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Measuring the Success of Your Blog Through Content, Social Media, and Analytics



A Framework for Measuring Blog Success

A framework and recommended "starter tool kit" for measuring and understanding the success of your blog.

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A Framework for Measuring Blog Success

  1. Key Success Metrics Participation (outside in) + Conversation (inside out) Press Traffic Time Spent Social Media Comments Comments Conversation Participation Search Subscriptions Optimization Tags & Distribution Bookmarks
  2. Measurement Toolkit: Participation • A statistical analysis package that measures baseline participation metrics for traffic and time spent. Shown: Google Analytics (free); Alternate: SiteMeter (free), WebTrends (paid)
  3. Measurement Toolkit: Participation • Feedburner provides detailed subscription data for both RSS and email subscribers. • Distributable assets (widgets, social applications, embeddable content, etc) require the use of your technology providers’ proprietary measurement tools.
  4. Measurement Toolkit: Comments • Tracked in your blogging software’s admin interface. • Requires human analysis to measure volume, trends and sentiment – all necessary qualitative measures that prompt your response activities. • Response levels and sentiment are a key input for changes to your content strategy. Shown: Typepad admin, features/functionality will vary by platform.
  5. Measurement Toolkit: Conversation • Google search results indicate how well your blog content indexes in the organic results. – Track increases in hit volume and assess your prominence in the first 2-3 pages of results.
  6. Measurement Toolkit: Conversation • Register your blog with Technorati and your blog’s authority and influence, as well as the volume, frequency, recency and sentiment of blog coverage.
  7. Measurement Toolkit: Conversation • Monitor social bookmarking sites like to gauge how often consumers tag blog content, which content is most popular and what folksonomy tags are most widely used to save your content.
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A framework and recommended "starter tool kit" for measuring and understanding the success of your blog.


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