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Treinamento em Grid


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Treinamento em Grid

  1. 1. eLearning for Grid Matheus Lobo lobo
  2. 2. Introduction Infrastructure. Technologies f T h l i for eLearning. L i Curriculum. Our future?
  3. 3. Auditorium Infrastructure Wooden Platform. Installation: interactive board, TV, projectors, HD camera, cables, etc. Speakers: 2 front, 2 back. Acoustic Project (if necessary). Air conditioning (very important!).
  4. 4. Auditorium Hardware Polycom HDX 8004 4 + 1 ... SmartBoard 77’’ Dell Workstation: eCourses Two Projectors: smart board + screen TV: videoconference, text, slides, ...
  5. 5. Auditorium ‘Software’ Adobe Connect Audio + screen sharing Recording (on demand) 100 simultaneous students Chat, video, etc , , Flash files (easy to manage) Moodle Open source eLearning OpenUniversity, MIT, Harvard, Caltech, ...
  6. 6. Auxiliar Technologies GoToMeeting: online meetings up to 1,000 g g p , users simultaneously! Virtual Cable: skype + conference + streaming + recording. TV NCC: webcast events.
  7. 7. Grid (web) Conference Virtual Classroom Platform: Webex, Adobe , Connect, GoToMeeting. Up to 1,000 simultaneous users. 1 000 users Weekly discussions. Audio Forum. Share knowledge. g Attract funding resources.
  8. 8. Courses’ Courses’ Structure Online classes (adobe connect). ( ) On demand t i i l O d d training lessons. Digital Library: eBooks, videos, podcasts, ... B k id d t Grid (web) Conference.
  9. 9. Curriculum
  10. 10. Curriculum
  11. 11. Curriculum
  12. 12. Future Plans Which courses do we need first? Suggestions f speakers. S ti for k Who is going to afford?
  13. 13. Round Table Discussions