– Joe Sestak    for Senate                 Vol. 33, Number 3 – October 2010                                               ...
Daughter of 1776 Citterio Member     Wins UFCW International ScholarshipF          or the second year in a row, Local 1776...
On November 2nd, It’s Our Choice!                               By Wendell W. Young, IV, President                        ...
(Continued from page 3)   How did we get out of the Great Depression?                • A tax policy that helps working men...
(Continued from page 4)Obama describes it,          Starting on Page 7, a patient and his or her doctor. So what else ishe...
(Continued from page 5)last voices of moderation. Before that Toomey worked               office to subpoena Twitter recor...
Local 1776 Endorsements for Nov. 2ndI    n deciding on endorsements, Local 1776’s Executive Board considers a candidate’s ...
##   #    #      #      #     #   #     #     #      #    #     #        #   #     #    #     #     #       #   #    Local...
#       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       # ...
##   #     #      #      #         #   #   #    #    #    #   #    #    #     #    #    #    #    #   #    Local 1776 Endo...
#       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       # ...
#   #      #      #      #     #     #     #        #   #   #   #     #    #      #   #   #    #    #                     ...
PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE                              198    Rosita Youngblood              (D)      OF REPRESENTATIVES         ...
1776 Leads Fight     For a Fair State Budget             U                       FCW Local 1776 is playing a leading role ...
Members OK New Contract at Wise FoodsL         ocal 1776’s members at Wise Foods in         Negotiator; Michele Kessler, S...
Shop Stewards Are Key          To Organizing Victory in Chester                                          By Len Purnell   ...
In the days that followed these conversations were                                                      substantive, and u...
Union Wins Reinstatement and Full BackPay For Cedarbrook’s Mary Ann Boone                                           By Ed ...
and eventually the arbitration process. After many        to agree to bring Mary Ann back to work. We pointedmonths of no ...
Standing Tall in Solidarity                 With Wyoming Valley NursesD        emonstrating their solidarity with members ...
Wine  Spirits Rules the Course               In Northeast Golf OutingT         opping the field in the Local 1776 Northeas...
1776 Helps Create Labor MonumentT          he City of Philadelphia’s central role in the         In addition to the UFW, t...
Local 1776 Calendar General Membership Meetings                 Northeast Division Area MeetingsTuesday, November 9, 2010,...
UFCW Local 1776                                                                                   Non-Profit3031-A Walton ...
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Dialogue oct 2010


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Dialogue oct 2010

  1. 1. – Joe Sestak for Senate Vol. 33, Number 3 – October 2010 www.ufcw1776.org UNITED FOOD AND COMMERCIAL WORKERSK If we vote, we WIN! – Dan Onorato for Governor
  2. 2. Daughter of 1776 Citterio Member Wins UFCW International ScholarshipF or the second year in a row, Local 1776 has been a big winner in the International UFCW’s annual college scholarship competition. Scholarship Alicia Nelson, 21, of Freeland, PA, daughter of Citterio winner AliciaUSA member Mark Nelson, has won a scholarship toward her Nelson and hertuition at Albright College in Reading, PA. Mark has worked father, Markfor 23 years at Citterio – producer of quality Italian meats – Nelson. Mark isand Alicia is a 2007 graduate of Bishop Hafey High School. a long-time Alicia is in her senior year at Albright, majoring in 1776 member at Citterio USA.elementary education with a minor in special education. John Rorick Scores Hole in One in Members’ Outing United Food Commercial Workers Local 1776 3031-A Walton Rd., Suite 201 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 L ocal 1776 mem- Visit us on the web: www.ufcw1776.org ber John Rorick scored a first in President Wendell W. Young, IV the history of the Union’s Secretary-Treasurer Michele Kessler golf tournaments – a hole Recorder in one! Barbara Johnson Playing in the annual Main Office: 3031-A Walton Rd., Suite 201 Southeast Pennsylvania Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 610-940-1776 (toll-free: 1-866-329-1776) member’s outing, John Northeast PA Office: 2007 Highway 315 aced the par 3 17th hole at Pittston, PA 18640 570-655-6886 (toll-free 1-800-635-6994) the Mainland Golf Course, Central PA Office: 3161 Chambersburg Rd. just outside of Lansdale, PA. Biglerville, PA 17307 717-334-0064 (toll-free 1- 800-332-9421) He said it was the first hole- Communications Office: William Epstein, Director in-one he had struck in his 610-940-1812 (toll-free: 1-866-329-1776, x-812) many years of playing. UFCW Local 1776 and Participating Employers John, a Norristown, PA Health Welfare Fund: 3031-B Walton Rd. resident who is a member Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-2344 610-941-9400 (toll-free:1-800-458-8618) of the Local 1776 Political UFCW Local 1776 and Participating Action Committee, has Employers Pension Fund: Local 1776 President Wendell W. 3031-B Walton Rd. been with Acme since Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-2344 610-941-9400 (toll-free:1-800-458-8618) Young, IV presents a custom-made 1975. He works in the hole-in-one momento to member UFCW Union and Participating company’s Trooper store. John Rorick. The long-time Acme Food Industry Employers Tri-State Pension Fund: To mark the occasion, member tallied his big hit at the 3031-B Walton Rd. annual outing for Southeast Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-2344 the Local commissioned 610-941-4282 (toll-free: 1-866-928-8329) Pennsylvania members at the Schott Glass member Ron Waruneke, Sr., of Avoca, PA, Mainland Golf Course, near October 2010 Landsdale. The prize was designed to design and craft a crystal and produced by Schott Glass momento of the event. member Ron Warunek, Sr. C Printed on recycled paper.2
  3. 3. On November 2nd, It’s Our Choice! By Wendell W. Young, IV, President Jobs were disappearing in mass numbers.P resident Obama best describes the November 2nd election. It’s our choice, he says. We The housing and banking markets were can go forward, or we can go backward: collapsing. State budgets were in shambles. • We can build on the progress that his And things were going to get only worse administration has achieved in its short time unless the federal government acted boldly. in office. Even Dick Cheney, in the fall of 2008, • Or we can return the government to the same pleaded with fellow Republicans in the people who created the worst economic Senate to act boldly and pass a stimulus plan. downturn in our lifetime – people who want Now, Republican fearmongers want us to believe to eliminate Social Security, overturn health that the Obama administration and Congress over- care reform and protect Wall Street profits reacted. The truth is that the economy was spiraling more than working men and women. out of control. We had to act. It’s easy to understand the impatience that many Other spinmeisters want us to believe that thefeel with the way things work in Washington. A Obama administration and Congress didn’t doclear majority of Americans voted for Barack Obama enough. But they should take that up with theand Joe Biden because they want change, and they Party of No and those few misguided Democratswant it now. They’re concerned that we have yet to who help it block further progress.create enough jobs to replace the more than eight How about the venomous Republican Senatorsmillion jobs we lost thanks to the policies of Dick who within days of Barack Obama’s inaugurationCheney and his assistant, George Bush. proudly declared that they sought only to inflict But no matter how hard the U.S. Chamber of political damage on the President? They want toCommerce tries to spin it, the fact is that Barack reverse the results of the 2008 election, and theyObama faced a national and world-wide economic have resorted to a record number of filibusterdisaster when he took office in January 2009. threats to block the President’s agenda. I find especially frustrating the people who say We were on the brink of a second Great we shouldn’t go deeper into debt to get our Depression. Eight years of economy moving again. Where were these people Republican rule had when the Bush Administration was running two turned a record budget wars and giving huge tax breaks to millionaires and surplus into a record billionaires “off budget” so they wouldn’t have to budget deficit! When be responsible for the borrowing they had to do to George Bush took fund their policies? office in 2001 we had Today, businesses aren’t spending enough to a $250 billion surplus. stimulate the economy. State and local governments When he turned the are struggling and don’t have the resources to dig job over to Barack our nation out of the depths of this recession. Obama, he handed him Only the federal government has the weight to a $1.5 trillion deficit! underwrite the investments that we need to build a future for ourselves and our children. (continued on page 4) Wendell W. Young, IV 3
  4. 4. (Continued from page 3) How did we get out of the Great Depression? • A tax policy that helps working men andBy borrowing. By investing in the future. Even the women, instead of favoring millionaires andmost conservative critics of the President borrow billionaires who don’t need tax breaks?money to finance their homes and cars for their • Equal pay for equal work?families. Are they ready to give up their mortgages • Greater access to student loans and millionsand car loans? in savings to make college more affordable to students and their families?T o those who are critical of the Obama record to date, I ask which of the following • An open, honest discussion of what we’re do they want to give back? doing in Iraq and Afghanistan and how we’re funding those wars, and a resumption of • The federal funds that have helped create more peace talks in the Middle East? jobs in the last 20 months than the Bush Administration created in its entire eight years? • The most sweeping reform of Wall Street since the Great Depression? • Federal money that has saved police, firefighter and teacher jobs? True, we have a long way to go on the road to economic recovery. But the way to reach that goal • Health care reform that will protect our is to go forward, not backward. As President families and slow down the increase in the cost of insurance? (Continued on page 5) UFCW International President Joe Hansen (left) in Washington, DC with 1776 President Wendell W.4 Young, IV and U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate.
  5. 5. (Continued from page 4)Obama describes it, Starting on Page 7, a patient and his or her doctor. So what else ishe took office and new, Doc? Then, this doctor says that shefound that the car check out the full list tried to meet with Sestak to talk about healthwas in a ditch. He of Local 1776 care reform.and Congress have endorsements for the What she doesn’t say is that she missedpulled the car out of three opportunities to have that discussion.the ditch. But the U.S. Congress and And she doesn’t say that Joe Sestak’s office isRepublicans want the Pennsylvania open seven days a week. Any constituent canthe keys back, and Senate and House of walk in and be heard. So how hard did shethey want them “try” to get an appointment?back without a Representatives. It’s If Dr. Delaware County had shown up atsingle new idea. the same story. If we Sestak’s office, she might have learned thatWhy would we vote, we win! the historic health care reform already isgive the keys back making life better for all Americans:to the same guys who drove the car into the ditch • Insurance companies can’t deny coverage toin the first place? children because of pre-existing health If we don’t take the November 2nd election conditions. Soon, this will cover adults, too.seriously, we’ll wake up the next day and find newpeople in charge – people who want to privatize • Insurance companies can’t drop coverage forSocial Security, destroy the labor movement and people who become sick.restrict women’s rights. • Children will have to be covered by their These are the same people who want to repeal parents’ policies until they are 26 years old;Wall Street reform, who apologized to BP when • Limits on annual and lifetime coverage havePresident Obama proposed that BP pay for the Gulf been eliminated.spill, and who want to borrow more money and • Insurance companies must cover checkupssaddle our kids with more debt just so wealthy and preventive treatments – steps that willpeople can get more tax breaks! They’re the same make everyone healthier and control costs.people who use corporate funds – withoutdisclosing their donors – to run multi-million • Senior citizens who fall into the so-calledadvertising campaigns against candidates who “donut hole” gap in Medicare’s prescriptionsupport working families. drug program have received a $250 payment That’s why your Executive Board enthusiastically to begin to close that gap.has endorsed Joe Sestak for the U.S. Senate and Dan • And the reform slows the relentless rise inOnorato for Governor of Pennsylvania, and is proud health care costs and expands coverage for 32to recommend them to our Pennsylvania members million Americans.for their vote on November 2nd. Toomey’s slimy ad has been widely condemned They’ll move us forward. They’ll make a winning by the news media as misleading. It’s a sample of theteam that cares about working families. They’ll barrage of $6 million in television advertising thatrepresent us in Washington and Harrisburg – not the Toomey unleashed against Sestak during the summerhighly-financed corporate special interests. months – most of it attack, attack and attack. Joe Sestak had a distinguished 31-year career in Joe Sestak: The Truth about the U.S. Navy. He’s provided outstanding leadership as Toomey’s Health Care Smear a Congressman on the issues that matter the most to working families. The only thing Pat Toomey has led is The attack on Joe Sestak for his vote for health care the Club for Growth, a radical right-wing Wall Streetreform is typical of the pandering gutter tactics of his operation aimed at purging the Republican Party of itsopponent, former Wall Street executive Pat Toomey. (Continued on page 6) One Toomey ad features a doctor from DelawareCounty who says that medicine should be between 5
  6. 6. (Continued from page 5)last voices of moderation. Before that Toomey worked office to subpoena Twitter records fromon Wall Street selling derivatives and other deregulated individuals who had criticized his work asgimmicks that helped create the financial mess we’re Attorney General.in. He helped ship American manufacturing jobs to He showed a similar insensitivity to peopleChina. He says that corporations shouldn’t pay taxes – who are out of work when he said – moreand he thinks we should trust him as a U.S. Senator? than once – that unemployed Pennsylvanians The good news is that in spite of Toomey’s lies don’t look for jobs because they’d rather getand his advertising barrage, this race is a dead heat unemployment payments.as we head to Nov. 2nd. If we turn out to vote for And he’s politicized his office in so manyJoe Sestak, we win! ways that leading newspapers have called for his Dan Onorato – resignation. The national Democratic Governors Association Best for Pennsylvania! (DGA) has invested heavily in Dan Onorato’s The further good news is that Democrats can be campaign because it’s convinced that he’s a strong,equally as proud of their candidate for Governor of effective candidate, that the Republicans have aPennsylvania – Dan Onorato. weak, gaffe-prone candidate, and that we’re heading Perhaps he’s less well-known to those of us in to November 2nd with a significant DemocraticLocal 1776 because his career has been in Western state-wide registration and performance advantage.Pennsylvania – most recently in the elected post of The DGA – and Local 1776’s Executive Board –Allegheny County Executive. But Onorato will know that with Joe Sestak and Dan Onorato, if webring to Harrisburg a solid record running the vote we win!state’s second-largest county for the last six yearswithout raising property taxes. At the same time,he reformed the county’s government and led a Know the Facts:successful job creation drive. A Onorato has run a successful campaign since poll by CBS News and the NY Timesthe May primary election, raising the funds he’ll found that 64 percent of Tea Partyneed to carry him through to November 2nd. He’s supporters believe that Presidentput forth a thoughtful plan of action to move Obama has increased taxes. In fact, he’s cutPennsylvania forward, and has taken the time to them for 95 percent of all Americans.visit the Local 1776 office and to assure us of hiscommitment to a state government that representsworking men and women – including his supportfor the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits Shops andthe role they play in protecting public health andsafety and the contribution they make to theCommonwealth’s budget. Onorato’s opponent, on the other hand – TomCorbett – is widely viewed as not ready for prime time. He showed a shocking disregard for our First Amendment rights when he used his state NOV. 2ND6
  7. 7. Local 1776 Endorsements for Nov. 2ndI n deciding on endorsements, Local 1776’s Executive Board considers a candidate’s voting record and statements on issues of direct interest to the Union’s members – including health care, jobs and the economy, the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits Shops, equal pay for equal work, workers’compensation and fair tax and budget policies. Every vote counts on November 2, 2010. Please share this list with your family and friends, andhelp elect candidates who care about working families. Joe Sestak (D) Dan Onorato (D) U.S. Senate, PA Governor of PA K K Scott Conklin (D) Lt. Governor, PA K K Paul Kanjorski (D) Chaka Fattah (D) Manan Trivedi (D) Allyson Schwartz (D) U.S. House U.S. House U.S. House U.S. House 7
  8. 8. ## # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Local 1776 Endorsements for Nov. 2nd# U.S. CONGRESS Cedarbrook# 1 Robert Brady (D) 2 Chaka Fattah (D) Members Kick Off# 6 Manan Trivedi (D) Campaign With# 7 Bryan Lentz (D) 8 Patrick J. Murphy (D) Dan Onorato at# 9 Tom Conners (D) Rally in Easton# 10 Christopher Carney (D) 11 Paul Kanjorski (D)# 12 Mark Critz (D) K # 13 Allyson Schwartz (D) 15 John Callahan (D)# 16 Lois Herr (D)# 17 No endorsement## C edarbrook members Ron Leikel (left) and# Betty Krause (right), both members of the Local 1776 Political Action Committee, join# Democratic candidate for Governor Dan Onorato at a rally to launch the 2010 campaign in Easton, PA.# Also taking part was Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 15th# District, Dan Callahan.##### Tina Tartaglione (D) John Rafferty (R) Steward Greenleaf (R) Phyllis Mundy (D)# PA State Senate PA State Senate PA State Senate PA State House8 # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
  9. 9. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # 47 Eric Wolfgang (D) # PENNSYLVANIA SENATE 53 Robert Godshall (R) 2 Christine Tartaglione (D) # 61 Mary Lou Readinger (D) 4 Leanna Washington (D) # 68 Matthew Baker (R) 6 Robert Tomlinson (R) 70 Matt Bradford (D) # 8 Anthony Hardy Williams (D) 71 Bryan Barbin (D) 10 Cynthia Philo (D) # 72 Frank Burns (D) 12 Stewart Greenleaf (R) 73 Gary Haluska (D) # 14 John Yudichak (D) 74 Camille George (D) 16 Pat Browne (R) # 76 Mike Hanna (D) 18 Lisa Boscola (D) 77 Scott Conklin (D) # 20 Lisa Baker (R) 79 No endorsement 22 John Blake (D) # 80 No endorsement 24 Bill Wallace (D) 81 No endorsement # 26 Edwin Erickson (R) 82 No endorsement 44 John Rafferty (R) # 83 Rick Mirabito (D) 48 Jo Ellen Litz (D) 84 No endorsement # PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE 85 No endorsement # OF REPRESENTATIVES 86 No endorsement 87 Angela West (D) # 13 Tom Houghton (D) 88 No endorsement 18 Gene Digirolamo (R) # 89 No endorsement 26 Fern Kaufman (D) # 90 No endorsement 31 Steve Santarsiero (D) 91 No endorsement # 41 Gerald Policoff (D) 43 No endorsement (continued on page 10) # # # # # John Taylor (R) Jewell Williams (D) Dwight Evans (D) Gene Digirolamo (R) # PA State House PA State House PA State House PA State House# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # 9
  10. 10. ## # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Local 1776 Endorsements for Nov. 2nd# PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE 108 No endorsement OF REPRESENTATIVES 109 No endorsement# (continued from page 9) 110 No endorsement# 92 No endorsement 111 Jim Knapp (D) 112 Ken Smith (D)# 93 Linda Small (D) 94 Metta Barbour (D) 113 Kevin Murphy (D)# 95 Eugene Depasquale (D) 114 Sid Michaels Kavulich (D)# 96 Mike Sturla (D) 115 Edward Staback (D) 97 Patrick O’Keeffe (D) 116 Todd Eachus (D)# 98 No endorsement 117 No endorsement# 99 No endorsement 118 Mike Carroll (D) 100 No endorsement 119 No endorsement# 101 No endorsement 120 Phyllis Mundy (D)# 102 No endorsement 121 Eddie Day Pashinski (D) 103 Ron Buxton (D) 122 No endorsement# 104 No endorsement 123 Neal Goodman (D)# 105 No endorsement 124 Jerry Knowles (R) 106 John Payne (R) 125 Tim Seip (D)# 107 George Zalar (D) 126 Dante Santoni (D)## 1776 Steps Up to Help# Pocono Medical Workers# L ocal 1776 members stepped up in# support of members of SEIU Local 1199 PA at the Pocono Medical# Center in East Stroudsburg, PA as they kicked off contract negotiations. Joining the# 1776 delegation was Pennsylvania State Rep. John J. Siptroth (D-Monroe and Pike# Counties) and 1776 Union Representatives Cathy Paninski and Chris Snyder.#10 # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
  11. 11. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE 137 Charles Dertinger (D) OF REPRESENTATIVES 138 No endorsement # 127 Thomas Caltagirone (D) 139 No endorsement # 128 Bryan Boughter (D) 140 John Galloway (D) 129 No endorsement 141 Tina Davis (D) # 130 David Kessler (D) 142 No endorsement # 131 Mike Horton (D) 143 Kathy McQuarrie (D) 144 Katharine Watson (R) # 132 Jennifer Mann (D) 133 Joseph Brennan (D) 145 Mary Whitesell (D) # 134 Patrick Slattery (D) 146 No endorsement 147 No endorsement # 135 Steve Samuelson (D) (continued on page 12) 136 Robert Freeman (D) # Northeast Leads at Kanjorski Kickoff # # T he Local 1776 Northeast Division team – members and staff – joined U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski to launch the kickoff of his reelection campaign. From left are Michele Kessler, # 1776 Secretary-Treasurer and Director of the Local’s Northeast PA and Central PA Divisions; Joey Alphabet, Charlie Francis, Tom McLean, Ken Warabak and Mike Kepich, all 1776 # members at Schott Glass USA; John Rusak, 1776 Lead Agent; Congressman Kanjorski; Rich Aston, of Schott; Mike Kepich’s wife, Anne; Don Nelson and Stanley Budzilek, of Schott; John # Chernesky, 1776 PA Wine and Spirits member; and Ken Karasek, 1776 Union Representative. McLean, Kepich and Chernesky are members of 1776’s Executive Board. # # # # # # # # ## # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # 11
  12. 12. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ## Local 1776 Endorsements for Nov. 2nd ## # PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE 164 Margo Davidson (D) OF REPRESENTATIVES 165 William Adolph Jr. (R)# # (continued from page 11) 166 Greg Vitali (D)# # 148 Mike Gerber (D) 167 Bill Holmes (D) 149 Tim Briggs (D) 168 Thomas Killion (R)# # 150 Mike Vereb (R) 169 Dennis O’Brien (R)# # 151 Rick Taylor (D) 170 Brendan Boyle (D) 152 Thomas Murt (R) 171 No endorsement# # 153 Josh Shapiro (D) 172 John Perzel (R)# # 154 Lawrence Curry (D) 173 Mike McGeehan (D) 155 Barbara Bergeron (D)# 174 John Sabatina Jr. (D) # 156 Barbara McIlvaine Smith (D) 175 Michael O’Brien (D)# # 157 Paul Drucker (D) 176 Mario Scavello (R)# 158 Susan Rzucidlo (D) # 177 John Taylor (R) 159 Thaddeus Kirkland (D) 178 Scott Petr (R)# # 160 Stephen Barrar (R) 179 Tony Payton Jr. (D)# # 161 Walter Waite (D) 180 Angel Cruz (D) 162 Nick Miccarelli (R) 181 Curtis Thomas (D)# # 163 Nicholas Micozzie (R) 182 Babette Josephs (D)# # Patrick Murphy and 1776# # Keynote Jobs Rally# ## # U .S. Rep. Patrick Murphy (D- Bucks County and NE Phila.)# # and members of Local 1776 keynoted a rally for jobs in Center City# # Philadelphia. From left are SuperFresh member Kass Reilly, Leslie Meyerson,# # Rep. Murphy, 1776 Director of Legislative and Political Action John# # Meyerson and Pathmark member Debbie Paladino.# #12 # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
  13. 13. PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE 198 Rosita Youngblood (D) OF REPRESENTATIVES 199 No endorsement183 No endorsement 200 Cherelle Parker (D)184 William Kelle (D) 201 John Myers (D)185 Robert Donatucci (D) 202 Mark Cohen (D)186 Kenyatta Johnson (D) 203 Dwight Evans (D)187 No endorsement188 James Roebuck (D) NEW YORK STATE189 John Siptroth (D) FOR GOVERNOR:190 Vanessa Brown (D) Andrew Cuomo (D)191 Ronald Waters (D)192 Louise Bishop (D) FOR U.S SENATE (TWO TO BE ELECTED):193 Mike Strausbaugh (D) Charles E. Schumer (D)194 Hugh Giordano (Green Party) Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D)195 Michelle Brownlee (D) FOR U.S. HOUSE:196 Curtis Kann (D) Maurice D. Hinchey (D-NY 22nd)197 Jewell Williams (D) Sen. Casey Helps Launch Labor 2010 Campaign U U.S. Sen. Bob Casey met with Local 1776 to help launch the Labor 2010 campaign leading up to Election Day, November 2. Standing, from left, are John Werkheiser, 1776 Zone Coordinator in the Lehigh Valley; Kevin Drew, Zone Coordinator in suburban Philadelphia; Sen. Casey; 1776 President Wendell W. Young, IV; and John Meyerson, Director of Legislation and Political Action for the Local. Seated, from left, are Cathy Paninski, Zone Coordinator for Northeast Pennsylvania; Peggy Rhodes, Zone Coordinator for Central Pennsylvania; and Liz McElroy, Labor 2010 State Coordinator for the AFL-CIO. 13
  14. 14. 1776 Leads Fight For a Fair State Budget U FCW Local 1776 is playing a leading role in the fight for a fair and sustainable Pennsylvania budget – a budget not balanced on the backs of working families. As a founding member of the Coalition for Labor Engagement and Accountable Revenues (CLEAR), the Local continues to take part in actions across the state to call for a series of steps, including those to ensure that big oil, big tobacco and big cor- porations pay their fair share of taxes: • A fair tax on the Marcellus Shale drilling revenues; • Closing the “Delaware loophole” that lets corporations earn their profits in PA but avoid taxes by reporting them in other low-tax states; • Ending the tax provision that lets vendors keep one percentage point of the sales taxes they collect; and, • Taxing smokeless tobacco, making Pennsylvania one of the last states to tax this product. At left, 1776 President Wendell W. Young, IV addresses a CLEAR rally in Harrisburg, laying out the agenda for a lobbying day in the state capitol. Below, speaking at a CLEAR rally in Media, PA in support of funding for education and social services are (from left) State Sen. Stewart J. Greenleaf (R-Bucks and Montgomery Counties); PENNaction Director Marc Stier; John Meyerson, Director of Legislation and Political Action for Local 1776; and State Sen. Edwin B.(Ted) Erickson (R-Chester and Delaware Counties.)14
  15. 15. Members OK New Contract at Wise FoodsL ocal 1776’s members at Wise Foods in Negotiator; Michele Kessler, Secretary-Treasurer of Berwick, PA have ratified a new three-year the Local and Director of its Northeast and Central contract with the company. Leading the Pennsylvania Divisions; Mary Ellen Jones, ofnegotiations for the members were bargaining com- Berwick; Eugene Caporaletti, of Nescopek; andmittee members (from left) Chris Fish, of Berwick; Jim Cooper, of Berwick. Not pictured areCathy Paninski, 1776 Union Representative; Scott committee members Fred Thomas and Barb Odell,Sitler, of Berwick; John Werkheiser, 1776 Union both of Berwick. ACME’s Paul Ludwig Wins PAC DrawingW inning Local 1776’s ABC Political Action Committee (PAC) raffle for a new IPodTouch was Acme member Paul Ludwig,of Upper Darby, PA. Paul handlesreceiving in Acme’s Wayne, PA store,where he is a long-time 1776 memberand member of the Local’s PAC. A second IPod was won by PACmember Don Marcellino, at the Acmestore in Lansdale, and a package ofPhillies tickets was won by PACmember Bob Paczewski, at theChestnut Hill Pathmark. 15
  16. 16. Shop Stewards Are Key To Organizing Victory in Chester By Len Purnell Local 1776 Union RepresentativeF or at least two Local 1776 Shop Stewards, the summer of 2010 meant more than enjoying fun in the sun. Jerome “Moon” Belo and Jermaine James, bothlong-time Stewards at the Wells Fargo Center (formerlyknown as the Wachovia Center), played a key role inthe Union’s most recent organizing victory. The wincame at the new PPL Park Stadium, in Chester, PA –home of the Philadelphia Union men’s professionalsoccer team, which made its debut this year. Belo and James joined Local 1776 UnionRepresentative Ervin Cofield and myself inintroducing Local 1776 to the approximately 120housekeeping and event workers at the new stadium. The employer of these 120 workers at PPL Parkhappens to be the same employer – Global Spectrum –for our approximately 500 Local 1776 housekeepingand event members who work at the Citizens Bank BallPark and the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphiaand at Temple University’s Liacouras Center. After several discussions with the early PPL Parkemployees in the months leading up to the openingof the new stadium, the four of us showed up on avery hot and humid opening day in late June to begintalking with the full roster of the facility’s workers.Nearly every worker with whom we spoke was veryenthusiastic about forming a union to improve theirwages, benefits, and working conditions. Especiallyhelpful was that the workers very much appreciatedthe fact that both of our stewards cared enough to bepresent and remain engaged in the numerousworker-to-worker conversations.16
  17. 17. In the days that followed these conversations were substantive, and usually dealt with how Belo and James wanted to use their experience to help their non-union counterparts who work in the same industry achieve more at the bargaining table as they have already as members of Local 1776 for many years. After many hot days and long nights, on August 27th Global Spectrum agreed to recognize Local 1776 for the purposes of collective bargaining as was requested by a majority of the housekeeping and event employees at PPL Park. As Local 1776 begins contract negotiations for this newly organized unit, all of us at Local 1776 extend a large “thank you” to Shop Stewards Jermaine James and Jerome “Moon” Belo for all of their help. Their assistance played a key role in the success of this latest organizing victory for workers – and this is yet another example of how much stronger, more effective, and more successful our Union is when our members get involved in the Union’s work.PPL Park in Chester, PA is home to the Philadelphia Union major league soccer team – and a newly organizedshop for Local 1776. From left are Joseph Walker, Wells Fargo Center shop steward Jermaine Jones, ArtriceParamore, Dwayne Briscoe, 1776 Union Representative Len Purnell and Jamir Stinney. At top is Scott Green. 17
  18. 18. Union Wins Reinstatement and Full BackPay For Cedarbrook’s Mary Ann Boone By Ed Chew Assistant to the President/Legal DirectorA t UFCW Local 1776 we’re fortunate to have hundreds of dedicated men and women who serve all of our members byperforming the essential job of being a Shop Stewardin our many hundreds of work places. One such person has not only dedicated her timeand energy to helping to represent members at theCedarbrook Lehigh County Nursing Facility, but alsohad the courage and drive to help in our hard-foughtcampaign to organize the workplace several years ago. For those who regularly follow our Dialogue andare involved in Union activities, you know howdifficult it is to organize workers in our countrytoday. At Cedarbrook, in spite of this difficulty,Mary Ann and many of her co-workers dedicatedthemselves to the effort. In 2007, working with thestaff of Local 1776, they were able to do what hadbeen tried unsuccessfully many times before – toorganize Cedarbrook’s nearly 600 workers. They faced the fears that many workers do in anorganizing campaign – the strongest of which is fearof an economic disaster if the union can’t protect itsprospective members should they lose their jobsbecause they have tried to organize. But theyovercame that fear, and won! One year later, Mary Ann, however – a 22-yearveteran at Cedarbrook – was terminated for anaction that the Union felt was totally unjust. The County disagreed, and decided to fight toenforce Mary Ann’s termination in any legal mannerit could. This consumed her, through the worker’scompensation process, the unemployment process18
  19. 19. and eventually the arbitration process. After many to agree to bring Mary Ann back to work. We pointedmonths of no income, no job and no benefits, the out the fallacy of their case, yet the County would notLocal finally was able to help Mary Ann get her budge. County officials told us that they had never lostunemployment compensation started. The county an arbitration in all of their years of defending againstappealed even this decision! them, unless they wanted to lose. But we were Finally the arbitration date arrived. With the confident of our case, and felt that they were no longertestimony of Mary Ann and many of her co- going to be able to boast about that record. And weworkers who put themselves on the line by were right! They can no longer brag about their record.testifying on her behalf, the Union was able to Further, after this case we won yet another arbitrationprove that Mary Ann was unjustly terminated. The this year against Cedarbrook.arbitrator gave Mary Ann and Local 1776 a Mary Ann Boone is an advocate of Unions. Shecomplete victory. Mary Ann not only was ordered knew everyone in the work place would benefit byback to her job, but she was also awarded full back having a contract and the protection that it givespay, benefits and seniority as though she had never workers, and she knew that her Union would standleft! While this did not take away the pain and up for her and fight for her rights at work. She stoodstress of an unjust termination, especially the up for herself, her co-workers stood up for her andmany months of financial strain, it did bring Mary Local 1776 stood up for her. We all won. It wasAnn complete vindication. another very important victory for workers rights, one The Union tried for months to get County officials won by workers for workers through their Union. 55 Years and Still Going Strong!A cme member Dave Larson (right) and 1776 President Wendell W.Young, IV at celebration of Dave’s55 years of service with AcmeMarkets. Dave handles receivingat the Woodhaven Road store. Heis a resident of Bensalem, and is amember of the Local’s PoliticalAction Committee. 19
  20. 20. Standing Tall in Solidarity With Wyoming Valley NursesD emonstrating their solidarity with members of the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses Allied Professionals (PASNAP) – Wyoming Valley Nurses Association at the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital are, from left, PA State Representative Ed Pashinski (D-Luzerne County); PA State Rep. PhyllisMundy (D-Luzerne County); Omeed Firouz, a volunteer with Rep. Mundy; Roxanne Pauline, staff memberwith the Northeast Pennsylvania Area Labor Federation; Michele Kessler, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 1776and Director of the Local’s Northeast and Central Pennsylvania Divisions; Ken Karasek, 1776 UnionRepresentative; and John Rusak, 1776 Lead Agent. The members of PASNAP are involved in an intense struggle with the hospital’s new owner over wagesand the quality of patient care.( JBS Win, continued from back cover) “We achieved our victory because we stoodand benefits for all workers in the meatpacking and together and that’s what made us strong,” saidpoultry industries. Melina Martinez, who has worked at the plant for “The outcome of this election shows that when the last six years. “Now that we have a union, weworkers get a free and fair process, they choose union want to get right to work on a contract that protectsrepresentation,” said Local 1776 President Wendell our rights and improves our working conditions.”Young, IV. Young, also a UFCW International Vice By choosing UFCW Local 1776 as their bargainingPresident, added: “The UFCW applauds JBS for taking representative, workers at the JBS plant in Soudertonthe high road to allow the workers to have a free and fair will join 27,000 JBS workers and 250,000process. Having a union makes it better for everyone – meatpacking and poultry workers across the countryworkers, the company, and the larger community.” who already enjoy the benefits of union representation The Brazilian firm JBS, S.A. acquired the with the UFCW.former Moyer Packing Company’s Souderton Local 1776 represents thousands of packinghousefacility with the purchase of the Smithfield Beef and food processing workers in Pennsylvania at plantsGroup in 2008. JBS, out of respect for its workers, such as Empire Kosher Poultry in Mifflintown, Cargillallowed a free and fair process for workers to in Hazelton, BC Natural Chicken in Fredericksburgdecide about union representation. and Citterio USA in Freeland.20
  21. 21. Wine Spirits Rules the Course In Northeast Golf OutingT opping the field in the Local 1776 Northeast Division’s annu- al membership golf tournament was a threesome of mem- bers from the PA Wine and Spirits Shops, from left: AndyNolan, of Carbondale, PA; Mike Ciuccoli, from Scott Township, PA;tournament chair John Rusak, lead agent in 1776’s NortheastDivision; and Tommy Evans, of Childs, PA. The tournament was heldat the Sugarloaf Golf Club. 1776 on the Line in NY to Help Striking Motts Plant WorkersL ocal 1776 was in the middle of the action as main product. The issues were wages, affordable its brothers and sisters in RWDSU/UFCW health care and the workers’ pension program. Local 220 battled through a nearly four- “The strike became a national symbol for workingmonth strike at the Mott’s Plant in Williamson, NY. people who want only to maintain their middle class jobs The Local helped staff the picket line and delivered and build strong communities,” Kessler said. The Dr.strike aid and Local 1776-produced snacks from Wise Pepper Snapple Group had sought to impose a $1.50-per-Food and water from Pocono Springs. It stood with the hour wage cut, in addition to other reductions. UFCWLocal 220 members until their strike was settled in mid- members and community allies engaged in more thanSeptember with ratification of a three-year contract. 600 actions across the nation in the course of the strike, Michele Kessler, Secretary-Treasurer of Local including handbilling shoppers at grocery stores in1776 and Director of the Union’s Northeast and support of Local 220’s members.Central Pennsylvania Divisions, said that the strike “We’re glad we were able to extend a helping Localtook place at the Motts Plant owned by the Dr. 1776 hand to our brothers and sisters in Local 220 andPepper Snapple Group, where applesauce is the help them achieve a fair contract,” Kessler said. 21
  22. 22. 1776 Helps Create Labor MonumentT he City of Philadelphia’s central role in the In addition to the UFW, the buttons commemorate development of the U.S. labor movement has Eugene Debs and his role in organizing the American been commemorated in a monument dedi- Railway Union; the 1903 march of children fromcated last month in a neighborhood rich in working Philadelphia to President Theodore Roosevelt’s summerclass labor history, with Local 1776 playing a key role. home on Long Island, NY that sparked the drive for the Philadelphia’s Tribute to the American Worker is first child labor laws; the convening of the Continentallocated in the middle of Elmwood Park at 71st Congress of the Working Class in 1905; the “bread andStreet and Buist Ave. in the southwest section of the roses” strike in1912 by Massachusetts textile workers that brought early attention to women in the workplace;city. It’s an imposing a seven-piece set of bronze the key role of labor in the U.S. civil rights movement;artwork that celebrates the contributions of and the fight of labor heroine Karen Silkwood to callorganized labor nationwide. attention to worker and community health in the 1970’s. The Local is one of seven major Pennsylvaniaunions that sponsored the sevenlarge “button tables” that make upthe monument – literally anoutdoor history lesson. The Local’s bronze buttonrepresents the United Farm Workers(UFW), formed in1966 under theleadership of Cesar E. Chavez andhis rallying cry, “¡Si, Se Puede!,” or“Yes, We Can!” The artwork byBelfast, Ireland artist John Kindnesshonors the UFW’s role in organizingthousands of immigrant farmworkers and calling attention totheir poor working conditions. The buttons are arranged in acircle surrounded by benches inthe center of the park, with thenames of Local 1776 and the othersix supporting unions inscribed ina granite band on the groundencircling the monument. The creation of the monumentplayed a pivotal role in transformingthe long-neglected park into anattractive, broad, green open area.The neighborhood historically was Unveiling the bronze Labor Monument table honoring the Unitedinhabited by families whose workers Farm Workers are, from left, 1776 President Wendell W. Young, IV; the Local’s Director of Legislative and Political Action, John Meyerson;manned the nearby industrial plants 1776 President Emeritus Wendell W. Young, III; PA State Rep. Ronin the area and nearby Delaware Waters; PA State Sen. Vincent Hughes; PA State Sen. Christine M.River waterfront. Tartaglione; and Fairmount Park trustee Gregory M. Harvey.22
  23. 23. Local 1776 Calendar General Membership Meetings Northeast Division Area MeetingsTuesday, November 9, 2010, 3 pm Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 6 pmUFCW Local 1776 Pittston Office Comfort Inn2007 Highway 315 58 State Rt. 93Pittston, PA 18640 West Hazleton, PA 18201 Tuesday, November 9, 2010, 6 pm Troy Vets ClubSoutheast Division Area Meetings 1 Veterans Dr. (off Prospect St.) Troy, NYMonday, November 15, 2010, 6 pmPlumbers’ Union, Local 6902791 Southampton Rd.Philadelphia, PA 19154 Central Division Area MeetingsThursday, December 9, 2010, 6 pm Monday, November 8, 2010, 6 pmSeafarers’ International Union AFSCME Conference Center2604 South 4th Street 150 S. 43rd St.Philadelphia, PA 19148 Harrisburg, PA 17111 Rooting the Phillies to Victory! M ore than 100 Local 1776 members, families and friends were on hand for a group night at Citizens Bank Park as the Phillies charged to their fourth consecutive year in the National League playoffs. Among those cheering the Fightins on to victory over the Washington Nationals was a full contingent of Local 1776 Political Action Committee members from the Acme Warminster store: Wanda Curtis, from Hatboro, PA, and her grand- daughter, Kaia; and (from left) Anne Koza, of North Wales, PA; Sue Keller, of Bensalem, PA; Judy Corwell of UFCW Local 152; Gina Pasceri, of Ambler, PA; and Debbie Coonelly, of Southampton, PA. 23
  24. 24. UFCW Local 1776 Non-Profit3031-A Walton Road OrganizationSuite 201 U.S. Postage PaidPlymouth Meeting, PA 19462 Phila., PA Permit No. 3088RETURN SERVICE REQUESTEDasd Big Win at JBS!N early 1,200 workers at the JBS meatpack- to speak with representatives of the UFCW about the ing plant in Souderton, PA have voted to benefits of having a voice at work and were able to join UFCW Local 1776. make an informed choice about forming a union.” “I am delighted that we stood together and made The workers’ vote was the successful conclusionthe right choice to form a union,” said Bernard of a months-long campaign designed to give a voiceConeghen, who has worked at the Montgomery to the men and women at JBS. It also was part of aCounty facility for 27 years. “We had the opportunity nationwide UFCW-led effort aimed at raising wages (continued on page 20) A winning Vote: Workers from JBS and staff from UFCW International, Local 1776 and UFCW locals who helped on the drive to win recognition at the Souderton, PA plant celebrate the vote at Local 1776’s Union Hall on Walton Rd. in Plymouth Meeting, PA.