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Sneak peek at The Venice Project


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Annotated screen shots showing sample content and functionality for the beta version of The Venice Project, a next generation broadband video offering from the founders of Skype and Kazaa.

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Sneak peek at The Venice Project

  1. 2. Full screen video experience
  2. 3. v Displaying video controls and tabs
  3. 4. Sponsorship billboard: 3-5 seconds before program segments.
  4. 5. Surfing the channel guide
  5. 6. Viewing program info as an overlay on top of the video; also allows navigation among segments in the current channel.
  6. 7. Displaying interactive plug-in widgets – instant messenger, channel chat room, scrolling feed
  7. 8. Results of keyword search of video library.
  8. 9. “ Smart Channel” playlist – any search can be saved as a smart channel and added to your personal line-up.