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Yisrael Beytenu Platform Elections 2006


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Yisrael Beytenu Platform Elections 2006

  1. 1. PLATFORM SUMMARY: During the sessions of the 17th Knesset, Yisrael Beytenu will promote the following ideas and laws. With your vote, we can accomplish our goals! 1. Constitution, Government and Judicial Reform i. Accepting a constitution ii. Establishing a constitutional court iii. Become a Presidential Republic iv. Create strict separation of powers as well as checks and balances v. Raise the voter-threshold to 5% to decrease the number of Knesset factions and contribute to the stability of the Knesset vi. Representative election of Supremecourt justices vii. Allowing absentee ballots to increase Jewish participation in national elections 2. Security and Public Order i. Territory exchanges to restrict confronta between the Jewish and Arab tion nationalities ii. To annex populated and strategic areas of Yehuda and Shomron such as Ariel, Barkan, Givat Ze’ev, Gush Etzion, Maale Adumim, The Jordan Valley and others. iii. To move the border so as to include densely populated Arab territories of Israel in the Palestinian Authority. iv. JERUSALEM will remain the eternal and undivided capital of Israel v. An integral part of the exchange plan must be the acceptance of a new citizenship plan which includes: - Upon reaching a certain age, each Israeli will have to pledge allegiance to the state, its anthem, emblem and flag. - As well, each citizen will have to commit to serving Israel in its army or a parallel national service. - Those who refuse either of the above commitments will receive limited citizenship, which will negate their right to vote or be elected. vi. Increase and consolidate the budget for Israel advocacy abroad, particularly in Eastern European and for Soviet countries. vii. To raise the fight against crime to a national priority viii. Increase Police personnel and technology ix. A new test and raised requirements for police, especially investigators
  2. 2. x. To uphold the recommendation of the solicitor general to publicize complaints of police brutality and excessive force as well as by the Police Investigation Bureau (of the justice department). xi. To ensure that the police are used to strictly enforce the law and maintain public order 3. Economics i. To break up the monopolies and virtual monopolies which are impeding progress in the Israeli economy. ii. To privatize government controlled industries of energy, water resources, transportation and media iii. To use privatization as a catalyst to improve small and medium sized businesses iv. Using revenue from privatization for social welfare purposes v. Create a smoother bureaucratic process for approving projects deemed to be of national importance vi. Begin work on the Med-Dead Canal to create jobs, new sources of energy and new sources of water for the Negev vii. Back to work legislation to discourage strikes in vital industries viii. Work disputes to be fairly settled through binding, third-party arbitration ix. Consolidation of long term assistance to small and medium sized businesses x. Assistance through loans, tax deferments and bid invitations xi. Special business assistance for new immigrants, similar to those offered in the Haredi and Arab sectors xii. Special tax incentives for strategically located business (Jerusalem, Galil and Negev) xiii. Giving larger and more grants for scientific research xiv. Reduction of bureaucracy for receipt of government benefits xv. Expanded funding for joint international scientific research 4. Social Welfare i. Long term rental social housing for those meeting social criteria for housing assistance ii. Mortgage assistance for the elderly and single-parent families in need iii. A reduction on medication costs from 50% to 70% for retirees living on national insurance payments iv. Cancellation of VAT for prescription drugs – The state should not benefit from the sicknesses of its citizens v. Expansion of the kindergarten system, as well as subsidies so that the school day can be as long as the work day, allowing young couples and single parents to hold normal jobs vi. Daily availability of public transportation vii. Scholarship assistance for single-parent families viii. Greater transparency of the National Insurance Institute as well as stricter laws of operation and case-worker – client relations
  3. 3. ix. Ensure that government officesare staffed with employees who speak immigrant languages fluently for Israelis not fluent in Hebrew x. Forms and Health Service directions should be available in different languages for Israelis not fluent in Hebrew xi. Changing the pension law to allow a proper pension for immigrants who arrive close to the age of retirement xii. Allow for lower-income workers to receive income assistance regardless of income – the government should not discourage working xiii. Remove the restrictions on travel abroad for people on income assistance xiv. Remove the restrictions on car ownership for people on income assistance xv. Special assistance for people who were in ghettoes or concentration camps as well as people who served as volunteers or home-front soldiers in WWII xvi. Government unemployment insurance for self-employed and small business owners xvii. To make violation of employee rights a serious crime, especially in security or cleaning businesses 5. Education, Culture and Sport i. A comprehensive education reform as developed by education professionals, including: - Education vouchers to allow parents to choose the school for their children - Pre-school abilities testing centers - Financing for individual instruction for gifted children - Greater ministry oversight of teacher quality and familiarity with lesson material as well as student results - Governmental support for new teaching methods such as that of the “Mofet” schools - Higher requirements for teachers such as Masters degrees in education, and pay commensurate to their professionalism and education ii. Higher requirements for teachers as well as the ability for parents to choose schools will create greater competition and allow school systems to expand to the peripheral communities iii. The priority of the ministry of education should be to test the standards of schools using modern criteria and provide this information to parents iv. Lower the cost of University and colleges v. Student loans with payments deferred to after completing school and finding a job vi. Merit scholarships vii. Open new universities viii. Raise the status of colleges to equal international standards for degrees, particularly in education ix. Allow for cultural grants for artists and writers who perform or write in their native languages x. Greater percentage of budget dedicated to cultural activity xi. Further protection for historical structures xii. Creation of a museum dedicated to Jewish participation in WWII xiii. Creation of a museum dedicated to Aliyah
  4. 4. xiv. Creation of a governmental council for sport and physical fitness xv. Expansion of sports clubs and networks is a major factor in combating drug use xvi. Tax credits for sponsors of youth sports clubs and physical activity programs xvii. Cancellation of the TV tax xviii. Severing media from government interests 6. Environmental Protection i. Completion of the law formulated by Yisrael Beytenuto restrict the placement of cellular antennae and other irradiative devices ii. To pass a clean air law 7. Civic Equality and Ending Discrimination Against Immigrants i. Passing a civil marriage and divorce law ii. Law against employment discrimination against immigrants iii. Anti-discrimination laws for non-Jewish immigrants as well