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Discover the sentiment in your Social Media interactions


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Interested in monitoring compliance, improving customer service, reducing churn, identifying fraud ? Automated sentiment analysis of text-based communication streams - Email, SMS, Webchat, Social Media.

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Discover the sentiment in your Social Media interactions

  1. 1. Interested in monitoring compliance, improving customer service, reducing churn, identifying fraud ? Natural Language Understanding Platform Automated sentiment analysis of text-based communication streams - Email, SMS, Webchat, Social Media.
  2. 2. The Hidden Meanings in Unstructured Text Use Your Text-Based Interactions to Understand Customer Sentiment, Improve Service, Reduce Churn & Detect Fraud Automated discovery of the actionable data in all of the text- based communications into and out of your organization.
  3. 3. The Challenge of Unstructured Text How do you discover the tone and themes present in all of your text- based customer interactions ? Chances are, like most companies, you are communicating with customers, prospects, suppliers and Government via text using email, social media, SMS, online chat and Blogs. How do you rapidly get a sense of the tone and topics being discussed ?
  4. 4. Customer conversations often don’t neatly fit into convenient categories........... Natural Language Understanding Unstructured text presents many challenges for efficient analysis and effective responses. LinguaSys NLU automates comprehension of text-based communications.
  5. 5. Automated Discovery of the Meaning in Text-Based Communications Polarity - positive or negative! Tone - the sentiments that are being expressed! Placement - the entities that were most prominent! Topics - the issues on the minds of your customers
  6. 6. LinguaSys Uncovers Meaning in Text-Based Communications CMO CTOSalesRetention! Team Product! Development Fraud! Team LinguaSys NLU Engine
  7. 7. How’s the Churn Rate ? Customers telegraph their intentions in their text- based communications with your organization.
  8. 8. The CMO’s Dashboard Actionable Data from Social Media Streams, Webchat, Emails, SMS ! Polarity - % of positive/negative Tone - % happy, angry, frustrated, threatening Placement - the products being referenced Topics - what has prompted this interaction
  9. 9. – Brian Garr, CEO, LinguaSys! Find out more at ! ! A LinguaSys Proof of Concept can be enabled in less than a week using our Cloud Platform and your corporate data.! ! Contacts:! Australia: Greg Twemlow, CtechBA +61-412-555-416! USA: Carla Johnston, Linguasys +1-703-628-8827! “We uniquely base our language solutions on meaning, rather than statistics, transcending legacy methods in entity extraction and disambiguation. Our solutions complement other software, overlaying and enhancing search and collaboration engines with our proprietary semantic based natural language processing innovations.”
  10. 10. Introducing LinguaSys Social Media Monitoring
 Use Carabao tools to monitor social media. Extract sentiment, domains of discourse, named entities, aspects, and more. Find the trends and the most important factors. Obtain actionable intelligence.! Crosslingual Retrieval (20 languages)
 Game-changing way to search foreign content! Named Entity Extraction. Concept Mining
 Find names of people, organizations, products, or any combination of concepts – in any language.! Morphological Analysis and Synthesis
 Find stems, lemmas, inflections in European and Middle Eastern languages. Tokenize Asian languages! Advanced Sentiment Analysis
 Not satisfied with the classic black and white "positive / negative" sentiment? Obtain actionable intelligence, finding the main causes and factors.
  11. 11. Introducing CtechBA •Commercialisation Development Report (CDR)
 We undertake studies in order to gain insights to assess a technology, a market, the veracity of IP and also the management team. To assess the future you need to fully understand where a business is today and the data and outcomes that may influence in the future. The “Commercialisation Development Report” is a strategic plan based on an independent study. We utilise the CtechBA Commercialisation Model© as a framework of analysis. This involves a both bottom-up and top-down research processes, with a strong focus on primary due diligence specific to technology. The outcome of this report is a comprehensive assessment of the likely success of the business and the strategies that will maximise growth in the long term. ! •Acceleration - Business Growth 
 The CtechBA Acceleration Program® offers long term support for portfolio companies. Typically, we work with portfolio companies to increase its value through revenue growth over 4 years. In Australia the program has been recognised by the NSW Government and the VC community. Our focus is on identifying growth sectors, sales channels, partners and growing them through active support and governance and to create long-term value and returns to founders, investors and other stakeholders. ! •Strategic Studies
 CtechBA has proprietary tools for undertaking strategic studies into many areas covering sales processes and opportunity management; customer behaviour through choice modelling, analytics and surveys; decision analysis using Baysean statistics and decision processing. ! •Fundraising
 CtechBA is raising a Fund to support technology commercialisation. We are expecting the fund to be launched later in 2014. In the meantime, CtechBA uses its extensive network to support the funding of innovative technologies and business models.
  12. 12. LinguaSys Features Built on top of the powerful Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine! Native support of 20 languages! Semantically and grammatically aware! Easy API! Powerful customization abilities – perfect for integrators / resellers! Supports all the major communication and security standards! Can be embedded in another application or deployed as a web service