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Web services for CSD Quick Overview


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Web services for CSD Quick Overview

Published in: Technology
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Web services for CSD Quick Overview

  1. 1. Web Services for CSD Quick Overview
  2. 2. Naming of CSD Web Services is consistent with SX Web Services.
  3. 3. Support for WSDL, XML and JSON are consistent with the SX Web Services.
  4. 4. Ultimately, listing of CSD Web Services will mirror SX Web Services.
  5. 5. Security ✓ Utilizes ION API oAuth 2.0 ✓ Utilizes 32-character API key ✓ Each API key controls Read/Write access ✓ Throttling restrictions to prevent DoS ✓ Multiple API keys for flexibility
  6. 6. Thank You 719.264.9653