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MarketingProfs 1/12/07 Marketer's Tour of Second Life


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Screen grabs from my Jan 12 marketing seminar about marketing in Second Life, run in conjunction with MarketingProfs.

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MarketingProfs 1/12/07 Marketer's Tour of Second Life

  1. 1. a hitchhiker’s guide to the metaverse 01.12.07 the places we saw during the marketingprofs seminar
  2. 2. Our In-World Guide: Tikaro Oxberger
  3. 3. New Citizen’s Plaza: A popular “newbie” stomping ground SLurl:
  4. 4. Little Kyoto: An indigenous resident community SLurl:
  5. 5. Little Kyoto: detail SLurl:
  6. 6. The Matrix: a resident-run casino and popular Second Lifer hangout SLurl:
  7. 7. Outside Starwoods’ Aloft Virtual Hotel SLurl:
  8. 8. Outside American Apparel’s Second Life Flagship SLurl:
  9. 9. Reebok: Customizing virtual sneakers SLurl:
  10. 10. Nissan: Sentra vending machine SLurl:
  11. 11. Need4Speed: A resident-run car dealer SLurl:
  12. 12. D&D Dogs: In-world pets (scripts that allow your dog to do tricks sold separately!) SLurl:
  13. 13. Habitat: A successful resident-run furniture store SLurl:
  14. 14. Habitat: detail
  15. 15. Tikaro flying outside Digitas Pagoda in the Blekinge sim