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Work Samples - Michael Griffin


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Work Samples - Michael Griffin

  1. 1. MichaelWGriffin 3 Daventry Ct. Lynnfield, MA 01940 781.771.9567Graduate Thesis ProjectSelf Storage Intervention:Wind Farm HybridNortheastern UniversitySpring 2010Wind power generation canbe enhanced by hybridizingthe wind farm form withstrategically shaped and roof plan | rendered with 11am shadowplaced buildings.These buildings act to catch,direct and accelerate windcurrents. The self storageprogram is one that isadaptable to any footprintand apolitical enough to beplaced within almost anycontext. Additionally, self uppper floor plan | self storage units shown current pier boston | renderingstorage makes for a cheapyet profitable placeholder-tenant. This allowsconstruction to begin priorto locking in serious tenants.The intervention as awhole acts to invigoratethe industrial banks ofthe Mystic River witha waterfront park and summer and winter wind patterns structure | unifying truss system built into architectureboardwalk peppered withamenities. This park willcompliment the upcomingAssembly Square shoppingdevelopment and T Stopacross the river. sculpted wind sculpted wind | compressed by berm and truss master plan | buildings, urban park, boardwalk, turbine totems turbine diagrid section | six floor plates bookended by turbine supporting cores; wind sculpting parapet
  2. 2. MichaelWGriffin 3 Daventry Ct. Lynnfield, MA 01940 781.771.9567Undergraduate Degree ProjectNew BSA HeadquartersNortheastern UniversitySpring 2009This is the final project ofmy undergraduate educa-tion. Working in teams oftwo, most aspects of real-life architectural design andbuilding construction weretouched upon and resolved.The project considered site in situ rendering daylighting studyimpact, material choice, userneeds and relationships, theuser and public experience,structure and loads, circu-lation, ventilation, heatingand cooling, fire protection,accessibility, local sun andwind patterns and the con-struction sequence.Our responsibility as thedesigners was to utilize in-telligent integrated designas much as possible. Thisincluded hydronic coilswithin the floor slabs, geo-thermal wells imbedded inthe ground piles, an externalshading system on the fa- bay model at 1/2” scalecade, natural ventilation, andstrategically placed thermalmasses and reflective sur-faces.The design promotes col-legiality among a variety ofuser groups including thepublic. The large atrium andopen floor plans create aweb of visual connectionsthat will foster a sense of facade + slab sectionunity for the BSA.The building becomes a vitalelement for the surround-ing site with its grand publicstair and urban balcony, con-necting the upper SummerStreet to the lower devel-oping Seaport District. evening southeast elevation atrium rendering
  3. 3. MichaelWGriffin 3 Daventry Ct. Lynnfield, MA 01940 781.771.9567Sugar PavilionFirst Hand ProjectsSummer 2010Project was part of anintensive studio. It wasdesigned and built entirelyby high school studentsunder the guidance ofDaniel Hewett and myself.Exploded AxonSection & ElevationInterior PhotoFraming DeckFraming WallsFraming RoofDetailing Experience*Northeastern UniversitySpring 2008Detailing of a wood frameand masonry residence.*extensive detailing workdone at SPEC, Inc. notshown due to contractlimitationsRendering ExperiencePayne/Bouchier, Inc.Fall 2008Preconstruction renderingsfor a residential projecton Boston’s Comm Ave.Modeled in Sketchup.Sketching AbilityAmerican Institute forRoman CultureSpring 2007Personal Exercises:Trevi Fountain ElevationRoman AqueductsCampenile at Pisa