Search engine optimization things you should know in 2014


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As globalization and socialization takes world together, Internet is now vital part of life in this Internet Generation.More use of internet indirectly more use of Search Engines. Google has been busy over the past year, and traditional SEO strategies, tasks and roles have changed considerably. As We are in mid 2014 let’s take a look at some factors that will be trends in SEO For 2014. See More At:

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Search engine optimization things you should know in 2014

  1. 1. Things You Should Know In 2014 Search Engine Optimization by greymatter india technologies pvt. ltd http://greymatterindia.com
  2. 2. http://greymatterindia.com Rising Importance Of Google Authorship
  3. 3. http://greymatterindia.com Rising Importance Of Google Authorship Since Google hasconfirmed they do use a form of Author Rank – at least in terms of ranking in-depth articles. We’re also seeing a tiered system in terms of what’s displayed next to search results: some search results are displayed with full authorship details, while others are displayed with only a byline. Factors that continue to determine whether authorship snippets are included (or what tier is used) include the reputation and trustworthiness of authors, as well as the website on which the content is published.
  4. 4. http://greymatterindia.com Necessity of social media-plays a major role in traffic and content dissemination In March 2013, Facebook drove 21.25% of all traffic sites receive. Pinterest came in 2nd at just over 7% of all traffic, although its share of traffic has grown by 48% since December. Twitter continues to trail behind with a 1% share of all website traffic. So far in 2014, social media seems to be a major factor (if not the major factor) in terms of referral traffic and content dissemination.
  5. 5. http://greymatterindia.com “Content marketing” replacing the term “SEO” Business owners and marketers should continue to focus on creating high-quality content guided by solid keyword research based on SEO competition and keyword research, with a focus on topical and long-tail targeting. But the days of picking a handful of keywords and putting all efforts toward becoming ranked #1 for those keywords are over. Competition is simply too high in all industries now; there’s always going to be at least one other brand doing it better and spending a higher budget than you.
  6. 6. http://greymatterindia.com Guest Blogging Guest blogging will continue to remain an excellent strategy for building your audience, your brand and your personal thought leadership plan. And yes, those inbound links will still count. However, spammy, low-quality guest blogging is a thing of the past, and smart marketers will focus instead on using guest blogging for the many other benefits it provides.
  7. 7. http://greymatterindia.com Expensive SEO Pre-Panda, producing content that would rank highly was relatively easy. Slap up some keyword-rich content, get a few keyword-rich links to it, and you were good to go.But as ranking well becomes more difficult, marketers and business owners are realizing the need to increase their investment in content creation and link building in order to rank in the search engines.Roles like Content Manager, Director of Content, and Content Marketing Officer (CMO) are becoming increasingly mainstream, as is the outsourcing of content creation and link building.
  8. 8. http://greymatterindia.com In-House Seo With the increased volume of tasks and the wider range of skills needed for content creation and SEO, in-houses SEO professionals are increasingly being called on to coordinate the fulfillment of work, based on their technical knowledge, rather than completing it themselves
  9. 9. http://greymatterindia.com The demand for SEO services is increasing With the vast majority of businesses now actively using content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy the competition for search engine rankings is fiercer than ever.And because of this increase in competition, SEOs – both in-house and agencies – are being called on to get all this expensive content ranking well in search engines. The 2014 Moz Industry Survey shows that a greater number of marketing professionals are being tasked with SEO (78%) than are responsible for content marketing (49%).
  10. 10. http://greymatterindia.com Hire SEO Experts From :
  11. 11. http://greymatterindia.com SEO Services India : greymatterindia