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Day Game: How To Meet Women Confidently During The Day


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Learn how to Meet Women confidently during the day, Get phone numbers and dates on the street from Street Pickup Artist Alex Coulson.

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Day Game: How To Meet Women Confidently During The Day

  1. 1. Day Game: How To Meet Women Confidently During The Day With Street Dating & Day Game Guru Alex Coulson Interviewed by Graham Stoney Author of Confident Man
  2. 2. Alex's Story <ul><li>Worked 9-5. Didn't Go Out. No Girlfriend.
  3. 3. Friends all had Girlfriends. Single Guy Out.
  4. 4. Went to a Seminar to Learn to meet Women.
  5. 5. Got a Wing Man & Went Out to Talk to Women.
  6. 6. 3 Months to Get First Result.
  7. 7. Improved With Practice.
  8. 8. Made Some Pick-Up Videos.
  9. 9. Now Teaches Other Guys. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Conversation: An Essential Life Skill <ul><li>Warming People Up To You
  11. 11. Helps in Every Area of Life
  12. 12. Theory is Good, But you need Practice
  13. 13. Have Something Ready to Say
  14. 14. Stick With What You Like
  15. 15. Keep it Simple
  16. 16. Don't wait until you have it Perfect
  17. 17. Perfection leads to Procrastination </li></ul>
  18. 18. Where To Start <ul><li>You Don't Need Lots of Material to Get Started
  19. 19. Have A Basic Opener and a Story to tell
  20. 20. Learn more techniques later
  21. 21. Girls will catch your eye in the street
  22. 22. It's up to the Guy to approach. </li></ul>
  23. 23. Dealing With Approach Anxiety <ul><li>Be Prepared With Something To Say
  24. 24. It's Not About You
  25. 25. Work On It Until You Get Results
  26. 26. Have a Direct Opener: </li><ul><li>“ You have to be one of the most stunning girls I've seen... in the last 3 minutes” </li></ul><li>Confident and Funny
  27. 27. Girls Appreciate You Approaching Them </li></ul>
  28. 28. Bars & Clubs vs Street Dating <ul><li>Bars & Clubs Are Great For Practice </li><ul><li>Women are Ready to Meet You </li></ul><li>The Most Attractive Girls are out During the Day </li><ul><li>No Competition </li></ul><li>Very Rare for The Girl </li><ul><li>More Memorable
  29. 29. You will Stand Out </li></ul></ul>
  30. 30. Making An Approach <ul><li>Have an Excuse To Approach
  31. 31. Being Direct: </li><ul><li>“I just wanted to have a talk to you”
  32. 32. “What have you got going for you apart from your looks?” </li></ul><li>Make her laugh
  33. 33. She'll remember you
  34. 34. It's Easy to make an Impact in the Day </li></ul>
  35. 35. Relieving The Pressure <ul><li>Don't Put Undue Pressure on Yourself
  36. 36. Avoid Impossible Goals
  37. 37. Women will Sense If You Want Something </li><ul><li>E.g. People Asking for Money
  38. 38. We React Differently </li></ul><li>Don't Pressure Her for Her Phone Number
  39. 39. Aim Just to Have a Cool Conversation
  40. 40. Make Her Laugh </li></ul>
  41. 41. Want to Hear More? The full interview goes on to cover: <ul><li>Learning How to be Funny
  42. 42. Approaching to Avoid Rejection
  43. 43. Where & How to Practice. And More! </li></ul>It is available as a free bonus with Confident Man at