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Gresa evaluation media as


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Gresa evaluation media as

  1. 1. MEDIA AS -EVALUATIONBy Gresa Hisenaj
  2. 2. Q1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Identify forms and conventions of a named professional magazine.How does your product use, develop or challenge these forms andconventions?
  3. 3. This is a good conventional In some magazines buttons aremasthead that focuses used to create a eye-catching featureacross the page in big, bold text in to the audience. It brings out the directcentre alignment. It emphasises feature and is viewed as a ‘sticker’ foron the sub-genre of the magazine more of an effective and ingeniousof hip-hop and sets the target way to convey their message. This isaudience; by the name, style and usually found in music magazines andcolours swayed detecting a Vibe has used the conventions toyounger audience. adjust their button on the top right- hand corner to make it stand out.The main cover lineof Vibe’s magazine is usually The cover lines in this magazinethe biggest and boldest text are cleverly presented in afound to present their issue and neat, structured method to present ais related to the image to suit legible outlook for the readers. They arethe purpose. It is presented in a placed on the edges of the magazine anddifferent colour and is only have a few fonts as well as colourspositioned in line with the for effective and conventional purposes.image’s structure mainly tofocus their point on the biggestarticle in their magazine thanthe rest of their issues. The main image is aligned in the centre; the eyes from the image of a famous person is focused The footer is quite conventional in music directly at the reader and is in contact to draw your magazines which is located at the bottom of eyes along the cover lines. The image is placed over the magazine cover as an indication of the the masthead as the audience are assumedly familiar magazine’s link. with the magazine and makes it stand out.
  4. 4. My Front Cover - DopeThe masthead for my The date is shown to inform themagazine – Dope, was buyers of the time the magazine haspurposely made this way tofollow the conventions of hip- been published. In addition the pricehop style expectations and of the magazine is shown and circled todemands. It was placed on the more of a conventional way to exploitleft-hand side and almost half this for a noticeable cause.way fitted across the top withbold effective colours; red andblack. The main cover line is the biggest feature and usually the one that stands out most than other cover lines.The cover lines are in Like on Vibe’s magazine, the maindifferent sizes and fonts as cover line is positioned on tact by bodyfollowed by Vibe magazine’s gesture/language with the main imageconventions and are separated of the feature. Placed below the mainwith spacing for a clear and cover line is a pull-quote where itstructured method to represent is extracted from the featured articletheir articles/ features to make it itself to get part or the biggest headlinelegible too. in the inner section to maintain the buyers attention. The barcode is an expected element of producing a good, acceptable magazine The main image is aligned in the centre of the magazine like Vibe’s to for the readers and meet the conventions of a good music magazine. The body gesture was salesperson to purchase their essential when taking the photo; eye contact was crucial to grab an interesting product and submit that this outlook and to focus on the readers eye directing where to look at. In the same magazine is legally allowed. matter as Vibe’s magazine, Dope also had the image over the masthead for conventional purposes.
  5. 5. How my front cover uses, challenges and develops conventionsI have challenged the conventions I have followed the conventions fromfor my front cover as I have Vibe’s magazine for my own, as Iincluded a barcode and price used basic but bold colours and keptbutton; I wanted to show I could it minimal. I considered this for myconvey more of a suitable magazine masthead, background and fontthat buyers would probably be colour.expected to see. In addition, I also followed the conventions form Vibe’s magazine of I have used conventions in creating a suitable name for my order to keep at a good music audience ‘Dope’ and ‘Vibe’ both terms magazine by following what the used in hip-hop/RnB culture. This elements and features are that sets the theme so the buyers are need to be included when aware of what they are expected to producing a music magazine. see from whole aspect of the This related to the demands magazine. from the target audience and what they would prefer them to see in linkage to the culture, background or locality to sell the magazine successfully.
  6. 6. Contents page Conventions of Vibe Magazine Vibe’s content pageThere is one main imagehere and is taken up most of the masthead is used in a unique way and the big ‘V’ in the backgroundpage. The colours are quite dark is reinforcing the audience they areand uses shades for a more reading one of Vibe’s magazine. Iteffective look. keeps to the house style and it modernised by the font style and layout, by placing it on the right-handThere are captions to side of the page.give more detail about theimage with considerate font asit is not as relevant informationthan the other features in a There are two subheadings oncontents page of Vibe Vibe’s content page; ‘Features’ andmagazine. ‘Fashion’. It is organised in a particular way – like as a list so make it legible to the readers to read and navigate without hassle. It keeps to a good font style and featured article The colour is related to the theme in general, with the colours black and grey page number is located with a hint of red of monochromic colours. in a unique spot in the orientation of the magazine . It is also a suitable size to ensure At the bottom of the page, there is a small the readers it belongs to the print of the photographers credit and by- image as the feature article. line to reinforces their rights.
  7. 7. My Contents page - DopeMy masthead isplaced conventionally as it There are big featuredplaced on the left-hand sideon the top as on the cover article page numbersfor my magazine. This located either above theinforms the readers that it photographs or below it indicatingwill maintain information where to go to locate that specificfrom ‘Dope’. article. As the images have specific sections from the sub-headings as mentioned, the colours also matchThere are two sections for to keep with suitable two sub-headings of As well as in Vibe’s magazine, I‘Features’ and ‘Reviews’ have included a by-line tojust like on Vibe’s to followconventions from it. give credit and as part of their rights to the photographers and is usually positioned against the page or against their images in smaller print than the other fontsThere are two images used as this is not as relevantin my contents page; both piece of information.have links to the dividedsections from the sub-headings. One of thefeatured articles doesn’t There are captions with littleuse a lot of colour and detail about the featured articlesmaintains the theme for which is along side with the pageDope’s house style too. numbers to reinforce the message to the readers.
  8. 8. I have followed the conventions from I have challenged the conventionsVibe’s magazine for my own, as I for my contents page as I haveorganised the cover-lines in a included more than one image; byparticular way like as a list so make it having two images I had decidedlegible to the readers to read and that it was a good way to portray anavigate without hassle. It keeps to a good conventional music magazinegood font style and colour is related and especially at my sub-genre ofto the theme like Vibe’s magazine did my own follow as much of the conventionsas possible. In addition, I also followed the conventions from Vibe’s magazine of having the captions in link to the featured articles’ page numbers’ placed over the photographs to give the readers an easy guide as to where the information are informed on.
  9. 9. Double page spread Conventions of Vibe MagazineThis is Vibe’s magazinemasthead which There is one main image andthey keep in every aspect several other images in thein their magazine for background in black and whiteconventional uses. monochromic colours whereas theAligned at the top corner main image uses the colour redof the left-hand side of the moreover. The photographs arepage. positioned in a structured manner, presentation is clear and unique.This is Vibe’s stand This section next to the mainfirst is shown image is a pull quotenormally before the extracted form the copy in thearticle has began and article to show the best featureacts as the introductory inside it for a dramatic andto it first; usually the effective use.stand first is larger infont and sometimes indifferent colour to stand There is a There is a footer at the In between the vast smallout and easy to pick out bottom in a small print which is amounts of copy of theto read as a reader. caption usually found below the article article, there is a gutter; here to give and images on the right-hand the spacing in between two a brief detail corner in magazines. This footer columns of the copy. This is or summary is giving Vibe’s web address as important to keep as it of the image readers would be interested and makes the article easier to is a conventional method in doing read and makes it look so. presentable.
  10. 10. My Double page spread - DopeThis is mymasthead Header /Datewhich I have Titlecontinuously usedthroughout thewhole aspect of Guttermy magazine. Ithas been placedon the top right- The pull-quotehand corner and originates from thebeen related with article read on the copy.the house style. This is usually what the featured characters’ statements are which could make an impact onThe font used the readers the article motivational. It is on aseen in the copy blue boxed surroundingis suitable for to make it stand out.the house styleand easy to This is a box-outread. where it gives more available information Drop-cap about the character The by –line The main image is placed Footer from the featured should be credited to in the centre of the double page article to catch the the photographs as spread and is large enough to readers attention. apart of their rights. view. Same photograph as seen on the cover.
  11. 11. How my double page spread uses, challenges and develops conventions
  12. 12. Q2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?What is a representation? What social groups are you targeting?What representations do your photographs construct? Whatrepresentations does your textual content construct? Whatrepresentations does your design construct?
  13. 13. Representation is the way in which objects areexpressed, stated or acted based on the aspects of ‘’reality’ forinstance images of people, places or objects. In addition, howour text could be visually seen such as videos, affects the wayit is represented.The social class I aimed my product at was between the agesof 16 to 25 where we diverse the age group from teenagers as Ifind this is suitable for our sub-genre and have given a rangefrom social occupational class from C1 to E, like working/middleclass. I had to take into consideration the way in which I represented my product to refer back to ‘rebellious’ ways in how my model was posing- having his hands holding his belt and portraying the ‘gangster’ sort of look to maintain the ‘coolness’ about the whole aspect.
  14. 14. The representation of my photographs construct manyconventions and followed some rules:• Mise-en-scene ( French for ‘put in place’) which consists on the location of the setting – to use a naturalistic background to relate to the music magazine• Layers – fewer layers, simple and minimal• Cover design – colour of clothes; objects/props (which signifies the aspect and reinforces the message); gestures, body language associated with it• Costume, hair and make-up – which defines people culturally• Eye Contact – it creates focus and scans the image The representation of my article copy construct many useful outcomes into researching carefully about the article – the biography on Eminem and submitting proper use of language for the audience. The representation of my design construct many features like the interpretation of colour and image – aimed for both male and female differences and kept in a multi purpose to have a wider selection of Extracted from article audience Cover magazine
  15. 15. Q3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?Who distributes magazines? Who produced your case-studymagazine? How important is content? How important is profit?
  16. 16. There are hundreds of publishing companies all over the world; I researched that ’Time Inc.’ company wouldbe the best distributor for my magazine as these are the biggest publishers who are based on the genre ofhip/hip rap. This company mainly publishes in the USA that also advertises through sources such as theinternet, radio and TV which could help me to distribute my magazine in a similar way.I would start to distribute my magazine locally then expand nationally in the UK and hopefully start expandingmy distribution like Vibe magazine do. They employed ‘Time Warner’ to convey their entertainment in theirindustry to involve more networks like in HD television and in high-speed internet, who would be published by‘IPC Media’. IPC Media is the parent company of Time Inc. They are based in the UK which would be possiblefor me to distribute my magazine in this way who sell consumer magazines and comics.My magazine would be likely to be sold in music and book markets or newsagents such as ‘HMV’ and‘WHSmith’ where they sell most magazines in this field. Profit is important as I want to make as much sales aspossible as IPC Media sells over 300 magazines, this would be beneficial to distribute my magazine.
  17. 17. Q4) Who would be the audience for your media product?What is the audience for your magazine? What do they look like? Whatare their aspirations and how does your magazine address these?What are their demographics?
  18. 18. My audience for my Dope magazine would be aimed at both male and females demographic aged 16-25 where we diverse the age group from teenagers who like to listen to hip-hop/RnB as I find this issuitable for our sub-genre and have given a range from social occupational class from C1 to E, likeworking/middle class.Their aspirations could be that they would want to see role models in the magazine who aspire themor either read/see about the latest music, fashion etc. The magazine would be published in main citiesin the U.K, like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow.The audience would probably shop in popular high street markets such as and presenting more of acasual look than the ‘indie’ type for instance. They can be identified for their ‘hoodies’ and ‘street style’clothing as they sometimes exploit their clothing in their own unique way to show individuality but keptin the same stereo-typing existence.The ethnicity would range from Black (Caribbean) to Caucasian. My audience could possibly be ableto understand the language I used – not too formal with some uses of slang for a suitable conventionof this type of genre.
  19. 19. Audience Profile To find out who our audience would be As a group we have Questionnaire conducted a questionnaire as a• What age range do you fall into? primary research source to find out15-18 19-21 22-25 26+ what type of magazine to make.• What is your gender? (Please circle) We included questions such asMale/Female ‘What genre of music do you• What genre of music do you prefer? prefer?’ and ‘How much would youHip-Hop/Dubstep/Rap/Rock/Indie/Other be willing to pay for a magazine?’.• What is your occupational status? This would determine the genre ofStudent/Unemployed/Employed the music magazine we are going• How often would you like the magazine to be published? to produce and also know what ourWeekly/Fortnightly/Monthly/Yearly target audience would be – an• How much would you be willing to pay for a magazine? indication to create our music£1.50-£2/£2.50-£3/£3.50-£4/£4+ magazine.• What kind of features would you like to read in a magazine?Interviews/Biographies/Gig Reviews/Album Reviews/Feature Articles/Other• Which of the magazine covers is your favourite and why?Vibe Magazine/Kerrang! Magazine/NME Magazine/Q Magazine/MOJO Magazine/Mixmag Magazine
  20. 20. Audience Feedback “Big artists on the cover “I like how the pull-lines – this will make me quote and the box-want to read it and read out are different about the artists”. colours, it makes it stand out”. I kindly invited two people to talk about my product. More information about the audience feedback is found on my blog, under ‘Evaluation’. The link to the recording of the audience feedback is here below:
  21. 21. Q5) How did you attract/address your audience?What specific techniques did you use? How did you manipulaterepresentations? How did you select content?
  22. 22. I had attracted and addressed my audience by referring back to my audience profile where theysubmitted their answers of what type of music they listen to and what they prefer to see in a magazinecover. Dope magazine is influenced by the hip-hop/RnB culture and the majority of the audienceanswered this as their preferred type of genre.As I targeted this at both genders of the audience and basicallyaround teenagers, my magazine had a lot of influences fromexisting magazines such as. Vibe Magazine and Hip-Hop Magazine.These were the most selling magazines so I researched the contentsto see what ideas I could interpret into my own for good conventionsin a music magazine based on the genre.I have used a well known music artist for the cover of my magazine with careful consideration ofhow he had posed and what he wore and how the background looked like. I made the cover linesin different font sizes and addressed the audience in ‘slang;’ terms which they would be familiarwith. They would be comfortable reading and looking at the magazine in this way as this is whatthe hip-hop/RnB culture and industry portrays.
  23. 23. Q6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?What ranges of technologies are available? What hardware and whatsoftware is available? How accessible are they? How difficult/easy arethey to use?
  24. 24. When I had finished taking my photographs I had to use a software thewhole class had to use to upload all their work they done on a blog. Weused ‘Word press’ as this technology was accessible on the internet andwe chose our URL to create our blog. I found the website quite easy touse as it was very detailed and helpful to navigate around. Makingcategories and sub-categories were the only problems I encounteredwhen processing the work on my blog.
  25. 25. Q7) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?What skills have you learned? What skills have you developed? Whathave you learned about planning? What have you learned aboutmanipulation of representations?
  26. 26. The photograph I took The final magazine After cover I created edited
  27. 27. I have developed some skills I have learnt how to use two When planning my work Isuch as using more of the main/useful and related had all my ideas down so Icorrect terminology when softwares; Adobe Photoshop found this was easier tousing suitable softwares i.e. and Adobe InDesign. I have manipulate my later work forwhen creating magazine found many useful tools that I later editing. Planning is acovers and contents page like encountered and helped me to guide as it helps to‘masthead’ and ‘cover lines’. I edit my presentation of work manipulate anything forhave interpreted these terms in advance. Although I had improvements or changesinto my work and related to never used these two which would encourage methem in many ways. I have programs before, after the to do better and increasealso developed a skill to work classwork set and preparation my creativity andin a group to manage the , I feel much more comfortable imagination levels to comename of the magazine and using InDesign and Photoshop up with unique and relativediscuss matters an share and have learned many useful ideas such as coming upideas. We agreed on the skills to take in for future with the name ‘StaNews’.target audience-age, gender references.etc. Beginning End Result