How To Please Your Readers Using Social Networking Sites


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How To Please Your Readers Using Social Networking Sites

  1. 1. Trying to define what good content is has always been a subjective exercise. The good content philosophy falls under the same problematic group as anyone who hastheir own personality, tastes and opinions. It is not only readers who will form their own opinions about what good content is, but bloggers who form alliances with their readers will have their own opinions about what good content is.
  2. 2. You can never please everyone. It is just impossible as nothing anyone does or says can gain the whole worlds approval, so you just have to go with the majority and please the people who matter the most. Whether it be your loyal readers or people who have high expectationsof you and your blog make sure you make it worthwhile to the people who count the most.
  3. 3. I will attempt to uncover some of the elements that contribute toward the making of a good post as it is keyyou look professional in your writing and in your business.There will be many instances along the way where peoplewill debate about the content of a post, and this is fine as it will always happen.
  4. 4. When this does occur, you can join your readers and find out what they would like to hear, as giving your readers what they want will not only allow you to gain their trust, it will also show your loyalty which is what everycustomer strives to find in a business or in our case a blog.
  5. 5. The best place to begin is to start with the customer, find out what the majority want and give it to them. This ruleis pretty simple but very important and is a good lesson to learn as first you should produce content based on yourpassion, experiences and mindset. With a little testing and tweaking, you should be able to easily identify what the customer wants and you can use that as a launching off point.
  6. 6. If your market is in high demand, people will always listen to what you have to say. If like a lot of people you dont know what you are good at or dont know what to write about, you can always follow the trends of top bloggers and write similar posts based on their markets or niches.
  7. 7. If you constantly deliver on time to the customer, whether it be updating posts daily or writing what they want to hear about, your reader base will grow given the factors that you have a great site layout and are working on building traffic.
  8. 8. If you are on social networking sites, the best thing for you to is set up a page for your blog (Facebook). In doing so, you can ask your readers what they would like to hear about next or what you can change on your blog. Now Im not saying the reader is always right as people will try to tailor your blogs towards their needs. This can be fine if you write one or two posts based on what they want but never more.
  9. 9. Writing what you think is important is much more beneficial. You should never always try to pleaseeveryone. People love participating in something that will be of benefit to them so this is definitely a point to consider.
  10. 10. The same can apply with Twitter. You can set up a Twitter profile and market your blog heavily, sending out regulartweets about news and updates on your blogs. In fact, this method is so successful that many internet marketers gather book name ideas by asking their readers what the title of their next book should be. Maybe in the near future you could be doing this too?
  11. 11. I hope you implement some of these techniques on toyour blogs as I am certain they will bring you more readers and more traffic. Just keep updating and letting people know you have something new to share with them, and they will follow.
  12. 12.