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Nu sync for magento quick overview


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Nu sync for magento quick overview

Published in: Technology
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Nu sync for magento quick overview

  1. 1. Nu Sync for Magento Quick Overview
  2. 2. Complete spreadsheet with data you want to update/insert. Only fields with entries are updated/inserted. If a record exists, the record is updated. If the record does not exist, the record is added.
  3. 3. Nu Sync Supported Tables ✓ Products ✓ Categories ✓ Images
  4. 4. Retrieve existing records for easy editing. Functionality can also be used as a “mini-data warehouse.”
  5. 5. “Instructions” worksheet explains the options available to the users. Comments on each of the fields provides format and field options.
  6. 6. Under “My Account,” you can determine which data to upload by selecting the Excel file. “Backup before import” is your undo option.
  7. 7. After the adapter is finished running, the new data is available in Magento. By utilizing APIs, the update is real-time. (make sure you trial the process in “Test” first).
  8. 8. If the “Backup before import” checkbox was selected on the original import, Nu Sync gives you an option to restore the data that was uploaded. It only restores the fields affected by the original upload.
  9. 9. Thank You 719.264.9653