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All about Hallo© academy for applied creativity.

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  1. 1. ©Hallo
  2. 2. At Hallo© nobody is labelled. Our students are multifunctional players with different talents andabilities. In principle they can move across the whole field and take over tasks from one another. Ourfinal product is more than the sum of the parts. After all, dialogue and discussion carry people furtherthan they could go individually. Difference in opinion is a bridge to better ideas.Hallo© believes that every single person is in their essence creative and versatile. Linear thinking,traditional schooling systems, rules and regulations restrict their creativity. At Hallo© there is no goodor bad. There are no absolute truths, there is only usefulness. Truths are temporary and local. It is notabout being right, it is about becoming wiser.Concepts (behind brands) combine on an abstract level all the tools and forms of expression of abrand. That is the vision of Hallo© on commercial communication. Those of us today who are active inapplied creativity, arent selling something, but at most are creating the conditions and environmentin which people can decide for themselves if they want to buy. A person is an active autonomousfactor in the marketing process. We want to become part of his life and share experiences.This is our way of thinking at Hallo©. About organisations, people and the communication withpeople. Our vision is future orientated. We signal early on whats happening right at the forefront ofconsumer and business behaviour and the effects on communication.Hallo© missionHallo© wants to show the established order, what the future could look like. We want to remix oldinsights into new tools. With that every individual may make mistakes. Stronger still, it is advised.Because mistakes are an effective tool for creating new insights. If these thoughts inspire you, thanyou will have a chance at Hallo© to develop your talents and quickly work on professional maturity.Hallo© isHallo© is a one-year postgraduate study for applied creativity.Hallo© teaches you to think in a conceptual/generalistic way, across all disciplines. The focus is onstrategy-, vision- and concept development. Within this context all areas and possibilities ofcontemporary communication are covered in-depth. For example, new product development, newbusiness development, interactive communication, above-the-line advertising, below-the-lineadvertising, event marketing, consumer behaviour, retail development, news &P.R., corporatecommunication and society thinking.Separate lessons are given on research, new tools and new media, the newest developments in thebranch, fees and copyrights, negotiation- and presentation techniques and new organisationstructures. The lessons are given by the premier league of creative and strategic visionaries. Theyinclude strategy-directors, creative directors, art directors, copywriters, designers, trend-analysts,
  3. 3. researchers, directors, TV-producers and other experts in the field of communication. In addition, thecourse leader of the academy teaches essential elements of the program and coaches the students.Hallo© makes sure that the boundaries of applied creativity are further explored during master classesgiven by well-known creative directors and strategy directors from abroad, as well as scriptwriters,film directors, architects, actors, fashion prophets, chief editors, chefs and other inspiring people.Hallo© arranges an external personal coach for each student. This results in optimal contact with thedesign-, advertising-, communication- and new media industry. Hallo© applauds the principle ofplaying, learning and working. Students will work on a combination of open yet practically orientatedassignments and real assignments provided by real clients. This while being coached.Hallo©s aim is to prepare young talented people for genuine conceptual/generalistic thinking andprofessional maturity.Hallo© applicationHallo© welcomes students who have graduated from universities and academies. But it is not a must.It is of greater importance that candidates link their knowledge with a large doses of curiosity andpassion. They have to be people who are willing to explore new ways, tangent to traditional patternsof thinking, who can give new impulse to the profession. They think on a highly abstract level. Forseveral different reasons, it is important that they speak English. Hallo© selects candidates as follows.Once candidates have applied, they will receive a case study which is identical for all candidates. Onthe basis of the work received, the selection committee makes an initial selection. Those who areselected will be invited for an interview. The selection committee will consist of a minimum of twomembers and one former student. The final selection is made on the basis of the interviews.Hallo©s selection committee consists of Wim Michels (director Hallo©), Paul Hughes (co-owner &creative partner Lava), Peep van der Molen (creative director Qi Ideas).Hallo© has place for a maximum of 20 students. This allows for individual attention and optimalcoaching. Students will work in teams and the teams will change composition during the course ofthe program.If you would like to receive the application assignment, please send a mail to: hallo@halloacademie.nl
  4. 4. Hallo© contactHallo© is what you hear when you call +31 (0) 20 640 77 33.Ask for Anna or Wim.Hallo© location:Hallo© is what you find atRombout Hogerbeetsstraat 1091052 VW AmsterdamThe Netherlands.Hallo© mail:hallo@halloacademie.nlHallo© site:Online you will find us at www.halloacademie.nl