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From Russia, with disdain


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Baltic Cruise Summer 2012

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From Russia, with disdain

  1. 1. From Russia, with DisdainИз России, с презрением
  2. 2. DOB Oct 07,1952 He just turned 60!Born in the Soviet Russian city of Leningrad (now St Petersburg), Vladimir Putinstudied law and joined the KGB after graduating from university.Served as KGB agent in East Germany 1985-90Elected President in 2000 and 2004In 2008 Putin becomes Prime Minister after Dmitry Medvedevs landslide win inMarch Presidential ElectionIn March 2012 Wins a 3rd term as President
  3. 3. Baltic Amber Fabulous FabergeWhen your guide stops you frombuying in a museum souvenirshop, it means that she will bringyou to another place where sheis paid her 10-20% interest onyour account. You do better atthe open markets, but watch outfor “gypsies” and pickpockets!
  4. 4. Lotte Lenya 50 Shades of Red— from pink to burgundy are hot with many Russian women
  5. 5. The Yusupov Palace
  6. 6. St. Isaacs Cathedral. “St. IsaacsCathedral was once the mainchurch of St. Petersburg and theRussian Empires largest church. Itwas built in 1818-58 by French-bornarchitect Auguste Montferrand.One hundred and eighty years laterthe gilded dome of St. Isaacs stilldominates the skyline of St.Petersburg. The facades aredecorated with sculptures andmassive granite columns (made ofsingle pieces of red granite), whilethe interiors dazzle the eye withmosaic icons, paintings andcolumns made of malachite andlapis lazuli. A large stained glass ofthe resurrected Christ, located . The church, designed to accommodateinside the main altar, is truly 14,000 standing worshipers, was closed in thefascinating. early 1930s and reopened as a museum. Nowadays, church services are held here only on major occasions
  7. 7. Church on Spilled Blood - built between 1883 and 1907
  8. 8. Winter Palace of the Hermitage - mainresidence of Tsars after the 1760s
  9. 9. To create this extraordinary chamber,Rastrelli used the panels of amber mosaicoriginally destined for an Amber Cabinet atKonigsberg Castle and presented to Peterthe Great by Friedrich-Wilhelm I of Prussia,and surrounded them with gilded carving,mirrors, more amber panels created byFlorentine and Russian craftsman(comprising a total of 450kg of amber),and further mosaics of Ural and Caucasusgemstones. The room was completed in1770. Due to the fragility of the materialsused, a caretaker was employed constantlyto maintain and repair the decorations,and major restoration was undertakenthree times in the 19th century. The roomwas used to house a substantial collectionof amber-work and Chinese porcelain. In1941, when German troops took TsarskoeSelo, the Amber Room was dismantled in36 hours, and shipped to Konigsberg in atawdry pretense at historical fidelity. Asthe Nazi war machine crumbled, thepanels were crated up and moved out ofdanger, but their eventual fate is unknown.