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Sportsmedia Brochure Lr2 Copy

  2. 2. A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO SPORTSMEDIA If you’re looking to use radio and the internet to: • activate your brand’s event sponsorship or • associate your brand with major sporting events and • if your website needs podcasts to keep people on your site, then Sportsmedia can help. Our team broadcasts live Sports News and Finance News bulletins everyday to radio stations and internet websites. Sportsmedia delivers and ONLY Sportsmedia can ENSURE broadcasts LIVE radio sports Sportsmedia broadcasts that your sponsor message news, business news and 8,250 radio sports bulletins will be broadcast around high web podcasts... all funded per year... 5,170 business impact, must-listen-to editorial. by sponsorship. bulletins per year. Why? Our radio stations are contracted to us. Sportsmedia has exclusive access to star names in sport. In 2008, we have delivered one-to-one interviews with Arsène Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson, Dame Kelly Holmes Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and Sir Steve Redgrave. Sir Geoff Hurst and Kenny Dalglish MBE open the new offices of
  3. 3. WORKING WITH MAJOR RADIO NETWORKS • Sportsmedia launched in 1992 and now features on over 100 stations and in every major city across the UK on FM, AM, DAB, Sky, Freeview and the Internet. • Working with every major radio network. • We distribute our content across the internet. Our podcasts, including accompanying text and sponsor logos can be seen and heard on Sportsmedia’s News Now, (Nationwide’s football website), Centre Court position and our own Football Audio Channel on iTunes. at Wimbledon • Sportsmedia has reporters live on Centre Court at Wimbledon, The Open Championship, The Six Nations Championship, The Cheltenham Festival plus key Premier League and Champions League games. Audience Growth up 40% year-on-year. Affiliate station list up 50% in 2008.
  4. 4. SPORTSMEDIA: THE STORY SO FAR 1992: Jonny Gould forms Sportsmedia Broadcasting Ltd., a broadcast news agency providing sports audio content to radio stations, as well as programming for PR companies, sports sponsors, governing bodies and retail chains. 1994: The company starts providing a sports bulletin feed to UK Radio stations with the establishment of The Sportsmedia Bulletin Network. Since 1994: Sportsmedia has covered the Wimbledon Championships. 1994: BUPA becomes Sportsmedia client. Since 1995: Sportsmedia has covered golf's Open Championship. Since 1996: Sportsmedia has covered every UEFA European Football Championship. 1996: Sportsmedia pioneers an audio website providing sports news and interviews, created in partnership with internet company Datanet Marketing Services and later, the 365 Corporation white labelling content to partner websites. 1996: Sportsmedia produces LIVE streamed audio coverage of Wimbledon for AOL. 1996: Sportsmedia Bulletin Network has 25 stations. 1997: Nationwide becomes Sportsmedia client. 1999: IG Index becomes Sportsmedia client. 2000-2003: Sportsmedia creates audio content for Sporting Life, Freeserve, Tiscali and RealPlayer, and live streamed broadcasting to Sporting Life and Tote Bookmakers. It also develops a premium rate telephone service and a Voice Activated bulletin service for Virgin Mobile. 2004: Sportsmedia Bulletin Network has 45 stations. 2006: Sportsmedia moves to new West London offices, which are officially opened by Sir Geoff Hurst and Kenny Dalglish. “ Flamboyant entrepreneur David Sumner Smith - The Daily Telegraph ” 2006: 2006: 2007: Sportsmedia launches, the world’s first website available internationally, dedicated to football audio interviews. Sportsmedia Bulletin Network has 65 stations. Sister company Businessmedia launches finance news bulletins called On The Money, Money Talks, initially to 24 stations. 2008: Sportsmedia signs contract with GCap Media to provide sports and finance news bulletins for the Gold Network for two years. 2008: Sportsmedia Bulletin Network has 106 stations. Businessmedia Bulletin Network has 64 stations. and Businessmedia look set to propel Sportsmedia into additional growth phase.
  5. 5. WHY YOU SHOULD USE US • Your sponsorship, its message and even your Brand Ambassador can be an integral part of our daily sports bulletins delivered nationally via over 100 local stations The Sportsmedia Bulletin in every area of the country. Network helps bring your • Allowing you the option of promoting an existing sponsorship to life sponsorship or forming an association with a selection of high-profile sports events, through exclusive sponsorship of our news reports. • The Sportsmedia Bulletin Network can tangibly add value to your sponsorship, by incorporating it within relevant must-listen-to local sports news creating true stand-out for your brand. • Via Radio: the most personal medium of all – and via the Internet - the most measurable. • We will add value and reach to your sponsorship programme and provide you with enhanced awareness. • High impact broadcasts through a trusted source for the listener – their local radio station or preferred website. One of the most far-reaching and effective sports sponsorship activation services
  6. 6. ADD YOUR BRAND TO THE LIST We understand the importance of a strong, distinctive brand, with clear and consistently communicated values. We’ve worked for some of sponsorship’s biggest names and continue to do so. We have promoted successful sponsorship programmes themed around events including Football, Rugby and Cricket World Cups, The Champions League, The Ryder Cup, The Open Championship, Wimbledon and The Premier League. “For TXU Energi it was vital that the “We have used the services of sponsorships with Ipswich Town and the Sportsmedia extensively, in particular Rugby League Challenge Cup reached as during the World Cup. It always proves many people as possible. Brand to be a successful and cost effective awareness was the No.1 objective and way of communicating our messages to Sportsmedia have delivered beyond our significant audiences across both radio expectations. They are a professional and the internet. We are pleased to be outfit and a pleasure to deal with, but continuing to work with Sportsmedia to most importantly they over deliver for help promote our ongoing association their clients. I would have no hesitation with the England football team .” in recommending Sportsmedia.” Peter Gandolfi, Andy Kenny, Nationwide Building Society brandRapport “of our sponsors Check out some ” Major companies, major sponsors
  7. 7. SPORTSMEDIA ON-LINE: CREATING PODCASTS AND DISTRIBUTING COMPELLING AUDIO AND TEXT TO THE WORLD’S LEADING SITE . Your sponsorship message distributed across the worldwide web, with the same guaranteed syndication methods we use in radio. Not only can we make EXCLUSIVE podcast content for your website to keep your customers online for longer – but we can send it round a growing network of the world’s leading sites to exploit and activate your sponsorship to an interactive audience. Observe how our podcasts are accompanied by logos, copy, detailed text and a hyperlink to your site. The sponsor takes ownership of the whole story, just like our radio service. The sponsor takes ownership of the whole story, just like our radio service.
  8. 8. NEW: BUSINESSMEDIA BROADCASTING • Imagine Finance News where your company, its products and services and your sponsorship message can be editorialised into a bulletin where stories delivered make a difference to the listener. • A company or brand spokesman given guaranteed exposure everyday. • Finance News for someone who’s a taxpayer, a buy-to-let owner, a low-cost airlines traveller – news for everybody. • Consumer-led Finance News was launched for local radio in March 2007. Already we have more than 60 affiliate stations broadcasting to London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Cardiff, Cambridge and more. • Accessible news which affects people’s mortgages, holidays, their buy-to-lets and their jobs – your news as consumer, taxpayer, Businessmedia is Britain’s employee and citizen – not just for the elite in The Square Mile. fastest growing specialist • Everyday at the same time to the biggest audiences, complete with news network - from 0-60 headline data and pop shares – and how their fluctuations affect stations in less than a year! day-to-day transactions. Gould’s switch into personal finance information seems a stroke of genius. People are more hungry than ever for easy-to-digest financial news and analysis: Colin Farrington, Director General, Chartered Institute of Public Relations
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