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  1. 1. By NavpreetGrewal and Megan Shepherd
  2. 2. IdeasGeneration Iphones Computers Technology Books Stop-motion Filming of someone walking Voice-over Soundtrack Moral of how much time has changed and how we don’t value what we have The Future
  3. 3. IdeasDevelopment  By showingthe Iphones perspective. Rather than the books which wasthe original idea.  By makingit half stop motion and the other half of normal filming.  To add more variety.  Makingit just voice-overs.  Make it more comic and not so dramatic.
  4. 4. Synopsis Story about an average Iphone and it’s fight for survival in a hard world. Iphone has been left alone and doesn't know how to deal with the situation. A book meets the Iphone and starts to teach it about life. The other gadgets tell the Iphone the journey they have been on. The Iphone starts to value life and realises that nothing lasts forever. Research the Ipad and realise that life is coming near to the end.
  5. 5. LocationRecce  The Location of our film is a students room, due to they would have all the latest technology that would be needed in our film.
  6. 6. Timelineoffilming.  Monday 18th October - Film shots on video camera  Tuesday 19th October - Take out a camera and go to Megan’s house and start taking pictures  Thursday 21st October - Filming.  Friday 22nd October– Filming.  Week commencing 1st November will be used for any remaining filming or if all filming is complete we will start editing.
  7. 7. PropList
  8. 8. Characterisation  The Iphone is the centre of attention and doesn’t like to be ignored. Is quite self- centred and naive. We presume that it is quite young due to it’s childish characteristics.• The book is the oldest character in the film. He provides the Iphone with wisdom and teaches him a lesson about life. He is caring, understanding and realises what the Iphone is going through.There are the minor characters that help the Iphone understand that everything doesn't last forever. The minor characters are ps3, Nintendo
  9. 9. Soundtrack  The song that we are planning to use “Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves”.  Voice Over's to narrate the voices of the objectives.  Light music in the background. Will be finalised when editing.
  10. 10. Shot List