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14.ppt vpr launching conf grisi plus


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14.ppt vpr launching conf grisi plus

  1. 1. Launching conference Toulouse, 9th of February 2012
  2. 2. Presentation of VidzemePlanning Region, Latvia Rita Merca, project coordintor
  3. 3. Vidzeme Planning Region• 25 municipalities (novads), 1 city - Valmiera
  4. 4. Vidzeme Planning region at a glance1. Brief description of your organization VPR is a regional public authority  responsible for  regional planning, project development and implementation, coordination and implementation of regional development strategies, provision of information and cooperation with  26 municipalities on planning , public transportation, energy efficiency, sustainable  use of natural resources , cultural issues , business  promotion , including tourism and do some other functions/ assignments   delegated by the Ministry of environmental protection and regional development of Latvia 4
  5. 5. Structure• Decision-making body – the Development Council (deputies of 25 municipalities and Valmiera city)• Executive body – the Administration of the Planning Region
  6. 6. Vidzeme at a glancePopulation (inhabitants) 228 522Surface area (km2) 15246 , 24% of all Latvia`s territoryDensity (inhabit/ km2) 15 inhab/km2% rural population ~55%GNP per capita 3833 LVL or EUR 5454 (2009, in the beginning of economical constraints) 6
  7. 7. Involvement in projects (I)• “Baltic Training Programme”• “Transinform”• “Woodenergy and cleantech”• “Benchmarking on contaminated sites” BECOSI• Co-operation agreement between the Vidzeme Region and the General Council of Lower Rhine
  8. 8. Involvement in projects (II) • “Increasing public transport service quality in the Vidzeme Planning Region” • “The ancient cult sites for common identity on the Baltic Sea coast” • “Technical support to activities of the EU Structural Funds Information Picture 11 Centre in the Vidzeme Planning Region” • “Waterways Forward” • “Networking for enterprises in the eastern external border regions”
  9. 9. The most important issues/ stakes in the region/ country regarding rural development Depopulation of rural areas Development of agriculture, forestry and related industries New work places, specially for women, young people Improvement of road infrastructure/accessibility 9
  10. 10. Existing policies regarding rural development1. National strategic plan on rural development2. Rural development programme 2007-20133. Strategy on sustainable rural development 2030 in Latvia 10
  11. 11. Activities/ projects alreadyimplemented in rural development1. BSR programme 2007-2013 ,, Transinform” 2009-20122. Central Baltic programme ,, Wood for energy” 2010-2012 11
  12. 12. VPR in GRISI PLUS and its expectations1. To learn, apply the geomatic tools and obtained knowledge for development and promotion of rural territories in Vidzeme2. To learn the best partners` experience and introduce it to local municipalities in Vidzeme,3. To raise awareness among politicians, businesses , NGOs etc on importance of attractiveness,branding and promotion of rural places4. To share our achievements and experience by developing transnational projects5. To disseminate GRISI PLUS results in Vidzeme and other planning regions in Latvia 12
  13. 13. The good practices to transfer to other regions (if any)We can bring into GRISI our experience on:• development of regional scenarios• attractiveness of places, rural highlights and branding,• eco-tourism development through promotion of local products, cultural values and traditions 13
  14. 14. Medieval Castle of Cesis City 14
  15. 15. The Gauja River in Vidzeme 15
  16. 16. Narrow Gauge Railway 16
  17. 17. Vidzeme – the only way is up! 17