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Business Revolutionaries: Digital Transformation Keynote

Greg Verdino is a leading keynote speaker on the topic of the digital transformation of business. These slides accompanied his keynote address at the 2016 CEGOC Business Transformation Summit (Lisbon, Portugal).

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Business Revolutionaries: Digital Transformation Keynote

  2. 2. source: TIME WE ARE HERE
  3. 3. 200 BILLION everyday objects will be connected to the internet by 2020
  4. 4. The internet of YOU
  5. 5. For people, digital isn’t technology DIGITAL IS A LIFESTYLE
  6. 6. JUNE 2016 MARCH 2016
  7. 7. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION closes the gap between what digital consumers already demand and what analog companies actually deliver.
  8. 8. If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near. Jack Welch
  9. 9. 52%of the companies ranked in the Fortune 500 since 2000 are GONE stat:
  10. 10. The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence, it is to act with yesterday’s logic. Peter Drucker IMAGE
  11. 11. The way you’ve always done business is the way you’ll go OUT OF BUSINESS
  12. 12. it’s not only how digital you are, it’s HOW YOU ARE DIGITAL
  13. 13. 89%of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. IN 2016
  14. 14. The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again.
  15. 15. The last great EXPERIENCE your customer had with any company is the same experience they expect from every company.
  16. 16. THE NETWORK is the dominant metaphor of our times
  17. 17. image: ‘Spinal Network’ Anthony Mattox businesses must be NETWORKS too
  18. 18. EGO ECO
  20. 20. In a networked world, TRUST is the most important currency. Eric Schmidt
  21. 21. start now