Six Emerging Media Trends


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An excerpt from a presentation I have been giving to various Digitas teams and clients, these slides walk through 6 emerging media trends that marketers need to be aware of and think about today. There are of course more than 6 trends to watch, but these 6 give marketers some food for thought. Other portions of this presentation (not shared) lay out the social media landscape, the current state of mobile, gaming and personalization, brand content creation and distribution, etc.

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  • Great slideshow about the require to innovate business models; tips on how to represent them succinctly; as well as the desire to make development initiatives actionable. Superb use of photographs as well as clear to see illustrative examples.

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  • so true there are always new ones popping up!
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Six Emerging Media Trends

  1. 1. six trends [sure, there are more than 6 things to keep an eye on – but you’ve gotta start somewhere] excerpted from a presentation given to the digitas ny marketing capability on april 17th, 2007
  2. 2. 15-seconds of fame the show-off generation and the rise of constant partial attention
  3. 3. The wired consumer is ‘always on’ and a series of new presence-oriented social services allow people to document their lives in greater detail, share their routine activities with friends and strangers, and monitor what others are doing as well. We have entered the age of ‘lifeblogging’ and an era of constant partial attention. It’s too soon to discern whether this is a lasting trend or a passing fad, but one this is for certain: the people who are engaging in these behaviors are no longer captive viewers of interruption advertising delivered through mainstream channels. How will you evolve your marketing approaches to earn the attention of distracted, over-stimulated consumers?
  4. 4. phoning it in the handset as community and commerce gateway
  5. 5. As telcos and device manufacturers push the envelope on phone-based content and functionality, the real near term value proposition for consumers and marketers alike lies not it mobile video (at least not in the US and not for at least several years.) It lies in using the handset to enable people to stay connected to other people and to the brands by which they define their lifestyles. Think mobile social software and better shopping information delivered just-in-time.
  6. 6. or ?
  7. 7. the future, in eye-popping 3d the metaverse and digital media convergence
  8. 8. Whether you are a Second Life convert or not, the reality is that there are now more than a few viable, if early stage, 3D worlds that appeal to a broad range of consumers. Expect these virtual worlds (or others like them) to evolve over time into a truly immersive metaverse, or 3D internet.
  9. 9. virtual training wheels virtual identities are the real deal for youth
  10. 10. If you doubt that the metaverse will catch on with mainstream consumers, take a look at how fifth graders spend their time. Widespread use of mixed reality immersive worlds that seamlessly blend the virtual with the real is already becoming second nature to the next generation of adults. Kids growing up with Club Penguin and Webkinz will grow into 3D internet users. Will you be there to meet them in the virtual world?
  11. 11. legalize it free, legal content distribution
  12. 12. Record labels are finally waking up to the fact that music wants to be free. Rather than fighting piracy by restricting consumer content distribution and access, they are just now starting to explore new models including free-to-the-consumer sponsored content packages and wholly new music distribution channels. The new plan: to monetize free downloads and long tail music with marketing dollars. Expect other types of content owners – studios, filmmakers, production companies – to follow suit.
  13. 13. set-top bypass youtube was only the beginning
  14. 14. Digital video is growing up -- and while UGC is here to stay it is only one piece of the video puzzle. The future of video combines professional and consumer created content with effective search, social functionality and seamless portability across multiple screens. New services will present the video people want, whenever and wherever they want to watch it – and it very well may bypass the cable and satellite set-top altogether.
  15. 15. more about new media and marketing @