GREGORY MWENDWA KIIO                                                          Permanent Address         Current Address   ...
TECHNICAL ADVISOR, ONE BLOOD INITIATIVE6, KENYA — JANUARY 2009 TO PRESENTManaging communication needs of a group of young ...
SKILLS & ABILITIESManagement - Served in leadership position in various projects and institutions for 5 years now. Current...
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Gregg Cv Oct 2010


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Gregg Cv Oct 2010

  1. 1. GREGORY MWENDWA KIIO Permanent Address Current Address SJA LVCT P.O.Box 119-90125 P.O.Box 19835 - 00202 KNH Kikima Nairobi T +254 712 292 778 T +254 020 271 4590 gmwendwa@liverpoolvct.orgPROFILEGregory is an experienced and widely travelled Communicator, Youth Worker, Concept developer and Informa-tion Communication Technology (ICT) strategist with 7 years experience working in Communication, Advocacy,HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights. He is a motivated team player, social researcher and data ana-lyst with strong marketing skills. Gregory holds a Bachelor of Education degree in English and Literature, a Di-ploma in Information Technology, and Certificates in Data Management, Grant writing, Project management, Po-litical Advocacy, Participatory Learning & Action.TECHNICAL ADVISOR, COMMUNICATIONS - LIVERPOOL VCT CARE & TREATMENT (LVCT)1 , KENYA - APR 2010 TOPRESENTKey responsibilities include: Developing and implementing the institutional ICT, Marketing & e-strategies, medialiaison, enhancing institutional visibility, streamlining communication processes, development of Information Edu-cation Communication & promotional materials, overseeing development/implementation of communicationstrategies and institutional documentation.YOUTH PROGRAM COORDINATOR, LIVERPOOL VCT CARE & TREATMENT (LVCT)2 , KENYA -SEP 2009 TO PRESENTKey responsibilities include: Evidence-based project development, financial planning and oversight management;Overseeing service delivery of youth-friendly services (Tele-Counseling through National toll-free ONE2ONEYouth Hotline3, Care and Treatment); Active involvement in development of strategic documents within the na-tional HIV/AIDS response framework; Provision of Technical Assistance to Government of Kenya; Capacity De-velopment of peer organizations and sub partners; managing Public-Private partnerships; and FundraisingPROJECT OFFICER, I CHOOSE LIFE AFRICA (ICL)4 , KENYA — JAN 2005 TO AUG 2009In charge of tertiary institutions in Rift Valley Province for the New Partners Initiative project, I oversaw projectplanning and implementation of scaling up HIV Prevention, Counseling & Testing in most-at-risk and hard-to-reach populations in under-served areas of Rift Valley Province. Responsibilities included communication, fund-raising, coordinating partners, monitoring & evaluation, documentation, and training peer educators.DIRECTOR, JIJUE 1 MILLION CAMPAIGN5 — SEP 2008 TO AUG 2009Conceptualized, branded and managed the implementation of the project in partnership with Blood:Water Mis-sion (USA) and other local partners. I developed the Brand Communication Strategy, established Public-PrivatePartnerships with Media (Nation Media Group, Capital FM and Family Media), Web developers (Capital IdeaVentures - USA), directed the successful launch of the national campaign at the JIJUE concert, featuring Jars ofClay, a Grammy Award wining rock band from USA in collaboration with renowned local artists (Eric Wainaina,Kanjii, Juliani, Atemi, MOG among others).Page 1 Gregg CV, Aug 2010.
  2. 2. TECHNICAL ADVISOR, ONE BLOOD INITIATIVE6, KENYA — JANUARY 2009 TO PRESENTManaging communication needs of a group of young executives, nurses, teachers and students from USA for anexpedition to raise funds and awareness on malaria by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, biking across Kenya, climbingMt. Kenya, kayaking through lake Victoria to Uganda and climbing Mt. Stanley. I directed production, expeditionroutes, creating community partnerships, networking and communicating expedition outcomes and experiences.FUNDRAISER, BLOOD:WATER MISSION7 , USA — MAY 2008 TO AUG 2008The only African cyclist in the annual Ride:Well tour (ʻ08), an epic 8-weeks cycling expedition from West Coast toEast Coat of USA to raise funds and awareness for clean water and HIV projects in Africa. With a team of 14cyclists from USA, we covered 5,000 Kilometers and raised $201,000 to support drilling of 1,000 clean waterwells in Africa. Responsibilities included advocacy, raising awareness by speaking at concerts and communitygatherings, blogging and social media.PROJECT COORDINATOR, INTER-UNIVERSITIES PEACE FORUM — JAN TO APR 2008Working in partnership with UN Habitat and Safer Cities, designed, implemented and coordinated the NationalYouth Violence Prevention Week in tertiary institutions during the post election violence period. I oversaw thesuccessful implementation of planned activities by Kenyatta University.ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT, REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY — JAN 2004 - DEC 2007Capacity Building Training in Organizational Development, Project Planning, Social Research and Monitoring &Evaluation. I developed communication/training materials, training facilitation, research, data analysis and reportwriting for clients i.e. STOP AIDS NOW, World Summit on the Information Society, Association of Local Govern-ment Authorities of Kenya, Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Archdiocese of Mombassa, Kenya Uganda RwandaEthiopia Together, East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) and Engender Health.VOLUNTEER - AUTISM SOCIETY OF KENYA, VSO & THE CITY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT — JAN 2006- DEC 2008Providing ICT services i.e. digital documentation of project activities, report writing, events management andcoordinating mobilization activities e.g. fundraisers.EDUCATIONKenyatta University; Nairobi, Kenya — Bachelor of Education; English and English Literature (Second Class Up-per Division, 2009)Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture Science and Technology; Nairobi, Kenya - Diploma in Information Tech-nology (Distinction, 2004)Mbooni Boys High School; Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, (B plain, 2002)INVOLVEMENT IN NATIONAL PROCESSES (KENYA)1. ICT Technical Advisor to the NACC stakeholders committee implementing the nationwide Dynamic SMS Service for Global Fund campaign2. Member of the National Youth Technical Working Group hosted by National AIDS Control Council advocating for policy reform for greater visibility of youth in National Agenda3. Youth representative to National HTC Roadmap Communication Strategy development committee hosted by Population Services International (PSI)4. LVCT representative to National HIV Testing and Counseling Technical Working Group hosted by National AIDS & STIs Control Program (NASCOP)5. Youth Representative to the Joint Annual Program Review Working Group of Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan IIIPage 2 Gregg CV, Aug 2010.
  3. 3. SKILLS & ABILITIESManagement - Served in leadership position in various projects and institutions for 5 years now. Currently over-seeing 15 program staff at the Head office and Regional offices.Information Communication Technology - Proficiency with Mac OS, Linux and Windows7, Windows for Mac2009 and iWorks, Data Base Management, Web development, Google Apps, video production (iMovie & FinalCut Pro), Desktop publishing (Adobe CS5 suite)Production - Producer/Director of HATUA, the LVCT story towards a HIV Free Society (2010); Director of Awardwinning film “CHOICES” with MTV during the 48 film fest (2006)8 , “Think Autism” a documentary for Autism Soci-ety of Kenya (2005), “Niko Sure” theme song featuring Jars of Clay, (2008) “The GATE” a documentary for theGATE 2010 festival (2010).Communication - Innovative developer of communication strategies, remarkable public relations and presenta-tion skills, good command and masterly of English Language, speaks with fluency, diction and articulation. Com-petent in report writing, journalling and publishing. Experienced in producing training materials, merchandise,press materials and Information, Education and Communication materials.Partnership Building - Experienced in creating/managing Public-Private partnerships with Media, Telecommu-nications companies, international and local Non Governmental Organizations. .Concept Development - Contributed to conceptualizing G Pange, scripted the G-Jue 1 Million Campaign, andthe G-Amini Annual Talent Explosion (GATE).Training - Experienced Trainer of Trainers with polished facilitation skills, able to organize and undertake a fullmultimedia training environment.EXTRACURRICULARExtreme outdoors, photo/videography, theatre, community service,, music, story telling and recreational writing toactively contributing to social action.REFEREES Catherine Theuri Dr. John Mugubi Jena Lee Nerdella Capacity Development Program Senior Lecturer Executive Director Manager Visual & Perfoming Arts Départe- Blood:Water Mission (USA) Liverpool VCT Care and Treatment ment P.O.Box 60381 P.O.Box 19835 - 00202 KNH Kenyatta University Nashville TN, 37206 Nairobi P.O. Box 43844, Nairobi Tel: + 1 615 550 4296 Tel + 254 20 271 4590 Cellphone: +254 724 788 668 Cellphone: +1 615 686 0092 Fax +254 20 272 3612 +254 733 908 441 Fax. 615.469.3214 Cellphone +254 722 222 391 ctheuri@liverpoolvct.orgPage 3 Gregg CV, Aug 2010.
  4. 4. 1 ,2 ,3,4 http://www.one2onekenya.org5 4 Gregg CV, Aug 2010.