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7.ppt tsp launching conf grisi plus

  1. 1. Launching conference Toulouse, 9th of February 2012
  2. 2. Presentation of Tartu Science Park Rene Tõnnisson
  3. 3. ESTONIA at Glance Population 1,31 millions Surface area 45 000 (km2) Density 30 . (inhabit/km2) % rural 30% Tartu population GNP per 9000 capita EUR
  4. 4. Johannes Pääsuke,Estonian National Museum
  5. 5. Country where people pay taxes with smile thanks to ICT• Majority of people paying taxes over internet - completing the tax declaration takes 5 minutes• Setting up a company over internet takes 10 minutes• Free Wifi Internet access in public places as “human right”
  6. 6. Leading country on e-Governance and e-Services• Government internal working procedures and meetings without papers• First country to allow National Parliamentary elections over Internet in 2007, European Parliament elections in 2009 and m- Elections in 2011• Currently discussed replacing all textbooks in schools with iPads
  7. 7. Paradox of Estonian ICT Development• In spite of some IT solutions, which are world leading Estonian IT companies have still failed to transfer them to other markets• Success in innovation does not lie in technical excellence and solutions but more often in cooperation networks and partnerships
  8. 8. Tartu Science Park at Glance
  9. 9. Tartu Science Park• Founded 1992 by Tartu University, Estonian University of life Sciences, Tartu City and Tartu County.• 12 000 m2 of office and laboratory space• 65 companies -> 12 incubation companies• Main sectors: – Electronics and apparatus building (13 companies) – Biotechnology (11 companies) – Information and Communication Technology (11 companies) – New Materials (3 companies) – Supporting companies - book-keeping, consultancy, etc. (28 companies)
  10. 10. Services• Rent and Infrastructure Provision Services• Business Consultancy and Incubation Services – Established companies – Start-up and University spin-off companies• Technology Transfer and Promotion Services• Networking and Cluster support activities
  11. 11. The most important issues/ stakes in the region/ country regarding rural development1. Regional disparities in terms of rural areas being economically less developed than cities2. Demographic situation, in terms of ageing population and young people moving to cities3. Infrastructures in terms lack of investments into roads and railways and limited access to public and private services (Education, Medical, Postal, etc) 12
  12. 12. Existing policies regarding rural development1. Long time „No Policy“ Policy2. Currently main objective stimulation of job creation3. In addition to EU Agricultural Support Measures also measures encouraging non-agricultural rural activities, such as tourism and recreation. 13
  13. 13. Activities/ projects alreadyimplemented in rural development Knowledge Investment Strategies on Local Level (KISOLL) FP6 Supported Project aiming at developing strategies for rural areas how to increase their knowledge pool and increase competitiveness 14
  14. 14. Tartu Science Park in GRISI PLUS and its expectations1. Responsible Partner for Component 3 Exchange of Experiences and Transfer of Good Practices2. Learning from more experiences partners and finding suitable good practices for transfer3. Building networks and partnesrhips for further cooperation 15
  15. 15. For achieving success the access tothe new technology is not enough...
  16. 16. ... but what counts is the understanding when and how to use it!