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Graeme Roberts, president of GrowMotor™, is on a crusade to make marketing great.

He calls it Planned Marketing Performance™. Graeme will show how to develop your Marketing Plan, using the seven-step Marketing Performance Process™.

“The biggest problem in marketing,” he explains, “is failure to clearly articulate who your customers are, what your product or service is, and why they should buy it. Without that everything else falls apart!”

Graeme presents five tools that you can use right away to choose market segments, position the company, develop products and services with killer value propositions, and translate them into powerful messages that sell.

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How to Do Great Marketing by GrowMotor

  1. Great Marketing © 2010 GrowMotor
  2. Outcomes 1. Change the way you think about marketing 2. Learn some marketing tools in practice
  3. Marketing is… • a function • communication • a profession • support for sales • a department • meeting customer needs • a very imprecise and confusing word
  4. GrowMotor definition: MARKETING DRIVES GROWTH
  5. Growth • in revenue • in customers, clients, supporters • in problems solved • in value delivered • in winning products and services
  6. every business and non-profit needs GROWTH
  7. businesses, organizations, and even people GROW OR DIE
  8. if growth is the goal IS MARKETING IMPORTANT?
  9. Peter Drucker The purpose of a business is to create a customer. Business has only two functions—marketing and innovation. All the rest are costs.
  10. Dave Packard Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.
  12. name three 3 companies that DO GREAT MARKETING
  13. Steve Jobs We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know?… So it better be damn good. It better be worth it. And we think it is.
  15. Bill Davidow—Intel Companies can finance a lot of marketing activity, and still not have marketing programs. Ads can be run, press conferences held, sales calls made, data sheets and application notes published, competitive data collected, and the company can still be left with little to show for its efforts.
  16. Bill Davidow—Intel Yet to the untrained observer, each of those activities will appear to be competent, vigorous, and persuasive. The only contrary clue is that the programs are not achieving the desired results.
  17. the truth is that most MARKETING SUCKS
  18. Big Opportunity Great marketing offers incredibly powerful competitive advantage, because so few companies achieve it
  19. what does it take to do GREAT MARKETING?
  20. To Do Great Marketing Innovative Customer Experience Process Leadership
  21. Leadership Old Marketing Mindset New Growth Mindset • I’m Chief Marketing Officer! • I lead the business • I report to the CEO • I’m an entrepreneur • It’s my job • It’s my life • Sales is her job • We develop customers • R & D is his job • We develop great products • Sell products and services • Build customer experiences • I own the brand • We’re growing the company
  22. Why Do We Need a Process? • We need a process because:  Marketing is BIG, BIG, BIG  We avoid tunnel vision—advertising, SEO, etc.  We get things done—checklists  We remember it and do it again  We speak a common language
  23. Marketing Performance Process™ 1. Understand customers, problems, needs 2. Diagnose problems in current system 3. Articulate the story 4. Decide on the plan 5. Communicate the story to customers 6. Deliver the customer experience 7. Measure results & improve the plan
  24. Customer Experience Customer Marketing • Problems, needs, & wants • Products & services • View of product or service • Positioning, value prop • Cost, affordability, & value • Price, discounts, promotions • Buying • Sales process & channels • Problems and questions • Customer service & support • Feelings • Customer satisfaction
  25. Innovative Customer Experience Reliable, sustainable growth requires innovation in the customer experience—both the product or service and the marketing
  26. ICE—Innovation Drives Growth • Growth is always driven by innovation • Innovative Customer Experience  Different is better, unique is best  Product/service innovation with R&D/operations  Marketing innovation through positioning • Evolutionary, incremental development • Revolutionary, radical development
  27. Summary • Marketing drives growth • Marketing is important • Great marketing: reliable, sustainable, growth • Most marketing sucks • Big problems provide big opportunities • Great marketing takes Leadership, Process, and Innovative Customer Experience
  28. putting it all together THE SEAKA SURFSWELL® STORY
  29. seaka Meets Q9 Mobile • Paul Martell, entrepreneur & surfer, starts seaka in 2008 to make phone for surf and land • Calls it seaka surf/sun • Q9 mobile, Shenzhen, China, buys 47% of company • Recruits “best of best” team for marketing, design, and engineering—with Q9 help
  30. Location • Geelong, Australia 50 miles from Melbourne • Bell’s Beach • Billabong Surf Shop • Lower costs • Government incentives • Two universities
  31. Marketing Team • Paul Martell—CEO, “big dude”, founder • Sang-he ‘Susan’ Kim—product visionary • John Bergman—marketing strategist • Tam Nguyen—marketing production manager • Gemma Beal—designer, surfing champion • Monica Nkosazana—customer development
  32. Customers • Primary Segment  Professional and amateur surfers • 20 million surfers worldwide  10 million available market  Carriers, coverage, channels, affordability  Estimated product life 2 years • Secondary Segment  Windsurfers—500K available market
  33. Plans • seaka SURFSwell® first in surf/sun family • mission: mobile solving problems for people • future: clear winner by focus and innovation • Launch Australia, Hawaii, South Africa 11/10 • Units: 100K 2011, 500K 2012, 2 M 2013
  34. Needs & Wants • Attach to wetsuit or arm, safe, can’t lose • Safe to carry, swim, and surf • Extreme punishment, wet/dry, salt/sand, sun • Talk, text, 3G or 4G data • Simple operation • Weather, surf reports, beach maps, GPS • Emergency beacon, “dead man” activation • Solar charge, salt water backup
  35. Be Careful What You Want! • Paul Martell  “Make it like a Rolex Submariner!”  Waterproof to 1000 feet  Estimated cost $7,500 • Reduced spec to 10 feet  Cost $360 to $460  Still 50% higher than most smart phones
  36. Up Against • Competitors – Same form, same function • Substitutes – Different form, same function – TurboTax, CPA, pen & calculator • Alternatives – Different form, different function, same result – TV, movies, bar, nightclub, baseball game
  37. Competitors • Casio G’Zone Brigade  Water resist 30 min/1 m  Shock resistant • Sonim XP3 Quest  Water resist 30 min/1 m  Shock resistant • Motorola BARRAGE  Water resist 30 min/1 m  Shock resistant
  38. Competitors v Q9 Prototype Casio G’zOne Motorola Sonim Q9 Brigade BARRAGE XP3 SURFSwell Prototype Water resist Water resist Water resist Waterproof 30 min/1 m 30 min/1 m 30 min/1 m 3m 2 MP camera 2 MP camera 2 MP camera 2 MP camera 15 fps video 15 fps video No video 24 fps video 5 hrs talk 4 hrs talk 18 hrs talk 12 hrs talk 630 hrs stby 90 hrs stby 1500 hrs stby 1200 hrs stby Surfline link No Surfline No Surfline Surfline app Compass No compass No compass Compass
  39. Substitutes & Alternatives • Substitutes  Regular cell phone in a waterproof case • Alternatives  None
  40. Customer Experience Model™ Q9 Prototype—Features & Functions Water Time Camera Surf Fit Cost seaka Sonim Motorola Casio Reg + Case
  41. Features/Functions & Benefits The salesperson explains, “The Jaguar XJ has a Supercharged 510 horsepower 5.0 Liter V8 and a bodyshell constructed from aluminum and magnesium epoxy-bonded in a monocoque structure of incredible rigidity.” That might work for some people. But a better salesperson might emphasize the benefits, “Just look and listen. Pure sex.”
  42. add in some MARKETING
  43. Customer Experience Model™ Q9 Prototype—Features & Functions Water Time Camera Surf Fit Cost seaka Sonim Motorola Casio Reg + Case
  44. Customer Experience Model™ Enhanced Features + Marketing Water Camera Surf Fit Surf Cool Channels Cost seaka Sonim Motorola Casio Reg + Case
  45. Customer Experience Model™ Now Add ICE—Innovation seaka Sonim Motorola Casio Reg + Case Water Camera Surf Cool Channels Beacon SharkShock Cost
  46. seaka SURFSwell® concepts © 2010 MWGraphics
  47. seaka SURFSwell® Benefits • Increased safety & lower risk of death  GPS location and beach maps  Emergency locator beacon and emergency sea power  Flashing locator light  SharkShock™ high voltage prongs • More fun  Movies on 6 MP/24 fps camera with Zeiss® lens  Press to talk to other surfers  Arrange Après-surf activities  Find best waves and avoid bad weather
  48. SURFSwell Value Proposition The seaka SURFSwell® is a smart phone and safety device for surfers and windsurfers. It makes surfing more fun, improves your social life, and reduces your risk of dying by drowning or shark attack. The seaka SURFSwell® costs about 50% more than most smart phones.
  49. seaka SURFSwell Positioning seaka surf/sun is the world’s leading provider of mobile devices designed specifically for surfers and windsurfers, addressing needs for communication, safety, and fun. The seaka SURFSwell® combines a rugged, waterproof smart phone, a camera optimized for surf movies and photos, and several powerful surfer safety features.
  50. seaka SURFSwell Message • Name: seaka SURFSwell® • Tagline: out there, in touch • One of many messages:  Shoot the tube—SURFSwell!
  51. working the Marketing Performance Process™ UNDERSTAND & ARTICULATE
  52. Great Sources • Marketing High Technology—Davidow • Guerilla Marketing for Consultants—McLaughlin • Radical Marketing—Hill & Rifkin • Ogilvy on Advertising—Ogilvy • The Chaos Scenario—Garfield • Strategy, Leadership & the Soul—Sertl & Huberman
  53. Great Sources • The Four Steps to the Epiphany—Blank • The Art of the Start—Kawasaki • Clients for Life—Sheth & Sobel • Managing Right for the First Time—Baker • Win Without Pitching—Enns • Blue Ocean Strategy—Kim & Mauborgne
  54. GrowMotor • GrowMotor™ crusade—do great marketing through Planned Marketing Performance™ • Marketing Performance Plan™ sets out step- by-step instructions and a 2-Year Marketing Performance Calendar™ • GrowMotor™ works with technology, bioscience, and innovation-based businesses
  55. GrowMotor • GrowMotor™ offers:  Marketing Performance Consulting™  It’s Easy for Us to Say™  Make It Great™  Keep It Great™  Marketing education  Business fiction  Writing—Words That Work™
  56. Thank You! • Cindy Roberts—love & support • Elisha Kasinskas—kindness, new friends & smarts • Laurie Dwyer—belief, trust & help • Therese Hannigan—branding, design & friendship • Mark Wilson—product concept drawings & friendship • Jill Zimmerman—the perfect client @ MedTech • Bruce Peters & Diana Palotas—publicity & new friends • Jennifer Sertl—friendship, advice, honesty & insight • Josh Pies & Dave Siriano—video production & advice • Carl Phelps—the Marketing Machine @ GrowMotor
  57. okay then, so LET’S TALK
  58. Why is APPLE SO GREAT?
  59. The Apple Secret • No compromise. It’s not a job • One person leadership. Politics means death • We are the customer • No market research • Big risks to solve big problems • Never let it rest. Constant improvement