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Greytip Online Brochure


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Greytip Online is a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) HR and Payroll software specially designed for SME companies having 10 to 250 employees. It simplifies and automate most of payroll and employee data management activities including statutory calculation and reporting.
Its core features includes Employee Data Management, Attendance & Leave Management, Payroll processing and Expense Claims. Get your demo set up today. Call 080-40225910 or email us at

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Greytip Online Brochure

  1. 1. What does it take to move away from Spreadsheet mess to HR bliss?
  2. 2. Why Spreadsheets Stink Stink Why SpreadsheetsErrors – Spreadsheets have errors havedogs have fleas. have fleas. Errors – Spreadsheets like errors like dogs A move so dramatic, you you A move so dramatic,Fines - Incorrect statutory deductions deductions Fines - Incorrect statutory will will wish you had done it wish you had done itmay cost you hefty fines. hefty fines. may cost youUnmanageable mess - The mess - The number of Unmanageable number of much, much earlier... much, much earlier...spreadsheets increases month after spreadsheets increases month aftermonth and soon you end up you endmess. a mess. month and soon with a up with You know it’s timeit’s get rid of old, broken systemssystems You know to time to get rid of old, brokenManual effort - Using spreadsheets is Manual effort - Using spreadsheets is that don’t work, waste time andtime and drain your energy. that don’t work, waste drain your energy.quite time consuming consuming and lot quite time and requires a requires a lotof effort. of effort. It’s timeIt’s bring to bring in efficient automation that deliv- to time in efficient automation that deliv-MIS reporting –reporting –inDifficulty in generatingofa MIS reports reports results without without an arm andarm and a leg. MIS Difficulty generating a variety variety of MIS ers ers results costing costing an a leg.without jumping through hoops. Wrong tool Wrong tool for the job! without jumping through hoops. for the job! Greytip Online isOnline is a premium Payroll solution solution Greytip a premium HR and HR and PayrollPeople dependence - Often, evenOften,person the person who ‘designs’ the People dependence - the even who ‘designs’ the which enables enables you to all yourall your employeeExcel sheetExcel have awill have a tough time understanding how the entire will sheet tough time understanding how the entire which you to handle handle employeething works, let alone other alone other people. thing works, let people. records,records,management, statutory compliance, payroll payroll management, statutory compliance, leave, document management, expenseexpenseTicking time-bomb time-bombaccuracy ofaccuracyisof resultsimpos- to impos- Ticking – Assured – Assured results next to is next leave, document management, claims, claims,sible when sible use spreadsheets. Data can be tampered without without you when you use spreadsheets. Data can be tampered statutory and MISand MIS reports, and much more. statutory reports, and much more.audit controls. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. to happen. audit controls. It’s a disaster waitingData leaksData leaks - Payroll spreadsheets over theall over evenplace, even at jaw dropping prices. prices. - Payroll spreadsheets floating all floating place, the All All at jaw droppingwith password protection, protection, leading to privacy and confidentiality with password leading to privacy and confidentialityissues. issues. What’s In It For You You What’s In It ForYou are an are an Administrator You Administrator You are a CEO/Business OwnerOwner You are a CEO/BusinessA Consolidate all employeeemployee information, payroll & statutoryInformation at your finger tipsfinger tips reports &reports & A Consolidate all information, payroll & statutory A A Information at your including including compliances in one location location compliances in one dashboards dashboardsA Data entry andentry and manual effort reduction of over 90% A Assurance of 100% statutory statutory compliance A Data manual effort reduction of over 90% A Assurance of 100% complianceA Manage all statutory statutory compliance requirements - PF, ESI, Highly accurate and reliable reliable A Manage all compliance requirements - PF, ESI, A A Highly accurate and Profession tax, & TDS & TDS Profession tax, A Process maturity reduces people dependency A Process maturity reduces people dependencyA Enter A Enter key information once, generate payslips, payslips, key information once, and auto and auto generate A No installation required, required, hencefor IT support or A No installation hence no need no need for IT support o bank statements and otherand other MIS reportsany bank statements MIS reports without without any maintenance maintenance extra effort effort extra Why Us Us WhySolution that works works Track record record Solution that Track Exceptional customer support Exceptional customer supporWe harness the latestthe latest technology We harness technology A Running successfully for 3+ years3+ years Full spectrum spectrum- support - phone & phon A Running successfully for A A Full support online & onlineand profound profound functionality to A and functionality to Enable management of 88,000+ 88,000+ Integrated query logging logging A Enable management of A A Integrated queryprovide solutions which arewhich are tuned provide solutions tuned payslips payslips A 94% A 94% Good+ rating on closed tickets Good+ rating on closed ticketsspecifically keeping in mind yourmind your specifically keeping in A 75+ A 75+ client testimonial client testimonialneeds. needs.
  3. 3. Key Features Key Features ayrollPayroll Management ManagementA Configurable salary heads, reimbursement, payslips payslips A Configurable salary heads, reimbursement,A Salary statement with breakup across payment types andtypes and banks A Salary statement with breakup across payment banksA Publish payroll data to employees A Publish payroll data to employeesA CompleteComplete computation & reporting for all statutory compliances A computation & reporting for all statutory compliances (PF, ESI, professional tax and income tax) (PF, ESI, professional tax and income tax) mployee Information Management Employee Information ManagementA Record and view andemployeeemployee details A Record all view all detailsA Create reporting reporting hierarchy of employees A Create hierarchy of employeesA Resignations and final settlement A Resignations and final settlementA Reminders A Reminders eave Management Leave Management Employee Self Service Employee Self Service CEO Dashboard CEO DashboardA ConfigureConfigure various leave types, A Employees and managersmanagers can Configurable charts and tables to tables to A various leave types, A Employees and can A A Configurable charts and grant authority,authority, year-end grant year-end view leave details, payslips, payslips, view leave details, view head counts, attrition analysis, analysis, view head counts, attrition processing, holiday calendar as processing, holiday calendar as YTD statement, PF information YTD statement, PF information salary cost trends, leave statistics statistics salary cost trends, leave per company company policy per policy etc. - anytime, anywhereanywhere etc. - anytime, and muchand much more moreA Comprehensive workflows for A Comprehensive workflows for A Online IT Online IT declarations A declarations A Dynamic dashboard that lets you lets you A Dynamic dashboard that applying, applying, cancellation, comp-off Income tax calculatorcalculator cancellation, comp-off A A Income tax select, place andplace and tweakthe select, tweak dashlets dashlets the grants, restrictedrestrictedetc. grants, holiday, holiday, etc. way you wantyou want it to workand work way it to look and look A Online ticketing system for A Online ticketing system forA Integrated with payroll for LOP for LOP A Integrated with payroll A EmployeeEmployee salary with A salary analytics analytics with various types of HR andof HR and admin various types admin deductionsdeductions issues with different queues queues issues with different individual individual as well salary salary as well as group as groupA TeamA Team leave helps better better leave calendar calendar helps A Online reimbursement revision history, peer comparison etc. revision history, peer comparison etc. A Online reimbursement leave planning planning leave Overnight Migration At No At No Cost Overnight Migration Cost 1. Create anCreate an account 1. account Secure data migrationmigration Secure data 1. AutomateAutomate payroll & employee 1. payroll & employee Migrate Migrate Sign up Sign up Go Live Go Live 2. Evaluate it free up it free up to 2. Evaluate to and integration within 24within 24 and integration info management info management 30 Days 30 Days hours once you once you provide hours provide 2. Enable employees & 2. Enable employees & base info base info management to access to access data management data 1 3. 1 3. Place order Place order 2 2 3 3
  4. 4. Greytip Online HR system is very good for start-ups. It helps save 900+ customers & counting... lot of initial investment and effort. The team is very much customer oriented and provided a right frame of solution after understanding our needs. The system meets all our basic needs and is very cost effective. The support for online implementation is excellent. Saiguru- Director-Projects Yakshna Technologies India Private Limited Our experience with Greytip has been excellent till today. Not only the system is great in taking care of all the payroll needs but the support is also very good. I wish all the luck to them in future. Sachin Jain, Manager- F&A Zscaler Softech India Pvt Ltd Call today +91 80 4022 5910Most awarded HR for a free demo or& Payroll software on SaaS email us at 2009 2011 Only one in HR and Payroll on HR/Payroll category SaaS Sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial. 2011 2010 Visit For using cloud technology to NASSCOM Emerge 50 maximize business Price starts @ Rs. 20/- per employee per month Bangalore : +91 80 4022 5910 Chennai : +91 99625 18609 Hyderabad : +91 92463 95900Greytip is a specialist in HR & Payroll software since 1994. We enable 1350+ Mumbai : +91 98692 36598clients in 51+ cities across India, Malaysia, UAE to manage more than 5,00,000 Delhi : +91 87440 40718employee records on daily basis. Headquartered in Bangalore we have Pune : +91 91586 30359significant presence in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi & NCR.Greytip solutions help automate Employee Information management, sales@greytip.comAttendance management, Payroll & Statutory compliances and Training @greytipadministration. These solutions are available in two delivery models – Onpremise model called Folklore HRIS and On Demand model called Greytip Online. /Greytip company/greytip-software-pvt-ltd