg   Swing  UI:  “The  single-­‐                                            thread  rule”   25/10/11   14  
  15. 15. Scheduling  Guarantees   Fork/Join   Actors   PrioriJzed  Tasks   work-­‐stealing   fair  scheduling   priority-­‐based  scheduling  25/10/11   15  
  16. 16. Immutability   Source:  Star  Wars  Episode  V:  The  Empire  Strikes  Back.  25/10/11   16  
  17. 17. Crossing  Borders  and  Language-­‐Levels   jThread.sortedSet  =                  FarRefWrapper(sortSet)   e     a   jThread.sortedSet                  .add(FarRefWrapper(e))      e.compareTo(*)       add(e)   //  add(fr_e)  (wrapper  semantics)   fr_e.compareTo(obj)  {      return  send_wait(e,                                        compareTo,                                        obj)   sortedSet   }   Language/ApplicaJon-­‐Level   ImplementaJon/Meta-­‐Level   25/10/11   17  
  18. 18. What  do  VMs  need  to  account  for?  •  Enforcing  language  semanJcs?  •  Flexible  concurrent  encapsulaJon?   –  What  is  the  relaJon  to  immutability?  •  Enforceable  scheduling  guarantees?  •  Normal  vs.  reflecJve  operaJons?  25/10/11   18  
  19. 19. What  do  VMs  need  to  account  for?   Processor  Design   Concurrency  Models   Actors   STM   DataFlow   Fork/Join  25/10/11   19  
  20. 20. What  do  VMs  need  to  account  for?  Processor  Design   Concurrency  Models  •  Appropriate  uJlizaJon   •  Flexible  concurrent   –  Varying  performance?   encapsulaJon?   –  Hyperthreads?   –  Flexible  Immutability?  •  Non-­‐uniform  memory  and   •  Enforceable  scheduling   communicaJon   guarantees?   –  Cache  hierarchies?   •  Normal  vs.  reflecJve   –  Explicit  inter-­‐core   operaJons?   communicaJon?  25/10/11   20