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Business Law- How to Secure Business


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If you are operating business then you must know about all the law of business.From this Presentation you will find all the important laws of business.

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Business Law- How to Secure Business

  1. 1.    Business Law­ How to Secure Business
  2. 2. Operating your own  business can be a unsafe so  it is important for you to  understand all the laws.
  3. 3. #1. Business Formation Laws This law will determine the type of 
  4. 4. #2. License Laws Different businesses will need  Different types of license to operate.
  5. 5. There might be some  restrictions in particular areas. #3. Zoning Law
  6. 6. #4. Tax Laws Most important law because once you start generating  sales, you will have to file the relevant returns and pay  your taxes accordingly. 
  7. 7. #5. Employee Laws Awareness of employment law is also  important, unhappy  employees can take you to court. 
  8. 8. #6.Environment Laws Commonly Required Permits ➔Clean Air Act Permits ➔Endangered Species ➔Wetlands ➔RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act )Permits
  9. 9. #7.Intellectual Property Laws If you're inventing products, you need to have some knowledge of  intellectual property and copyright law.
  10. 10. #8.Health, Fire and Air, and Water Pollution Department Laws If you have a restaurant or  anything related to food, you  need to get the permits from the  health department first.
  11. 11.  Doing so will help your business run much more smoothly.
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