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Access Rules


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Access Rules

  1. 1. Access Controls with GrexIt
  2. 2. Access Rules for Tags• GrexIt’s Access Controls function through Tags.• Access Rule on a Tag restricts who can access those conversations in GrexIt which have the Tag added.
  3. 3. How to set up Access Rules• If you are an Admin for the GrexIt account for your domain, go to “Manage GrexIt” for your domain as shown below:
  4. 4. How to set up Access Rules• Click on Tags. For a Tag you want to set up Access Rules, click “Set Up”.
  5. 5. How to set up Access Rules• In the next screen, choose which users and groups of users can have access to conversations with this Tag.• You can use your Google Apps Groups in Access Rules.
  6. 6. How to set up Access Rules• Save the Rule. You’re done.• Now anyone who you did not add to the Access Rule will not be able to access conversations with this Tag. Remember• A conversations which does not have a Tag with an Access Rule added to it is visible to everyone under your domain.• If a discussion has more than one Tags with Access Rules defined, any user permitted by any of the Access Rules on the Tags would be able to access the conversation in GrexIt.
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