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  1. 1. Photographs Whilst making my music magazine I needed to take some pictures of my own i decided on which ones I would use and why.
  2. 2. Front Cover <ul><li>My entail ideas for my front cover were to have a boy band looking “indie” and “cool”. I wanted them to be holding instruments but when I came to actually taking the photos I decided against this. To get my pictures just right I asked some year 13 boys who I thought looked as if they could be in a by band would help me out. I decided to get them all wearing black or white as I though this would be the best look for my “group”. I decided on a time that would suit all of us in school this was a break time, as we all had prior arrangements and would be unfair to make anyone cancel. Once I had my “group” together and sorted out a camera I looked for a suitable location within the school. I found that the dance studio looked the most appropriate for my photos. I tried many different angels and made the boys try many different poses. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Front Cover Taking photos for my front cover. When taking my photos I took a number of things into consideration. I wanted my “band” to look “cool” and “indie”. I used this as the picture for my front cover to the music magazine I cut the bottom off and fitted it to the page. I liked the look of this picture because I thought that they looked quite like a boy band and had the sort of look I was looking for.
  4. 4. I decided against this image this is because the height of the boys looked a bit odd. Comparing the picture to my other first picture I took I found it to be much better and much more suited to the type of magazine that I wanted in the outcome. Front cover
  5. 5. Double Page Spread My initial ideas were to have three pages on this page two of the same band and one of another artist. I wanted the text and the images to blend in and not look silly. When taking the photos I had to remember that it was a double page spread and that the images should be landscape otherwise they wouldn’t have fit into the page very well.
  6. 6. Double Page Spread Taking my pictures for the double page spread I knew that I wanted to have the picture landscape. In the process of taking these pictures I had to stand on a chair to get the angle I wanted. I liked this picture as the “boy band “ looked casual and this feel went with the interview I had written. I didn’t like the fact that Scott ( the on in the white) was in white this is because he looks odd compared to the rest of the group.
  7. 7. Double Page Spread This is the picture I used for my double page spread, I like that not all the boys were looking at the camera and are acting casual as I have said this is the same feeling I was aiming for in my interview. The lighting of this photo made the boys blend in with the background with I like and wanted on my page.
  8. 8. Double Page Spread I edited this picture to not have a background and I used this one for my Till and The Sound interview. I like this photo for my solo artist because she looks sort of quirky which is the sort of sound that is put across in the interview. The lighting in this picture I thought looked good as I use the professional light in the media editing suit at school.