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Greg Verdino, Futurist Speaker - Digital Transformation


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Slides that accompanied Greg Verdino's opening digital transformation keynote at AVEVA World Summit 2017.

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Greg Verdino, Futurist Speaker - Digital Transformation

  2. 2. source: TIME
  3. 3. source: TIME
  4. 4. The way you’ve always done business is the way you’ll go OUT OF BUSINESS
  5. 5. Digital transformation in the Oil and Gas industry could unlock $1.6 Trillion of value for the industry, its customers and society.
  6. 6. If DATAis the new oil, INTELLIGENCE is the fuel that powers the future.
  7. 7. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION closes the gap between what digital constituents already demand and what analog companies actually deliver.
  8. 8. Digital transformation is HUMAN TRANSFORMATION
  9. 9. A digital business is a HUMAN BUSINESS
  10. 10. In the age of networks BUSINESSES MUST BE NETWORKS TOO
  11. 11. It’s not only how digital you are, it’s HOW YOU ARE DIGITAL