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Griffin Red Light Green Light Review 3.29.10


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This is the most recent rendition of my thesis project (as of 3/29/10). It was presented at Northeastern University\'s RedLight GreenLight review.

This project got the Green Light to continue thesis development and be presented at the Graduate School of Architecture\'s final review.

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Griffin Red Light Green Light Review 3.29.10

  1. 1. Self Storage Intervention Using Building Infrastructure to Enhance Windfarms Michael W Griffin Masters Thesis Studio GreenLight GreenLight Review I. Rupnik 3.29.2010
  2. 2. Concept Creating the Urban Wind Farm
  3. 3. Concept
  4. 4. Site Everett, MA
  5. 5. Existing Abandoned Industrial Lot Adjacent to Shopping Complex and Industrial Yards 100’ 250’
  6. 6. Intervention The Urban Wind Farm, Park & Shoreline
  7. 7. Planning Precedent Deer Island, Winthrop, MA
  8. 8. Seated Within the Context
  9. 9. The Introduced Geometry A Shape and Orientation that Maximize Wind-Harnessing
  10. 10. Seasonal Winds Summer from the WNW Winter from the E
  11. 11. Wind Compression Compressed Wind Accelerates as it Approaches Turbine Faster wind = greater energy generation Design Uses 2 Turbine Types
  12. 12. Two Turbine Design Traditional Prop & FloDesign Hoop Iconic Image for Green Living Jet Engine Technology Awe Inspiring Size and Hypnotic Motion Many Small Blades on a Hoop Creates Less Wind Turbulence Can work at faster speeds Safer - Can be placed in Open Public Areas Utilizes higher percentage of wind’s potential
  13. 13. Site Sections Groundplane, Nolli
  14. 14. Bottleneck Grid Colored FloDesign Turbines Suspended Over Rolling Park
  15. 15. Turbine Totems Colored FloDesign Turbines OffShore
  16. 16. Hybridized Windmill Prop Turbine Shares Structure with the Building
  17. 17. Self Storage Building Section 6 Stories of Storage Topped with a 36’ Parapet
  18. 18. A Unified Structural System A ZigZag Truss System adds Rigidity to the Buildings and Supports the Suspended Turbines
  19. 19. Typical Ground Floor Parking, Retail and Storage
  20. 20. Typical Upper Floor Storage
  21. 21. Turbine Floor (6th) Storage, Turbines
  22. 22. Roof Plan Tall Parapet, Turbine Access
  23. 23. Club Blade Ground Floor Parking, Retail, Storage, Club Entrance, Bar (located in southern most building, along water)
  24. 24. Club Blade Penthouse Turbine Access, Bars, Lounge, Dance Floor, Stage, DJ Booth
  25. 25. Facade Details Angled Metal Panels Allow Light In Interior Layer of Glazing Space between Glazing and Metal warms with Sunlight, creating a warm buffer of air pockets Facade Plan Exterior Gladding with Air Pocket Glazing Facade Section Interior Glazing with Light Pouring In
  26. 26. Parking for Storage
  27. 27. Storage Interior
  28. 28. Wind Farm, Park, Shoreline