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Ana slumdog

  1. 1. Lighting is a golden tone which could be symbolic show connotations of money and wealth. The intensity of the camera shot shows an intimate position. The close up of the characters face sets a serious feeling. At first the audience are unable to see who or what he is looking at this shows ambiguity. Lighting is low key which shows connotations of being frightened.
  2. 2. The only sound we here at this point is the diegetic sounds of the character who we see, blowing smoke repeatedly to the other character. The colours are still golden, orange tones which contribute to the intimacy and seriousness of the scene. The shadows emphasise a sense of mystery and danger.
  3. 3. This shot here, begins to indicate a link between the title of the film and what the film is about, however it also introduces the conspiracy's of what is happening in the opening scene. There Is non diegetic sounds that would only relate to people who watched the programme, who want to be a millionaire, however those who don’t recognise the sound would put no relation. The simplistic look shows an artificial feeling. The shot show connotations of a game show.
  4. 4. This shot is repeated another 2 times within the opening scene. It shows a large amount of money being scattered, there is the diegetic sounds from the scattering and slight conversation in the background. The money shows connotation of someone winning or loosing.
  5. 5. The lighting is minimal, and comes from behind the actors given them a silhouette. The shots are continuously changing for setting to setting, which creates confusing with the audiences. The lights are artificial which contributes to he whole game show feeling and that it is a set up atmosphere.
  6. 6. This angle shows more of the setting, the lighting is dim and is shone on the top of the character furthest away. However there is a light shone on the left shoulder of one of the characters. This indicates interrogation. The colours are still an oranage and gold tone which shows connotations of danger.
  7. 7. The redness of the light shows a sense of danger. At the time no one is sure what his head is being dipped in and whether it is intentional or forced. The character shows distress. The close up of the shot is frightening, and is unexpected in the scene.
  8. 8. The shot is from an above view, which confuses the audience to what she is looking at, there is only diegetic sound of the passing people and train in the background. The shot is very natural which contrast the previous artificial scene of the game show. This shows connotations that perhaps this girl is the only genuine things? Also the busy background really intimidate hers calmness within the scene and make her stand out even more. Her yellow dress may be a connotation of happiness.
  9. 9. The scene is significant, as in the back ground we can see the other character getting tortured, how eve the close up on his face shows some sorrow and regret. The lighting is dim as it is a depressing time. The blurred background may be significant as it puts all our attention on his face.
  10. 10. The lighting is come from behind the characters. It is a brighter scene, but expressions on his face show that there is some distress or problem. There is diegetic sound of shouting. The low lighting signifies a deprived setting.
  11. 11. This angle is very intimate. And shows all three character in the room, the behind view is blurred but still recognisable. There diegetic sound of conversation and heavy breathing gin the background.
  12. 12. This is the last shot of the opening scene it shows the character, exhausted. The lighting is relatively bright compared to the previous shots. There is the start I non diegetic sound which begins with a strong beat, where it is from is not made clear till the credits begin.
  13. 13. The End