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Change Your Mindset Mobile Keynote


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Keynote Presentation on Mobile Marketing at "Change Your Mindset Conference at the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice Italy May 2013. Hosted by PR Technolgies.

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Change Your Mindset Mobile Keynote

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Power of Mobileto Transform BrandsМощность Из Мобильный ДляТрансформировать БрендыChange Your Mindset ConferenceVenice, Italycom
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  4. 4. Magic VisionMMA Smarties Award WinnerBand-Aids•
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  6. 6.• How many of you have bought something on yourmobile or tablet?
  7. 7. Parking•
  8. 8.
  9. 9.’s Agree – Mobile is a Must Have“How Much do You Agree with the Following Statements”(Russia Oct 2012)10352421104639660% 50% 100%I Would Rather Give up Desktop than mySmartphoneMy Smartphone produces Information ofInterest to meI Would Give Up TV than my SmartphoneI Never Leave the House withoutSmartphoneStrongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neither Somewhat Agree Totally Agree87%63%81%
  10. 10. Unique Promise of MobileNothing Gets YouCloser to YourConsumer thanMobile. Nothing!
  11. 11. FirstconsumersI use my phone when I feeluncomfortable, just to relax or avoidhaving to talk to other people51% 69%There is something exciting aboutchecking my smartphone... there isalways the possibility that I will findsomething interesting45% 63%There is no other thing I own that Ifeel closer to 28% 44%Essential to So Much of Consumers’ Lives
  12. 12. FirstconsumersMy smartphone is the first thing Itouch when I wake up in themorning... and the last thing that Iuse before I go to bed at night63% 84%I check my phone all the time, evenwhen I only have one minute to spare 54% 71%I use my smartphone everywhere,even in the restroom 51% 70%Essential to So Much of Consumers’ Lives
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  14. 14. is the Power of Immediacy?
  15. 15. RussiaUSANielsen
  16. 16.…CommunicationsTransformationalA Mobile First World that is…
  17. 17. for ChangeCannes Lions WinnerSmall Change•
  18. 18. is: Mobile is theConnective Tissue* to All MediaFrom TV to social media, mobilestrengthens and supports other mediachannels to react and respond toconsumer expectations* тельная ткань
  19. 19. &couponsin-storemobilemarketingVIP/rewardsprogrammobiledatabasemarketingDIGITAL TOUCHPOINTSOFFLINE TOUCHPOINTSPath to Purchase is the New ModelOpt-inAWARENESS ENGAGEMENT TRANSACTION LOYALTYApp promoAugmented realityQR codesMobileCouponsMobilewalletSocialintegrationPrint Signage In-store RewardsSource: Vibes, 2012
  20. 20. So Many Options to Get Closer
  21. 21. – Mobile Future•
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  23. 23. is the current Scientific Share ofMobile in the Mix?MXSMobile X% Solution
  24. 24. Optimized ShareMobile Marketing is 7%While the average optimized mix in mobile is 7%, that figure likely is lower forlow involvement brands and higher purchase funnel (LIHP), but higher for highinvolvement brands and lower purchase funnel (HILP).Product Category Campaign GoalLow Involvement High InvolvementHigher PurchaseFunnelLower PurchaseFunnel(CPG,Entertainment,etc.)(Auto, Finance, etc.)(Awareness,Familiarity)(Consideration,Purchase Intent)OptimizedPercent ofMobile in Mix5% 9% 5% 8%Avg. Mobile7%Mobile ad units included: Ads in Mobile Web (Display Ads), Ads in Apps,Mobile Video Ads, Mobile Games Ads, Mobile Social, Tablets
  25. 25. Drives This?1. Ad Effectiveness of Mobile2. + Cost3. + Smart Phone Penetration (37% in U.S.)(reach & frequency in essence)Russia percent SmartPhones is 29%!!(Soon to be 38%!!!)
  26. 26. Framework of Opportunities viaMobile as a…1. Mass Advertising &Communications Channel2. Loyalty & Relationship BuildingChannel (Apps at the center)3. Instant Personal CommunicationsChannel (immediacy & messaging)
  27. 27. Mobile has a Number ofUnique Advantages1. Mobile is Personal(one person per phone)2. Mobile is Pervasive(everywhere, all the time)3. Mobile has Proximity(tracking location)
  28. 28. not Wait and See with mobileWhat if your Competition get’s it?
  29. 29.
  30. 30. years ago, I told you…
  31. 31. REAL POWER of Change* Approx. $200 Million Budget0%20%40%60%80%100%BasePlan2.5%Online6%OnlineEqual to +$1,350,000,000in U.S. Truck sales$$$TraditionalMedia(TV,Magazines)
  32. 32. Truth was…
  33. 33., while…Nothing Gets You CloserTo Your CustomerThan Mobile
  34. 34. Gets You Closer toTransforming Your Businessthan MobileTruth is…
  35. 35. 631 702 0682спасибо com
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