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16.ppt wra launching conf grisi plus

  1. 1. West Regional Authority GRISI PLUS Presenter: Mary Molloy Toulouse, France February 2012
  2. 2. West Regional Authority at a glance Public Body set up on a statutory basis 1st January 1994 4 Local Authorities: County Galway; Galway City; County Mayo; County Roscommon Area: 13,801 sq km Population: 444,991 (census 2011) Characteristics: Rural with < 50% living in the urban area GNP per Capita: €32,234
  3. 3. West Regional Authority at a glance Co-ordination of Public Services in the region Endorses consistency and compatibility with the Programmes, Plans & Policies of National Government Concerned with challenges which other regions of the EU encounter Example: The decline in Agriculture & the lack of Rural Diversification resulting in de-population in rural areas of the region The West Region is always interested in collaborating and exchanging experiences to provide solutions to these challenges
  4. 4. West Regional Authority Issues, Challenges & Rural Development Current economic downturn resulting in outward migration, of mainly young people 100,000 will leave Ireland annually Decline in Agriculture, Mariculture & the lack of Rural Diversification has led to de-population in rural areas Galway City is the largest population centre, putting pressure on its rural hinterland Smaller towns have not grown to sufficient population levels as there has been a preference for single houses in the countryside
  5. 5. Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2020Sets out the aims for the West Region through Strategic Policies European Spatial Development Perspective 1999 European Directives; Conventions & Agreements ↓↓↓↓↓ National Spatial Strategy 2002 Other National Strategies/ Plans/ Guidelines (e.g. National Development Plan, Policies and programmes of Government Departments, Capital Programmes, Planning Guidelines, Urban & Village Renewal Programmes, Serviced Land Initiative) ↓↓↓↓ Regional Planning Guidelines 2010 Other Regional/ Local Level Plans (e.g. Capital Programmes, Regional Waste Management Plan/Strategy, River Basin Management Plan) ↓↓↓ County, City & Town Development Plans County Development Board Strategies, Corporate Plans (e.g. Galway City Development Plan, Roscommon County Development Plan) (e.g. Galway County Development Board Strategy) ↓↓ Local Area Plans (e.g. Tuam Local Area Plan) ↓
  6. 6. Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2020Sets out the aims for the West Region through Strategic Policies One Strategic Policy focuses on Social Infrastructure & Community Development in the West Region:  The Authority will continue to promote community development throughout the region and foster social inclusion across Local Authority services  Promote the creation of a network of thriving towns & villages  Sets out policies to improve the quality of life for individuals and groups in rural communities  Will facilitate & promote the concept of “place making”
  7. 7. Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2020Sets out the aims for the West Region through Strategic Policies Another Strategic Policy emphasises the role of Agriculture and promotion of Local Products in the West Region:  The Authority will promote the production of high value foods  Promotes Organic Farming  Set out policies that encourage the establishment of a network of farmers markets most particularly in the rural towns & villages  Promotes the diversification of products in the West Region
  8. 8. Example of Good Practice: Regeneration of a Small Rural Town West Region – Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo “Against the Tide” 1096 (2006 census of population) 1000 (2002 census of population) 917 (1996 census of population)
  9. 9. Aerial view of Kiltimagh
  10. 10. West Region: “Against the Tide” Kiltimagh Co. Mayo Problems in 1988  Unemployment & Underemployment  Economic Stagnation  Population Loss-75% Emigration  Deprivation- 40% Derelict Buildings  No Investment in Business  Regular Business Closures  Low Income Levels
  11. 11. West Region: “Against the Tide” Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo The Handicaps  No Natural Tourism Products  Poor Land  Small farms  Lack of Proper Infrastructure  Little Industrial Employment  Relative Poverty  Few facilities & Amenities  Derelict Townscape
  12. 12. West Region: “Against the Tide” Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo Process 1998 to date  3 Phases:  Set up a Corporate Structure  Improve Streetscape & Housing  Enterprise Development incl. An International Trade Centre with Fibre Optic Broadband  Training Facilities & Educational Programmes  Create New Tourism Products e.g. Festival Development  New Amenities e.g. Sculpture Park  Funding: Private, National & European
  13. 13. Festival Development
  14. 14. Sculpture Park
  15. 15. Results – “Against the Tide” 550 extra jobs Growth in population - 10.7% increase 30.2%Annual Economic Activity Increase €10million Community Owned Assets New Businesses/Services & Amenities established 400 people trained in programmes directly provided by IRD Kiltimagh 30,000 people including groups from Ireland & Europe have visited Kiltimagh in order to replicate success www.ird-kiltimagh.ie
  16. 16. Thank you for listening