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Bullying In School FW Johnson School

Bullying and cyber bullying are a big issue for schools. This presentation gives a quick view of what kinds of bullying is happening, and discusses some strategies to help.

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Bullying In School FW Johnson School

  2. 2. Bullying stories stir up emotions of sorrow, but also of anger. What is wellness?
  3. 3. I Am Stronger  
  4. 4. Bullying in School – is this learned?  Our newscasts report violence first and foremost  Youth are preoccupied with violent video games and media in general  These negatives often outweigh any positive examples students encounter.
  5. 5. Why Don’t We Stop Bullying? “It’s not a problem in our school” “Everybody does it – just get used to it” “If I say anything, I’ll be the next victim” “We have policies but they aren’t enforced” “She sets herself up for getting picked on”
  6. 6. Where do people learn to be Bullies?
  7. 7. Why?
  8. 8. Hurt People Hurt People Abusive patterns get passed on, Generation after generation, But the chain can be broken. Meet anger with sympathy, Meet contempt with compassion, Meet Cruelty with kindness, Meet grimaces with smile. When you forget about the fault, there is nothing to forgive. Love is the weapon of the future. Yehuda Berg
  9. 9. Teasing?
  10. 10. David Vs. Goliath - Was David Really Such A Hero? Risk – We often face a risk in acting, and a risk in not reacting!
  11. 11. Who else is involved? Other Students? Parents? Friends? Teachers? Heros?
  12. 12. Cyber bullying  Exclusion, Flaming  Exposure, Sexting  Email threats and Dissemination  Harassment  Phishing  Password theft lockout  Bash Boards, Griefing  Chicanery  Pseudonyms  Impersonation  Denigration  Email/cell phone image and video dissemination  Pornography and marketing list inclusion  Cyber Stalking  Website creation may include Voting/polling booths  Happy Slapping
  13. 13. Oh Those Bystanders  It is the reaction and/or silence of the bystander that clearly tips the power balance in favour of the bully  It is also this reaction that supports the position that bullying is acceptable and even “cool” behaviour… Bystander intervention is crucial in bullying situations, both in person and in the cyberworld.
  14. 14. Zero Tolerance  Should we be adopting and promoting zero tolerance policies?
  15. 15. When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment, he needs help. Thich Naht Hanh
  16. 16. Respectful & Responsible Relationships – there’s no app for that . . .  Bullying and cyberbullying happens inside and outside the classroom, at home, and in the wider community.  This means that we need a community-wide approach to deal with cyberbullying.
  17. 17. Seriously, Conflict It’s not all Bad  Functional Conflict is considered positive, as it can increase performance, support change, and identify weaknesses or areas that need to be supported.  Dysfunctional Conflict is harmful to people and the organization. This type of confrontation does nothing to support goals or objectives.
  18. 18. What do we do with bullies?  Zero Tolerance Policies  Kick them out? Discipline? Isolate them? Dissocialize them?  Similar to a criminal, who has broken the law, punishment rarely has positive consequences  Dignity + Respect = no bullying  We cannot eliminate all risk, all fear, or all bullying behaviour in society.
  19. 19. DESC COMMUNICATION MODEL Describe – the behavior Explain – the effect the behavior has on you, coworkers, patient care State – the desired outcome Consequences – what will happen if the behavior continues?
  20. 20. Dignity + Respect = no bullying  The solution or approach to address bullying is to promote its real enemy - dignity and respect;  With these principles, bullying can not prevail.  Bullying is ultimately about isolation - isolating students and making them feel bad.
  21. 21. There is hope, and reality • Effective anti-bullying practices must include a statement of exactly what constitutes bullying. • We need to work with everyone, bullies, victims, targets, and bystanders…
  22. 22. Contact information Greg Riehl RN BScN MA Aboriginal Nursing Student Advisor Aboriginal Nursing Student Achievement Program Saskatchewan Polytechnic Regina Campus Email: Ph: 306.775.7383 w