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English presentation - How do I learn English?


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Victor A. Estrada Guzman's english presentation for Level 5 English class at the University of Papaloapan, Loma Bonita, Oaxaca.

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English presentation - How do I learn English?

  1. 1. Animal science DEGREE: English Level: Five PAPALOAPAN UNIVERSITY Campus Loma Bonita ESTRADA GUZMÁN VÍCTOR A.
  2. 2. I often like to read some books and articles of my degree It is important to choose a topic in particular to understand English
  3. 3. What have I learned until now? I have written some words and sentences using a dictionary I have learned to listen for pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary learning of different teachers I have practiced little until now and I have limited speaking experience I have learned grammar rules of some structures I have done some grammar exercises
  4. 4. Knowledge Until now, I haven't knowledge over all. Only of some structures that the teacher have tought and given in classes and the vocabulary. For to learn this. I often read articles in English in relationship to my degree. I spend 30 minutes in the night practicing the pronunciation different sounds. In this case is information that give access to almost knowledge.
  5. 5. Ability I can write some words and sentences that I learned, but in ocassions when want to write new, I get confuses. In relationship to the pronunciation, I have problems with that but I often try to review a little with words or sentences short.
  6. 6. Motivation In some English classes, teachers motivated the class with dynamics such as: reading articles, playing with words, making sentences, using vocabulary of some subject in particular, giving presentations or showing videos My favorites are use vocabulary of some topic or make sentences with structures or make discussions over something or analyzing the grammar in sentences and looking up words in an English dictionary.
  7. 7. Motivation I also want listen to an audiobook or other recording in English, stopping it frequently, trying to understand what is being said, and trying to imitate the speaker's pronunciation or repeat ach word Motivation
  8. 8. Goals A of my goals in English is improve my pronunciation and the grammar for: a) meet people b) Earn money c) Do assignments d) Communicate with the teacher e) Write letters and notes f) Contact people from different parts g) Give ideas or opinions in dicussion groups. h) Travel for different countries
  9. 9. Thanks