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Customer profile

  1. 1. 4. Who would be the audience for your media product?<br />We knew that our film should be aimed at adults when we chose our film brief, so we needed to bare this in mind throughout production. In order to find out what our audience look for in films, we needed to do some research. Initially we asked members of an adult audience type of media they consume on a daily measure and in their leisure time. Once we collated our information, we were able to create a customer profile. This enabled us to work around what our fictional audience member would most like to see.<br />-457200509270Customer Profile<br />Name: Jane<br />Age: 36<br />Sex: Female<br />Relationship Status: Married<br />Children: Two<br />Location: Bournemouth<br />Place of Work: A Local Business<br />Interests: Jane main hobbies consist of crafts, movies, exercise, and walking her dogs with her family. She also enjoys reading her book when she has some free time.<br />Music: Jane likes to listen to easy chill out music, but usually music such as Take that, which are a classic pop songs but with a contemporary feel.<br />Books/Newspaper: Jane likes to read Romance and Thriller and Murder investigation books. Her favourite Thriller book is James Patterson-Kiss the Girls. Carole also buys a newspaper every Sunday. She is interested in what is happening around the world.<br />Movies: Jane’s Favourite movie genre is romantic comedy and Romance. However, she has a local Indie cinema in which she goes to with some of her friends in her leisure time, so Jane doesn’t only watch blockbuster films. She is interested in films such as The Kings Speech.<br />Television: Jane loves to watch lots of thriller TV series. Her recent favourites have been Silent Witness. She also watches the Ten o’clock news every evening on BBC1.<br />We think that Jane is the perfect example of our target audience. She is an adult who is interested in the news, and she enjoys watching films. She is also very much interested in the case of Josef Fritzl along with a lot of people.Jane was based on a real person. The real person we did this case study on explained how she would want to go and see this either at the cinema, on DVD or on TV.Jane also has an interest in thriller style movies and books. This means that the type of film of Amstetten would particularly appeal to Jane.Jane owns a Mac book, which she uses to browse the Internet, use social networking. She also watches Trailers for films.<br />