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Dowling, Best & Smith Ltd. was set up to meet a growing demand for publishing businesses looking to develop sustainable revenue models in an increasingly digital and platform dominated media environment.

We performed a YoY comparison with one of our clients today and have seen the following;

1. Avg. time on page - increased 165% from 3:48 to 10:06
2. Avg. session duration - increased 141% from 00:45 to 01:48
3. New users - increased 62%

Generating a WHOPPING 110% on ARPU

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  1. 1. A leading digital publisher and online community in the technology and science space asked DBS to help drive up engagement, decrease bounce and increase revenue across their mobile and desktop properties +85% Bounce $0.58 bCPM 55secs Dwell DESIGN: Landing Page Design Tweaks & Improved UX • Make article pages stickier • Frictionless navigation • Consistency of branding & design CONTENT: Quality Over Quantity • Define role for social - engagement vs. attraction • Robust and focused content strategy across earned and owned media • Audience development and content strategy teams COMMERCIAL: Quality, Control and Process • Specialist partners across ad-serving and content discovery • Elegantly maximizing on-page revenue opportunities • Refine sales process for direct relationships DBS Case Study The Challenge Three Stage Audit Process: Commercial, Design & Content The Results +62% Increase in new users +110% Uplift in monthly revenues +164% Increase in dwell times © Dowling, Best & Smith LTD, 2019 Dowling, Best and Smith helps leading publishers develop editorial distribution and revenue strategies that enable the sustainable production of quality content in an increasingly digital and platform dominated media environment.