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8.ppt gcc launching conf grisi plus


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8.ppt gcc launching conf grisi plus

  1. 1. Launching conference Toulouse, 9th of February 2012
  2. 2. Presentation of Galway County Council Brian Barrett
  3. 3. Galway County Council at a glanceGalway County Council is responsible for the administrative area of CountyGalway. The Council is responsible for the planning, design and construction ofimportant infrastructures, such as roads, water supply, drainage facilities andcertain social services, such as housing, fire stations, libraries and burial grounds.It is the custodian of the environment and through its planning and environmentpolicies seeks to enhance the county while protecting its unique character andatmosphere. It also plays an active role in the development of the county’seconomic, business, social, arts, heritage and cultural sectors.Galway County Council facilitates aintegrated body of the statutory,Community and social partners 3
  4. 4. County Galway at a glancePopulation (inhabitants) 175,127 (2011)Surface area (km2) 6099 km2Density (inhabit/ km2) 28.7/km2% rural population 83% live in rural areasGNP per capita 32,234 4
  5. 5. Population Density 5
  6. 6. Unique cultural area - Gaeltacht 6
  7. 7. The most important issues/ stakes in the region/ country regarding rural development1. Ageing Rural Population2. Structural unemployment (14%, Live register increased by 140% 2008 -2011)3. Austerity measures will reduce rural services and accelerate urbanisation 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Existing policies regarding rural development1. Support for economic development in sectors of Craft/Tourism/Culture2. Support delivery of social services by community and voluntary sector3. Support for Economic and interprise development initiatives by community and voluntary sector4. Sustaining vibrant communities5. Implementing an age friendly county initiative 9
  10. 10. Activities/ projects alreadyimplemented in rural development1. Funding of community based Enterprise/economic initiatives – Tourism/Craft sector/Renewables - online map of Craft workers - downloadable walking tours of Towns - visitor app for i phone and android - Online calendar of events2. Supporting community and voluntary sector in County. Community Forum supported with 724 active groups registered - online map of Community Alert service Provision of infrastrucutre in rural areas to support communities. Roads/Water Services/Housing Established a business network in the region involving 500 indigenous and FDI companies Implement urban renewal projects in Towns and Villages. Deliver a public library service through a network of 30 branches - free access to internet for all members 10
  11. 11. Galway County Council in GRISI PLUS and its expectations1. Identify new initiatives to support rural commmunities2. Learn how geomatics can be used to sustain rural and isolated communities.3. Identify how we can use ICT with our ageing communities in the more isolated areas4. Share experiences with partners who are trying to address common challenges. 11
  12. 12. The good practices to transfer to other regions1. Online mapping of services2. Online planning system3. Use of phone apps as tourism products4. Online promotion of County as a film location5. Mapping of Council Datasets 12