Building Social Media-Twitter


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Twitter overview and who (brands) is using it effectively in the fashion industry.

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Building Social Media-Twitter

  1. 1. Building Social Media
  2. 2.  Connecting to your online community and building a tribe!  “Tribe management is a whole different way of looking at the world. It starts with permission, the understanding that the real asset most organizations can build isn't an amorphous brand but is in fact the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who want to get them. It adds to that the fact that what people really want is the ability to connect to each other, not to companies. So the permission is used to build a tribe, to build people who want to hear from the company because it helps them connect, it helps them find each other, it gives them a story to tell and something to talk about. “ -Seth Godin Social Media Portals
  3. 3. Twitter •Afree social networking and micro-blogging service. •Ranked the fastest growing site in the Members Communities category (, Feb 2009). •Averageuser spends 8.9 min/day on the site. •169, 785 sites linking in. •Roughly 11.5 million registered accounts in May 2009 ( Monthly growth of 1358% (facebook 228%).
  4. 4. Posted April 9th, 2009 on blog.searchengine Twitter demographics
  5. 5. Posted on April 9th 2009 at Blog.searchengine Twitter International Demographics
  6. 6. Twitter Success Tips 1. Grow an audience! 2. Comment on other blogs, sites, twitter profiles. 3. Choose a few bloggers in your niche and put forth the effort to get to know them. 4. Build friends you can link to and comment on their sites- it goes both ways. ;) 5. Follow people like MAD! One word: reciprocity. 6. Put your personality into and provide value. 7. Remember that success is really about what you give to others.
  7. 7. Who’s tweeting in fashion?
  8. 8.  (621, 014 followers)  “Official Tweet” feature- she uses this proceeding any promotional or brand specific announcement- give- aways, new songs, where she sits on the top lists, features, twitter interview…  Ex: The first 20 people to send their contact info to us will win a ticket for the 6/11 show. Go here  Personal Tweets- people who inspire her, concerts/ performances she has attended, where she is travelling, promoting fellow artists and friends, thanking fans for turnouts, talks about television shows, well wishes to everyone!, what she does with her family- hanging out  Ex: “puppy's home and the family is reunited.... happy weekend to all. :)”  Twitter shout-outs to fans! TheMandyMoore
  9. 9.  (5, 698 followers)  Spread news quickly, get scoops on sales, see who’s wearing DVF, stay up with new inspirations and obsessions  Uses Diane as a signature when it is Diane herself contributing to the site (?)  Ex: “Had a Bloomberg day !! This morning we cut the ribbon and opened the at an event Women for Bloomberg ! Diane”  More of a blow by blow of what goes on during events and sample sales and such  Diane comments on what she is wearing from the line and sets link for purchase on the site  Ex: “Wearing the Arista Tank in Black - a DVF May Must”  Links to press features  Blog Posts! Links  Ex:” what we’re reading: Womenonics 06/10/what-were-reading-womenomics/”  “Vote for DVF for the look of the day on y/lookoftheday/”  Reminders of new stores and to visit them! 05/21/weekend-agenda-9/  Encouraged interaction:  Ex: “tweet if you’re wearing a DVF Sample insidedvf Sale purch!”
  10. 10.  (4, 195 followers)  Some personal tweets Ex: “At lunch now, encouraging people to give up meat every monday…”  CSR initiatives Ex: “Support Meat Free Monday launching today! Stella x”  Celeb sightings with pic links Ex: “ - Anne Hathaway in Stella McCartney Winter 2009 at the Future of Film Making Event, 14 May 2009 NYC.”  Loads of thanks to press people Ex: “@Ladymerk @loreleimarfil @Maria_Hind Thank you” StellaMcCartney  Links to Stella’s World Ex: “Please check out Stella's World Let Us know what you think!”
  11. 11.  (752, 456 followers)  Personal greeting on the side  Plus consumer information- C/S, PR contact, marketing, job inquires, inside zappos- the website  Personal thoughts worked in with quotes, daily ongoings,  Zappos live chat gs/inside- zappos/2009/06/03/todds- blogzappos-live-chat  Tweetup- this is when “tweeps” have met up in the real world for social gatherings  Ex: “If you're in NYC or attending #140conf - @Zappos tweetup 5-8 PM tonight (Monday) at Hudson Hotel (356 W 58th). Who's zappos coming? ”
  12. 12.  (788 followers)  Bio: I’m your well-placed fashion source bringing you behind the scenes scoop from inside DKNY and from my life as a PR girl living in NY.  A person from within who tweets about the brand and a life in fashion- a good way to give insight and promote the brand without exposing the designer herself…  An idea for adding more followers without compromising Tory’s personal space. dkny
  13. 13.  TB signature versus TBC sign offs.  Insert links to things listed Ex: “Announcing the launch of the Tory Burch Foundation today in LA with Mayor Villaraigosa. –TB” Ex: “Stopping by my favorite vintage store, The Way We Wore, while I am in LA. –TB”  Travel updates! Makes it more interesting and fans want to know. Ex: “On my way to LA. –TB”  Links to clothing she is wearing.  Comments about what inspires her.  Promotional tweets.  Links to her favorite blogs, fashion websites, artists, etc. toryburch  Frequency!!!