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burning fuels


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burning fuels

  1. 1. ca wdLe - the fueL
  2. 2. l*'* mv-'nhuyarht' 'um * n- 'mf : au l'. ê'li)ui'. ' : .v. _. v1-"i'4,
  3. 3. Lime water l i
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  5. 5. 1 4 1 Åt4›ll'lf›, )x› »N l li. |r. l-'! ,'›'al O” u 4. g'. u . .1 3., 'Å u. r *_ j L: ,r . I"Pur'_“ë. r* pap* 'f f ; i % "4 'f 1 ' Å , : 't / v - r' -JW , k Q) ø ⁄ §_ | I ä' x *I / ;-3 v1 Ålä* u: g
  6. 6. 7⁄8 7Fel1 Burning fuels 1 Name Class IP7141! happens when dz_'[]ere11r_/ i1el. s' 19111-11? Label the diagram using words from the list below. delivery lube buug suclion pump glass thislle funuel U-tubc largcbenker ice-d water boilingtube lime-water thermometer candle Recording your results Now write the results from your experiment in the table below: wluto . rwwl/ C: (MM Obsen alion Before e, perimenl Af er exp >rimenl Å , i _ . . I coL . ppearanee o! me] Appearanee of limewaler . åppearance of U-ltlhe W k l til Temperature shown on themmzneterlffu Z o b Cr o c⁄ Adapted from Exploring Science for QC. Copymasler File 7 *Ii Persson Education L mmed 2002
  7. 7. Considering your results/ conclusion Use your results, and the words in the box, to help you till the gaps in these sentences. When the fuel was burning, l saw S 'V5 O h. . A chemical _! : gl§UkO_l§_ took place and IQAA) materials were made. This experiment shows me that buming a M produces VU W and QQjlDDA JJ ojeldgz_ . C lt also gives out . The reaction is U' we could not get the l a d, d Å L, back, even if we put the water and carbon dioxide together again. because water new lrreversible carbon dioxide fuel reaction en Om' | observing, considering] For a diagram of apparatus »vithout labels see Worksheet 7Fe2. Adapted from Exploring Science for QC. - Copyinuster Elle 7 C Pearson Education Limited 2002 8/8