8 Simple Children's Fundraising Ideas


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8 Simple Children's Fundraising Ideas

  1. 1. With the recent economic hardships, the need for charitable donations is immense. While many childrenwould like to lend a helping hand to those in need, few school-age students have a job or an income that will allow them to do much. Listed below, you will find 8simple fundraising ideas for charity. These ideas can beused by anyone who wants to help those in need; evenyounger kids can spring into action and do something to change the world!
  2. 2. Car Wash. The tried-and-truth method of raisingmoney, an old fashioned car wash is not at all outdated. A car wash requires very little in the way of start upfunds, only requiring soap, rags, and willing scrubbers. Notonly is a car wash a great way to earn money, but kids also have a good time working side-by-side
  3. 3. Bake Sale. One of the most popular fundraising ideas for charity, a bake sale is an excellent way to boost yourdonations. While it sounds like it would be a lot of work, abake sale is actually very simple. With easy-to-make treatssuch as cookies and brownies, each child can bring several yummy things to sell.
  4. 4. Performance. While a performance takes a little extrawork, it still provides an excellent opportunity for children to show off their skills while raising money for a good cause. A charity performance could be something as complex as a drama or just a simple talent show where each child presents a small skit or plays a musical piece.
  5. 5. Raffles. A raffle offers a great way to earn money for anycause. Supporters only have to donate a small amount of money for a chance at a big prize, encouraging them to participate. Talk to owners of a nearby restaurant orbusiness and see if they would be willing to donate tickets for you to raffle; in this way, your charity raffle will have no start-up costs.
  6. 6. Auctions. It has been said that one mans junk is anothermans treasure. Consider having an auction where childrendonate unwanted items. For a different approach, auction off new items that the children have made such as art work.
  7. 7. Face Painting. Everyone likes to have their face painted!Set up a table in a busy area and then offer face painting for a small donation. If given a little instruction, even young children can get in on the fun!
  8. 8. Cake Walk. A cake walk is a fun way for people to earn atasty snack while giving their money to a good cause. Tosave on ingredients, give away cupcakes in place of full- sized cakes.
  9. 9. Bagging Groceries. Talk to local stores and find out if theywill let your group bag and carry out groceries for the day. You can either set up to have the business pay you directly, or children can ask for donations from the customers they help.
  10. 10. Raising money for a charity can seem like a hugeundertaking; however, with a little creativity and work, its easier than you might imagine.
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