Bridge Square Oct 23 open house presentation


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The presentation for the initial open house: Concepts for a Future Bridge Square, Northfield MN: A community master planning update for 'Northfield's living room'

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Bridge Square Oct 23 open house presentation

  1. 1. Concepts for a Future Bridge Square City of Northfield Community Workshop/ Public Open House Marcia A Klopf October 23rd, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda 1 2 3 4 5 6 Introductions Planning Process and Schedule The History of Bridge Square Community Uses of Bridge Square Public Conversation Next Steps
  3. 3. 1 Introductions
  4. 4. Introductions Project Team • John Slack, ASLA • Griff Wigley • Marcia A Klopf Stantec Wigley & Associates Project Intern/ St. Olaf City Staff • Joe Stapf, Northfield City Engineer
  5. 5. Introductions Mayor’s Streetscape Task Force (MSTF) • Hayes Scriven • Ross Currier • Dan Bergeson • Robert Will • Steve Edwins See Stakeholders Webpage at Special thanks to Northfield Historical Society for providing all of the historic images you will see in this presentation.
  6. 6. 2 The Planning Process and Schedule
  7. 7. Introductory comments Why this planning and why now? • • • • • • The need originated in early 2000s The Downtown Framework Plan 2006 Mayor's Streetscape Task force Guidance continues for enhancement projects Bridge Square planning deferred until now Uses are evolving toward more larger events
  8. 8. Planning Process Public Input • Transparent process to engage all stakeholders in a meaningful dialogue about the future of Bridge Square • Use public face-to-face meetings and online tools to both inform the community and learn their needs, desires, ideas, and feedback. Online tools will include: • Blog site, discussion threads • Online straw polls • Live web conferences • Ongoing updates via Twitter, Facebook, text messages, email and local media websites
  9. 9. Planning Process Design Process • Understand the history of Bridge Square and the role it plays in the community • Define design precedents to see how other well known/loved spaces function • Engage in a civic discussion on the future of Bridge Square • Provide recommendations for the future design and programming of Bridge Square
  10. 10. Planning Schedule Sub title • We can’t completely avoid bullet points • So if we must use them, this is the layout to use • Notice that there is no more than 5 bullet points on the slide.
  11. 11. 3 The History of Bridge Square “Bridge Square serves as the living room for the City of Northfield”
  12. 12. Timeline Sub title • We can’t completely avoid bullet points • So if we must use them, this is the layout to use • Notice that there is no more than 5 bullet points on the slide.
  13. 13. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1855: Northfield founded by John North • 1855: “First industrial building was John North's saw mill.” • 1856: First store was operated in the spring, on Bridge Square • 1870s: "Square known as the economic and social center of Northfield"
  14. 14. 1876 1855 – John North saw mill 1870s 1880
  15. 15. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1890s: Bridge Square was about 3 feet below its current elevation; sidewalks were all on stilts • 1910 (June): “the dream of every resident of Northfield for years has been the improvement of Bridge Square . . . by the removal of the present unsightly buildings . . . marking the now unsightly street, one of the beauty spots of the city.” "Once Upon a Time", an article in the Northfield News, page 9, on March 31, 1922
  16. 16. 1889 Sanborn Map
  17. 17. 1890-1910 1900’s 1890 1910
  18. 18. Crowd on the Square 1900 Governor Eberhart visits Northfield 1910 Veteran Parade1900 Veteran Parade1910
  19. 19. 1910 Sanborn Map
  20. 20. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1912: Decision made to pave the streets • 1912: Proposal for a north and south road through Northfield • 1913 (summer): Positive feedback was received (as said on Dec 28) with the one exception that “Northfield should be paved with something more substantial and durable than good intentions”; creosote blocks were eventually the ones used
  21. 21. 1910 1912 1911 1914
  22. 22. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1914: Phrase “Cows, Colleges, and Contentment” concocted • 1915: “Auto clubbers to witness dedication”; Bridge Square used as a place for events and celebration of the automobile
  23. 23. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1915: • • • • • A horse-watering fountain had been installed; Pavilion rest room idea on the site of the former mill; Suggestion that there could be plans for paving the public square, perhaps by putting a flower bed or fountain or small plot of green in the center of the square in order to cut down on paving costs; Wanted a place to accommodate the automobilists driving by Until this time, Bridge Square was just a large open space which also served to water horses
  24. 24. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1921: “Dedication of Civil War Monument Will mark Memorial Day”; • Unveiling ceremony; • Tribute to soldiers and sailors of the Civil War; • Organized by the WRC; • Parade for War veterans; • Formerly known as Bridge Square Park
  25. 25. 1922 Sanborn Map
  26. 26. 1915 1925 1920 1930
  27. 27. Crown Prince of Norway visits Northfield 1939
  28. 28. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1922: Beautify Bridge Square; done through the Northfield Improvement Association; included replacing the bridge, adding curb lights, and erecting the sailor’s monument • 1936: Post office was occupied • 1940s (early): Cannon removed during World Wars
  29. 29. 1930 Sanborn Map
  30. 30. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1948: First re-enactment of the Northfield bank raid, performed in Bridge Square; old wooden paving blocks in the square were still used
  31. 31. 1937 1940’s 1937 1943
  32. 32. 1950 1960 1960’s 1970
  33. 33. DJJD Event 1950 Firemen water fight during 1950 DJJD all things are good
  34. 34. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1976: Bridge Square pattern discussed; • • 4 designs by Klemenhagen; Plan recommended to the Council, it would eliminate the street directly in front of the Chamber of Commerce office, would narrow Water Street to allow 2 way traffic but no parking on the street, widens existing river parking lot to allow diagonal parking on both sides
  35. 35. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1979: “Northfield Falls in Love with Mrs. Johansen’s Popcorn Wagon”; • • • • A 1918 wagon that has become a permanent fixture, People worried when it disappeared for a shortwhilethey still wanted it in Bridge Square; It has drawn visitors to the square where they can relax on the new park benches; Mrs. Johansen had a very visible, central location; the Square has done as much for her popcorn stand as her stand has done for the square; “the square is a real asset to the town, people are using it more and more, so many people have said how lovely it is”
  36. 36. History of Bridge Square Key Dates/ Events • 1980: fountain sculpture given to Northfield, designed and created by Raymond I. Jacobson, • “The fountain is there to enhance the park and downtown as a natural event.” • Replaced the flower bed; a fountain was one of the initial items planned for the renovated square area; “It is our intent and hope that this fountain will be a visual source of pride and enjoyment for years to come for the citizens of this unique community.”
  37. 37. 1979 1997 1980’s 2013
  38. 38. History of Bridge Square Other Facts • Bridge Square originally known as Mill Square • • • • • Created by vacation of several lots; Originally wide, unembellished open space; Used for watering animals, markets, parking; Present traffic pattern and street improvements date from the 1970s" ; Streets were laid out in a grid pattern which is irrelevant to the contours of the land
  39. 39. History of Bridge Square Other Facts • City developed on a pedestrian basis- the core of the city is easy to walk • • Little grassy plot of Bridge Square has remained, even though some have wanted it to be a parking lot; The fountain, memorial monument, popcorn wagon are all permanent structures;
  40. 40. 4 Community Uses of Bridge Square
  41. 41. Programmed events happen in Bridge Square each year.
  42. 42. Community Uses of Bridge Square Annual Events • • • • • 3rd Saturday in MayNorthfield Garden Club Event End of May/Early June- St. Olaf College Events Mid June- Taste of Northfield Early July- Milltown Cycles Event Mid July- New Prague Band performance • • • • • Late July- Northfield Chamber all day event Thursdays in the SummerCommunity Band nights Fridays in the SummerRiverwalk/Market Fair Early September- Defeat of Jesse James Days Sept. 21- Day of Peace Early October: St. Dominics Event
  43. 43. Special Events • • • • • • • • July 2011: Laura Baker Event August 2011: Outlaw Run August 2012: Medin New in early August 2013: Vintage Band Festival New in late August 2013: ArtsCulture night Art Swirl Books and Stars 4th of July
  44. 44. Other Events • • • • • • • • • Public Gatherings Break dancing Fundraising Coffee/ Lunch People Watching Public Vigils Picnics Fishing Garden Club events
  45. 45. 5 Public Conversation What are you thinking? • Initial thoughts on the project? • Any fond memories of Bridge Square? • What else would you like to see as part of this project?
  46. 46. 6 Next Steps Schedule • Live web conference (repeat of this open house): Oct 30, 7 pm • Online Straw Poll • Ongoing blog updates and discussions • Community Workshop #2: Week of November 18th • Provide comments, insights or fond memories of Bridge Square at...
  47. 47. Questions?