Swansea gwella gregynog 2011


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Swansea gwella gregynog 2011

  1. 1. Swansea University: Our Gwella Story
  2. 2. Swansea University: Our Gwella Projects Peer Support2Evaluate PVox Appreciative Inquiry Real EAP eMark
  3. 3. http://salt.swansea.ac.uk/en/gwellastory.htm
  4. 4. Lessons we’ve learned
  5. 5. Appreciative Inquiry
  6. 6. Good use of technology comes from good teachers
  7. 7. Learners don’t alwaysknow how to usetechnology toeffectively supporttheir learning “To begin with it was a bit daunting…. different from regular essays… but I found it really good.”
  8. 8. Context is key“The seminars we did with [Lecturer A]were really good and helpful and theytried to make us comfortable with thetechnology we were using.”
  9. 9. Social tools can help build group rapport “I ended up talking a lot more to people that I normally work with and they probably wouldn’t talk to you in class at all.”
  10. 10. Use of technology can be more rewardingbut requires more work “[T]he easier option is to write an essay but you learn more from the group.”
  11. 11. Lessons for the sectorBenchmarking must not be a box tickingexerciseMany small scale projects are better than onebig oneUnderstanding the student experience is keyThe student experience needs to feed backinto curriculum designThe idea of Digital Natives is a mythIf you want to be excellent, you need to studyexcellence
  12. 12. Swansea University: Our Gwella Team Dr. Tracy Rhill Ross Gillman Dr. David Gill Prof. Alan Speight Dr. Rita Kop Dr. Paul Latreille Dr. Chris Jobling Stephen Waldie Dr. Kasia Szpakowska Tony Ollier Chris Hancock Peter Neville Andrew Morgan Chris Hall Steve Williams Simon Thompson Dr. Mike Tait Chris CardewDr. Victoria Wang Matthew Allen Hazel LockhartNerys Pearson Prof. John Tucker Sarah Huws-Davies