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ChartHouse Vision


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The vision brochure for ChartHouse Learning, the Official Home of the FISH! Philosophy.

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ChartHouse Vision

  1. 1. us
  2. 2. Our Noble Cause To inspire fully engaged living noble
  3. 3. Our Promise Through sharing The FISH! Philosophy, we INSPIRE people to take action toward fully-engaged living, IGNITE their creative spirit and ENCOURAGE them to live into their full potential. promise
  4. 4. Our Vision From By helping people make the choice the Future of serving others, making someone’s day in big and small ways We have the most alive and engaged each and every day and being aware of it – workplace in the world. understanding the cause and effect ChartHouse changed the way we live. of those moments. We are a kinder world because of the Being conscious of who you are, work we do. how you show up, We struck a cord with the human soul. and by creating places where people can live We awakened leaders in all fields, to let in to their God given talents. the best of people come alive. Cultures where people’s curiosity and creativity We have done this through our work with can flow naturally because fear is gone – changing the way people interact. it has been replaced by trust and love. We have seen how school cultures We have all been affected in the way we have changed— purchase goods. We’ve shifted the old ways even the toughest areas of the world. of sales, into ways of engaging to build Helping the teachers and students create long-lasting relationships. inclusive classrooms, Where love and caring We have made an impact in the world of safety. are the basis of how you live. We cannot tell you how many accidents have By showing and being love. been diverted or how many lives have been Doing this in simple ways. saved. We do know, each and every one of our Being there for each other. lives has been touched in some shape or form. And by making the conscious choice of how you show up. Like one little mouse that has touched This spirit is shared and lived in so many lives with his magic, the children’s homes. so too has this little fish story touched so many people in so many ways. We have an impact on organizations, around the world. We are blessed to be the wonder-filled people of ChartHouse.
  5. 5. O u r Va l u e s Be There We live in the present. Play We live in wonder. values Make Their Day We are passionate about serving. Choose Your Attitude We live in our choices.
  6. 6. heritage Our Heritage We were founded on principles of great storytelling. Our story is one of helping people grow through the power of visual media. We use picture, music and word to inspire. Our stories were first told in documentary films about human issues—world hunger, youth in need, and communities where we live. We’ve told stories about the future: paradigms and attitudes about safety. We stand on the great works that have come before us, they have made us who we are and enable us to become. We are the Official Home Of The FISH! Philosophy!