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Bamboo video loophole, fast and easy push button video ranking. This is special fishy flavored bamboo, so the new Google Penguin LOVES it. This package including 3 bonuses with total real value is $270.80. Right now, you know YOU WANT THIS, so trust your gut. This is the right opportunity for you. Get it now via

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Bamboo video loophole

  1. 1. [1000 SOLD IN 3 HOURS] Fast and easy Push-Button Rankings - "Bamboo Video Loophole" (Rave Reviews) [2300 SOLD IN 20 HOURS]Are your pages ranking? You know you need traffic or there’s no money... How Would You Like To Have A “Google-Slap-Proof” System, For Easy Push-Button FREE Buyer Traffic! ...And the best part is, it’s just 3 easy steps, takes less than 15 minutes to implement driving free traffic and passive income for years on end.From the desk of Joshua MorrisDear Fellow IM’ers, this is Joshua Morris. I’m 22, Married for 2 years. And have beendoing Internet Marketing full time for over 4 years.But I didn’t just wake up and start making it work, it took a lot of hard work until I gotto this point. In Fact I Used To Be Stuck Just Like You,
  2. 2. Not Making Any Money Wondering IfAnything Really Worked. I was Frustrated. I was Angry. • I used to think that SEO was boring, difficult, and stressful. • And after all the hard work and effort I still couldnt get any free traffic, and all those honest affiliate reviews I did, never paid off.Sounds familiar? I know where you are coming from.... But Then I Stumbled Across A Shortcut That Changed Everything For Me...I was trying out a Youtube method with one of my latest sites, and stumbled acrossthis system that gave me a flood of free buyer traffic. Why Does This Work So Much Better? • Imagine SEO was exciting, easy and stress-free because you could rank video within minutes for easy long term profits. • Its FAST. While the kettle is boiling for your morning coffee, you can find buyers, create a video, and have it ranking before taking your first sip..Dont Just Take My Word For It Though...
  3. 3. "Video Baby... Hottest Thing Going right now... Wicked Simple"Quote:Originally Posted by Shawn AndersonJosh-Video baby!Hottest thing going right now.Step by step.Repeatable.Scalable.Wicked Simple-Shawn "Great Job... Killer Stuff.... work BETTER than ever since Google Penguin"Quote:Originally Posted by Jason KeithJoshua,Just wanted to step in and say great job on this product. This is killer stuff!This technique has worked for years and now appears to work BETTER than ever since GooglePenguin.Jason "This is great stuff, and I recommend it."Quote:Originally Posted by Stephen GilbertI was actually quite surprised when I went through this.
  4. 4. I had a WSO in the works that was this exact method.Why?Because it works and I see some great passive success with it.Either way, looks like you beat me to the punch. This is great stuff, and I recommend it.-Steve"Great technique Joshua! Proven to work!"Quote:Originally Posted by Jeff BurrittGreat technique Joshua!Proven to work!Thanks for sharing!Quote:Originally Posted by JimmyWrexI can sum this product up in 1 line:A simple but effective way to get tons of late buying cycletraffic through your affiliate links to high converting products ...Why over complicate things?Jimmy "Excellent stuff, Josh"Quote:Originally Posted by Chris SorrellVideo + high converting Amazon products = easy affiliate commissions and easy first pagerankings. Excellent stuff, Josh.
  5. 5. "Great system, its easy to implement and get results with"Quote:Originally Posted by Anthony AiresI actually am running a case study with this and am very impressed with the results. Set it all uplast night and woke up this morning with the video on the first page...Great system, its easy to implement and get results with.Well Done Guys,Anthony AiresP.S. the bonuses btw are friggin awesome especially video firestorm I learned acouple of new tricks in there that I didnt know about. "This is really amazing... Great videos marketing strategies"Quote:Originally Posted by maz1207I made a mistake when i first started to use video marketing and its really a disappointmentbecause that video didnt rank on Google for the keywords that i want and didnt even appear onGoogle. This is really amazing. I like the tutorial videos which shows me step-by-step exactly howyou done it and the PDF guide is good too. Great videos marketing strategies. Thanks. "can be implemented FAST .... Rock on man"Quote:Originally Posted by Craig BrowerHey JoshWhats up dude. I like this course a lot man...simple to learn, taught in a very easy to understandway....and can be implemented FAST (which we know is super important)Ill admit, even though this is heavily geared towards affiliate give more thanenough info in this to easily go out and rock this training for offline clients...just need to do asmall bit of "reverse engineering" and the people that actually put your course to work can go outand do similar steps for offline clients in their area.Great Job, explained great, and the video walk-throughs are described about as good as anyonecould ever do!!!
  6. 6. Rock on manCraig Brower "Simple, actionable, and scale-able....Well done Joshua"Quote:Originally Posted by lesterlim85Simple, actionable, and scale-able. Just the thing my partner Aiden needs for him to embark onsome video marketing case studies.Well done Joshua on coming out with this easy to replicate system.Cheers,Lester "Another killer method from the Bamboo series creator. Very highly recommended"Quote:Originally Posted by Joe118Another killer method from the Bamboo series creator. Very highly recommended. Joshua showshow to rank using his system pretty much in *ANY* niche, and how this will get you tons oftraffic. I learned a few new things reading it.THANK YOU Joshua. Two thumbs up. “Once again...Josh has come up with the goods“ “Should be a ‘must-have’... Great Stuff Joshua”Quote:Once again ...Joshua has come up with the goods!Quote:Clear instructions in the e-book and the over-the-shoulder videos make it soeasy to follow.This should be a must have in an internet marketers bank of resources.
  7. 7. Great stuff Joshua! “Joshua has a natural ability to make a process easy to understand and follow” “Excellent product, I highly recommend”Quote:I have bought from Josh before so when Bamboo video loophole came out it was aQuote:complete no brainer to take a look.I was really happy with this product. Josh has a natural ability to make a processeasy to understand and follow. In bamboo video loophole you are taken step by stepfrom choosing a product to promote, through producing a video to uploading andoptimising for rapid ranking.Easy for a complete newbie to follow but plenty of strategies so that evenexperienced marketers will benefit. I particularly like the way that you areencouraged to take action at every step. It is clear what you need to do and if you arewilling to take action you should have a video up and ranking very quickly.And if your video doesnt rank straight away that’s covered too with plenty of low costways to promote and boost your video.Excellent product, I highly recommend. “Great product Josh.... No fluff... really actionable” “So easy that a Caveman could do it...” “.....this is definitely worth picking up”
  8. 8. Quote:Great product Josh! Okay, I really liked this WSO for a number of reasons.Heres why:It show you everything you need to know and do inorder to make money F-A-S-T!The example provided shows how to pick an Amazon product and niche to review andpromote by video using YouTube and Google, several methods to create a simple buteffective video that drives traffic to your website or directly to the product order page onAmazon. Then, he shows all of the details you need to do in order to getyour video ranking high in Google. What more do you need?I really liked that there is no fluff in this WSO and that he kept it reallyactionable.I am confident that what you learn from this WSO will definitely make you money if youimplement it, and Josh makes the implementation so easy that a caveman could do it...really. I cant wait to get started using this method myself right away.Josh takes away all of the excuses because he shows you everything you need toknow and nothing else. You cannot make this too hard to do.-infotopia- Warrior Forum MemberIntroducing...“Bamboo Video Loophole”
  9. 9. Dont worry – This is special fishy flavored bamboo, so the new GooglePenguin LOVES it!! (Yes it still works with the penguin update!) So What Are You Getting In the "Bamboo Video Loophole" Course?The Bamboo Video Loophole 3-Step PDFThis is the no-fluff guide to getting high video rankings and hungry buyer traffic superfast! • The secret behind Amazon buyers, and how to find amazing targeted buying keywords in seconds. (page 5) • How to create a video in under 5 minutes, for fast and easy affiliate commissions (page 9) • Optimizing your video listing for an instant ranking boost before even doing any SEO (page 15)
  10. 10. • The secret behind _____ on Youtube, and how no-one is doing this to optimize their videos for fast rankings (page 16) • Push-Button SEO tactics to get your videos FLYING up the search engines, for fast and easy affiliate commissions (page 17)Real PDF Value - $19.95 Over the shoulder Videos To walk you through Each StepThese videos are PACKED with information, and I dont waste your time. They arevery short (around 5 minutes each) and I show you exactly how I run through the entiresystem in around 15 minutes.Video 1) The Buyer Bank • Watch as I use Amazon to sniper target my affiliate promotions and find hot products to promote in seconds (00:37) • Finding a product to promote in under a minute that is proven to get high conversions, high sales and hungry buyers (01:40) • Extracting the buyer keywords and using them for fast and easy rankings and affiliate commissions. (02:12)Real Value - $19.95Video 2) Your Video WorkshopI will walk you through creating a video in very simple steps. This makes it easy forabsolutely anyone to follow along. • Watch as I add conversion elements to the video, and setup the perfect video structure. This is simple yet powerful stuff (02:19) • In just 5 minutes I create an entire high converting professional looking video, and show you exactly how you can too (05:02)Real Value - $9.95
  11. 11. Video 3) Your Video ATMWatch me optimize a video perfectly so they are set up to drive maximum traffic foryour keyword. I make this really easy to follow. • My secret title optimization tricks to really boost your video conversions dramatically (01:45) • Adding ______ to your videos... no one does this, and it will optimize your video much better for fast rankings (5:05)Real Value - $19.95 People Have Paid $97 For Fluffed-Up Courses, With Half The Amount Of Content That I Have Stuffed Into This Short, To- The-Point Course."OK, sounds great Josh... but whats thecatch?" • The catch is you can only buy it for just 5 days at THIS price... after the sale is over, I will raise the price and sell this to the public. • The bonuses are only available for these 5 days, you will never see these again even when the product is sold at a higher price.But don’t worry, the cost is going to be much less than it should be.And it’s certainly much cheaper and less effort than trying to learn how to do all thisyourself. But Wait, There’s More...
  12. 12. I have added these killer bonuses to help you create and rank your videos evenfaster, and to build up huge value on this offer, so you don’t have any reason to missout.Bonus 1: The Action MasterPlan • I tell you exactly what to do, and how long you need to take on each step so you can speed through all the tasks with no guesswork. • This Masterplan is the closest you will get to one-on-one coaching... (It’s that direct, that powerful, and that exclusive)Real Value - $17Bonus 2: Video SEO FirestormI only scratched the surface of Video SEO, however with this bonus you can learn somuch more. • A fast track method to rank your videos on the 1st page within just 24 hours! • How to explode your video traffic and rankings by building raving fans of hungry buyersReal Value - $97
  13. 13. Bonus 3: Azon Conversion MasteryI have given some really cool Amazon tricks, but if you really want to take your Amazonaffiliate commissions to the next level, then this is the perfect bonus for you. • Learn how to get a much better result with your Amazon promotions by using the 5 secret factors of site conversion • Learn the best theme and layout to boost your conversions through the roof.Real Value - $97 So Let’s Look At The Value You Are Getting Today... • No-Fluff PDF: Bamboo Video Loophole 3-Step PDF - $19.95 • Vid 1: The Buyer Bank Video - $9.95 • Vid 2:Your Video Workshop Video - $9.95 • Vid 3:Your Video ATM Video - $19.95 • Bonus #1: Action Master Plan -$17 • Bonus #2: Video SEO Firestorm - $97 • Bonus #3: Azon Commission Crusher - $97
  14. 14. Total Value = $270.80I would charge you $497 Per Hour for me to personally consult with you over Skype,teaching these exact methods.I’m going to throw a fact out there for you... I really want you to wake up to the reality... FACT: Amazon Made Over $52 Billion Last Year....I dont think you really understand that number... So let me put it into perspective...... That’s $142,465,753 spent on Amazon, Every. Single. DAY!We know for a fact that people are spending A LOT on Amazon (And this will onlygrow...) I Know You Want A Piece of That Pie, And I Want To Show You How, But To Keep It Really Exclusive This Offer Will Be For 5 Days ONLY!Once i get feedback and case studies, I’m going to close this offer and sell it again tothe public at a much higher price.Right now, you can take advantage of an opportunity, just for warriors and just just forthe next 5 days,You won’t pay the total Real Value - $270.80,You won’t even have to pay half of that - $135.40,And I wouldn’t even make you pay a $67.70For The Next Five Days Only, Im Offering This True Warrior Special Offer, And You
  15. 15. Only Have To Pay One Low Price Of Just... $9.95 “So what guarantee does this Investment have?”Well it is simple; you are covered by my rock solid money back guarantee so if itdoesn’t work out for you, I take the hit.In fact, I am so confident in this product, that you can keep it just for trying it out.All the investment risk is on me.This Offer Is Gone Forever In 5 Days...
  16. 16. • After the five days, the bonuses are going to be gone forever... • You can only get this method from me, it’s not available for free or for sale, and no one else has a system like this. ...It Really Works!Quote:I was shocked (in a nice way) to see one of the videos appear in Google exactlytwo days after I uploaded it with NO BACKLINKS!Just on the strength of the the on page seo. Although the course does say that the videos oftenrank without backlinks, I honestly did think that it would take at least a few more days and somebacklinking.All I can say is that based on what I have experienced following the easy action steps in this videocourse, it most definitely delivers and anyone who loves quickresults will LOVE this course!!Quote:my videos ranked less than 30 minutes by simply using one ofhis free methods (not outsourcing) but i believe by using the other methods that hesuggested will give my videos more traffic.I really like the video course that he provided, you can see the exact way hes doing it on thevideos. If you implement whats on this WSO, it will really makes your video rankon page 1 of Google. Thanks!Lets Recap...
  17. 17. You are getting...The Bamboo Video Loophole PDF – $19.95The no-fluff 3-step simple system to get fast and easy video rankings for hot buyerkeywords and easy affiliate commissions.Video 1) "The Buyer Bank" – $9.95A short, no-fluff training video showing you how I hone in on niches and keywordsand pinpoint perfect buyer keywords.Video 2) "Your Video Workshop" - $9.95Watch over my shoulder as I create a professional high converting video in under 5minutes, and show you step-by-step how you can do the same!Video 3) "Your Video ATM" - $19.95I take you step by step through the optimizing process, showing you all the tricks andhow I use each one to make my videos ultra optimized for fast rankings and easytraffic.Bonus 1) "Action Master Plan" - $17The closest thing to me privately coaching you, telling you exactly what to do, howlong to do it and the simple steps to take to get you there.(Coaching value = $497 per hour... This is your to KEEP)Bonus 2) "Video SEO Firestorm" - $97I managed to pull some strings with a friend of mine Han Fan, and he has put together avery powerful Video ranking course that will give you loads of extra information tohelp supercharge your affiliate commissions.Bonus 3) "Azon Commission Crusher" - $97I only scratch the surface with being an amazon affiliate, but If you really wanted toknow how to make money with amazon, and do it faster and easier, then this isperfect for you!Total Real Value = $270.80
  18. 18. But today you won’t have to pay half of that, or even a quarter of that.You get it a much lower special warrior price and only for the next five days.And I will be selling this for at least $27 after the 5 day Warrior Special Offer period isover, so by getting it today you are saving over 50% off that price.And even with all that saving you will have a full 30 days to try this out, so if you can’tuse it right away, you still have plenty of time to check it out and decide later if youwant to keep it. Right Now, You Know You Want This, So Trust Your Gut ... This ISThe Right Opportunity For You! ...So Click the “Buy-Now“ Button Below To Take Advantage Of This Exclusive 5 Day Warrior Special OfferThis is Joshua Morris, thanks for reading... and I hope you enjoy this awesome
  19. 19. system.To Your Success...P.S. You will save so much money, and get so much extra value if you buy now.There is proof people love this, a rock-solid guarantee... and since is so muchEASIER to do this, it makes sense to get it right now! So Click Here to Buy It Now.P.P.S. Will you stay the same, making little to no money, working in your day job, andstuck without a real system to use in the little amount of free time that you have.Don’t let this happen to you, get this now so you won’t regret it later when it’s muchmore expensive, the bonuses are gone... or its taken off the market completely.Click here now to make a change.