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Property Centric Introduction


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Property Centric Introduction

  1. 1. Lead, Attract, Retain and Profit: “The Customer-Centric Search Solution”
  2. 2. What isis Local Search Technology? What Local Search Technology? Local Search Engines are online directories of websites and search results organized in category-style interfaces. Moreover, when someone searching for products, goods or services in a specific geographical area – known as a “Local Search” – the local search engine prioritizes these specific results. The search is controlled, guided and started with either: • Keyword search in a text box • Drill-down through categories and subcategories
  3. 3. Search - Most Important Online Activity Behind Email • 57% of Internet users search the Web each day, making search the second most popular Internet activity behind email. - SRI Study • In November 2007, Americans carried out 6.3 billion searches. - Pew Internet and comScore Networks survey • 84% of American internet users (107 million) regularly use search engines to find information on specific topics, products and services. – ibid • During a typical search session, users perform 4.4 searches. – ibid • More than half of all online purchases are made on sites found through searching. -
  4. 4. The Property Centric Model What is Property Centric? Customized local search and online marketing solutions for the multifamily industry. Core product is a localized search engine integrated into a multifamily company’s website. Implement a bigger, better and more relevant amenity - a custom search engine. Here’s why: Search marketing parallels your current growth and customer service initiatives… • Entices new residents – enhances overall occupancy and long-term renewals • Boosts trust in management, brand, amenities • Gives residents access to property information, community resources, management issues and local amenities 24/7
  5. 5. Value Proposition: Property Centric Search Win # 1: Search Engine Placement • Unique amenity gets more prospects to conduct a property tour and drives traffic to your site Win # 2: Profit – Ancillary Revenue • Leverage your client base – a very - valuable commodity: Achieve monthly recurring revenue and giveaways Win # 3: Enhanced Resident Servicing • Empower your residents with an amenity that improves their daily lives and provides the best results Superior Service Through Control
  6. 6. Keyword Search & Easy to Follow Directory-Style Property Centric Local Search Directory Residents can use Increase in-house Search Box to locate database and build information, business-to-consumer community events or relationships through merchants by Monthly Winners keyword promotion Integrate existing partners and advertisers into the Online directory of search and web merchants directories representing 95% of what’s being Quick Links go to pre- searched locally defined directory search results sorted by paid ranking, proximity and relevance
  7. 7. Search Results End-Users Want Because Property Centric’s search engine is built to provide only relevant community and lifestyle results, your results are on-target every time: • Once the user decides which restaurant she’ll visit tonight, she calls the restaurant to book a coveted table. Your engine empowers residents to self-discover their needs. • Consumers are more educated than ever before. By making the decision to live at your property, they’ve demonstrated their trust in you. Now you can build on that trust by offering repeated benefits from relevant results your engine offers.
  8. 8. Mark-Taylor Case Study Overview Mark-Taylor Website Traffic Ranking • Before Property Centric’s local search engine integration, recorded traffic ranking was approximately 518,000th • 6 weeks after installation, traffic rank spiked tremendously and was about 145,000th – a ranking increase of 373,000! (according to, a traffic ranking analysis system) Mark-Taylor Organic Ranking in Global Search Engines • Prior to Property Centric’s search engine installation, if a user searched an engine such as Google for the popular terms, “Phoenix luxury apartment,” they probably would not have found Mark-Taylor’s site. • Now, when a user searches for the same term “Phoenix luxury apartment,” Mark-Taylor is consistently shown as the first or second link in Google and Yahoo powered search engines. • Now, when a user searches for “Phoenix apartments,” Mark-Taylor regularly appears on page 1 or 2 of the major search engine results. This improvement happened naturally as a result of the local search engine. SEO Expenditure Savings • Mark-Taylor recouped money needed for paid-placement in excess of $4,500 spent monthly to be found in each local metro marketplace on various global and local search engines. A tremendous savings across the entire portfolio.
  9. 9. Summarizing Keys to Success • Quick Wins: – Lead and innovate with unique resident service – Attract more prospects with better amenities – Improve the lives of your customers and build lasting relationships – Gain a monthly recurring revenue source • Search is only valuable if: – It delivers relevant results for visitors – It is customizable in real-time – It gives visitor statistical insight – It enables you to profit from ad placements • Ease of Implementation and Management – Simple HTML to be inserted on existing web pages – Simplified Web Based Administration • Only Property Centric offers all of these features to property management companies
  10. 10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN PROPERTY CENTRIC Contact: Greg Starr Sales & Marketing Director – Southeast Region Property Centric, Inc. 877.889.5500 Ext. 714 cell (407) 473-3968